The meaning of the name Elizabeth for the girl: features of manifestation

Spiritual development

The name Elizabeth means "God's help,"Honoring God" in translation from the ancient Hebrew. A child named in this way will be distinguished by devotion, condescension, the ability to restrain one's emotions, intuition and femininity. What is the meaning of the name Elizabeth for the girl, this article will tell. We will consider what his energy is, and the characteristics of girls named in this way.

the meaning of Elizabeth's name for a girl

The meaning of the name Elizabeth for the child: childhood

Little Lisa starts showing up earlycharacter traits, like diligence and perseverance, striving for all the best. At the same time, it is not devoid of obstinacy, egocentrism and capriciousness. The girl, called Elizabeth, is very amiable and friendly. There are always a lot of friends around her. With external impulsiveness, internally Lisa is reserved and knows how to behave in this or that situation. It intuitively catches when it's better to remain silent, and when to say it. Elizabeth respects and values ​​her parents. For her, the main thing is that the family should be peaceful and cozy.

the meaning of the name of Lisa Elizabeth
The meaning of the name Elizabeth for the girl: growing up

Having grown up, Lisa becomes even more confident initself and persistent. But, encountering resistance, she often steps aside. It is not so hard to achieve the goal, as it seems. Elizabeth wishes always and in everything to be better than she really is. Therefore, she starts to follow the fashion early and can dress extravagantly. The strength of her character will not allow her self-doubt to develop into a morbid self-love. Elizabeth rather lives by reason, not by emotions. It is pragmatic and logical, prone to analysis.

The meaning of the name Elizabeth for the girl: relationship with the opposite sex

Liza already in adolescence beginsto attract guys. She is nice, friendly and welcoming, and these qualities are always appreciated in communication. In love, Elizabeth loses her head. She needs to learn to stop in time, otherwise bad glory can go about her.

the meaning of Elizabeth's name for the child
Lisa gets married early, but not always successfully. The second marriage for her will be truly happy. Elizabeth remains faithful to her husband until the end of her days. In sex, she is free from embarrassment and strives for pleasure and pleasure. It can not be called a passionate person, but it is not devoid of special eroticism and femininity.

The meaning of the name Elizabeth for the girl: work

Liza has little desire to manage people, toleading positions. She wants more to find her place, though not too prestigious. In the women's team she is a leader. Such a girl is assiduous and attentive even to trifles, as the meaning of Lisa's name says. Elizabeth can achieve career heights, but for this she needs to wait. Since such a woman does not particularly seek professional success, she often finds her place in the family. Lisa is an excellent housewife, a good and caring mother, a loving and faithful wife. She wants to be appreciated and respected. Often it seems to her that at work she is underestimated, while at home she feels herself at ease. Therefore, Lisa does not mind being a housewife.

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