Is compatibility possible: a lion and an ibex?

Spiritual development

There are different opinions as to whether Leo is compatibleand Capricorn. Some horoscopes predict such a union of love and success, in other sources you can read about the inevitable conflicts and contradictions in the relations of such unlike people.

At first glance, the compatibility of Leo and Capricorncauses a lot of controversy, since these two signs have many cardinal differences in their characters, habits. The lion lives a bright, busy life, eager for applause and approval, attaches great importance to appearance. In his heart he feels like an actor and always remembers what impression he makes on others.

Capricorn loves his inner world, a lotreflects and strives for permanence. Great value in his life is the work, which he gives all his strength. Behind a serious shell of calm Capricorn often hides a tender romantic nature. His love burns with an even and constant flame. He always cares about the well-being of his family based on a solid foundation. This is very appealing to Leo, who appreciates prosperity and position in society.

Zodiac compatibility of Leo and Capricorn.

Compatibility Leo and Capricorn is largely based onThe fact that both these marks are valued in the relationship of honesty and constancy. Capricorn generally differs loyalty to his partner, whom he chooses long and carefully, weighing all the pros and cons. Leo is also loyal to his chosen one. Of course, outside the house he or she will favorably receive attention signs from numerous fans, but will not seek out intrigues on the side.

Leo and Capricorn are always interested in each other. After all, each of them is secretly admired by the partner. The lion is energetic, full of new ideas and is ready to boldly implement them. Practical and cautious Capricorn plans his actions, because he is afraid to waste his energy. This often lacks the Lion, who prefers to act in a temper. Uniting, they can achieve significant success. Leo will become a generator of ideas, and Capricorn will come up with how to implement them.

Compatibility Lion and Capricorn has anothersolid foundation. When marrying, Capricorn seeks to improve his social status. He feels satisfaction when others highly appreciate his success. It does not matter if it's a high post, a good house or a life partner. Therefore, he sincerely admires the brilliant Leo, his ability to submit himself and impress.

Leo this state of affairs is quite satisfied. After all, he dreams of a companion who will appreciate it. Workaholic Capricorn does a lot and works with pleasure to provide Lion with a decent standard of living, for which he receives respect and recognition.

However, such a union has reasons fordisagreements. Aspiring to safety, Capricorn tries to control the Lion. The king of beasts as the air need a sense of freedom, he is not used to restrain his impulses. Here it is necessary to compromise. Capricorn will have to give Leo an opportunity to show his vivid personality.

Compatibility of the Lion and Capricorn according to the lunar calendar.

There is also a lunar horoscope that affectsto the subconscious. To do this, you need to know the position of the moon at the time of birth of each of the signs. In this aspect, the horoscope Leo and Capricorn acquires a somewhat different sound.

In the lunar horoscope the compatibility of Leo and Capricornnot questioned, but the initiative will have to manifest to the king of beasts. After all, it is with his passion and ardor that he can melt the heart of such a closed person as Capricorn. Lunar Capricorn needs to learn how to demonstrate to the chosen one his love and admiration. Leo needs recognition and sincere respect. And his fervor and passion is enough for both. A little wisdom for both representatives of these signs - and the union will take place. You can not even doubt it.

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