How to identify zones of feng shui in an apartment: the instruction

Spiritual development

Each room has its own uniquepower engineering. If it harmoniously combines with the biofield of people living there, then in their fate everything is very successful. The ancient Chinese philosophical direction of feng shui teaches us to properly organize space to neutralize Sha's destructive energy and to activate positive Qi.

The problem of energy harmonization is especially relevant for residents of multi-storey houses, one-room apartments, which are entangled in a network of all kinds of communications and wires.

Fengshui apartment is necessary for normalhuman life, like food, water, light, air. With its help, it is possible to improve the quality and quantity of Qi energy, the lack of which the person, at all costs, strives to get - at work, in the company of friends, in nature, in stores.

Feng Shui has a whole arsenal of tools, withBy means of which it is possible to attract additional influx of Qi energy and neutralize the action of the negative Sha. This can be done with the help of mirrors, bells, screens, live pictures, mobile phones.

In order to activate the energy of Qi, you need to find out how the apartment is located relative to the sides of the world.

Orientation of the apartment

With the help of a compass, it is necessary to determine whichside is the north - this is the beginning of the layout of the room. But it should be borne in mind that in modern high-rise buildings the compass can behave unpredictably. The fact is that the arrow can be affected by the metal fittings that are present in the walls of the building.

Therefore, you can simplify the task with online maps. You need to find your home in Yandex or Google and orient it towards parts of the world.

Then you need to calculate the center of the apartment:

  • if its plan has the form of a rectangle or a square, then the center will be the intersection of the diagonals;
  • if the apartment is of an irregular geometric shape, you need to finish the missing part of the rectangle, then draw the diagonals and calculate the center.

The layout of the apartment must be divided into nine equal squares.

At the very end of all manipulations, the marked apartment plan is checked with an online map to determine the true orientation of the living space relative to the parts of the world.

Now consider the feng shui zones in the apartment and how to identify them.

The Bagua grid

Divide the room into conditional zones, as requiredthe feng shui apartment, you can use a magic square - Lo-shu or Grid Bagua, which, according to ancient legend, was inflicted by the gods on the shell of a huge turtle. The meaning of trigrams was deciphered several millennia ago by the great sage Fu Xi.

The Bagua grid

Feng Shui philosophy states that all events,which occur in human life, can be reduced to nine areas (categories, species, zones). They are collected in a strictly defined order and constitute a square of Lo-shu (Bagua grid). Each of these zones corresponds to a certain sphere of human life and is responsible for love, health, career and so on.

The Bagua grid is the right octagonalfigure, on each side of it is a trigram. The sector in the grid corresponds to a specific zone, which, in turn, corresponds to a certain color. It is the Bagua grid that has been used for about 4,000 years to understand the ways in which energy is distributed and how to manage energy in space.

How to identify zones of feng shui in an apartment? To do this you need:

  • On the marked out plan of the apartment, put a grid Bagua. The first thing you need to determine the career zone: to combine the north on the plan of the apartment and the north on the online map.
  • Then, guided by the Bagua grid, determine the location of the remaining 8 zones.


  • If the apartment has the wrong shape, thenthe absence of any zone can be harmonized by strengthening the corresponding sector in the living room (lay the Bagua grid on the plan of this room and determine the location of the corresponding sector in this room).
  • Determining the zones of feng shui in the apartment, it is necessarytake into account that its plan should fit into the square. If the layout of the apartment is an irregular configuration, it needs to be adjusted so that the shape of the square is obtained. This will help identify missing areas.
How to identify zones of feng shui in an apartment?

General rules of ancient Chinese teaching for living quarters

To harmonize the flow of positive energy in the apartment, activation of individual zones of feng shui is not enough. The following general rules must also be observed:

  • Regular maintenance of cleanliness and order in each room.
  • It is forbidden to store unnecessary trash before entering the apartment, as it attracts destructive energy. That is, no brooms, mops, dirty shoes, rags in the hallway should not be.
  • It is necessary to maintain the front door in a neat appearance, this will protect the home from evil forces and the penetration of thieves.
  • Great importance in feng shui is the size and puritywindows. If they are large, this facilitates the unobstructed penetration of Qi energy into the room, dust and dirt indicate the accumulation of negative Sha. On the windows there should be no lattices, blinds, heavy curtains.
  • Do not clutter the windowsill with a huge number of flower pots, you can confine yourself to several healthy and beautiful plants.
  • In the room itself, the Qi energy must circulate unhindered, for this it is necessary from time to time to free the premises from unnecessary things.
  • Old and broken objects accumulate negative, so you should periodically put things in order in cabinets, on shelves in kitchen, in drawers of a desk.
  • In the cosmetic bag and in the home medicine chest, too often a lot of old expired cosmetics and medications accumulate, which you urgently need to get rid of.
  • Moving objects in the rooms preventsstagnation of negative energy. At the same time, you can not move furniture, just rearrange 27 items in the apartment, for example vases and photo frames, books and pictures.
  • A large collection of books attracts negative energy. It can be dispelled by rearranging the books on the shelves and wiping them with a rag soaked in a salt solution that destroys mental contamination.
  • It is necessary to maintain a toilet and bathroom in an ideal condition.
  • In order for the family to always have money, you need to cover the door to the toilet and bathroom, and always keep the lid closed.
  • Leakage of the flushing cask, the faucet must be immediately eliminated, as this malfunction will trigger an outflow of well-being from the family.
  • The apartment should be brightly lit, burned out bulbs should immediately be replaced with serviceable ones.
  • Periodically use aromatic lamps and candles, this attracts positive energy into the room.

How can you strengthen the feng shui zones?

That the ancient Chinese doctrine earned init is necessary to strengthen some sectors in the apartment. Fengshui activates them by placing some objects that attract Qi energy in each specific zone. For example, to strengthen the wealth sector, it is necessary to install an aquarium in the southeast, Chinese money on a red ribbon.

Chinese money on the red ribbon strengthens the wealth sector

But the main rule is not to overdo it. It is enough to activate several, but most important at this time zones. For example, health, wealth and career.

The effect of this will be large-scale and will affect all spheres of life.

Activating zones is a way to improve certain areas of our lives and change the energy field of an apartment.

So, how can you strengthen the feng shui sectors in the apartment?

  • The wealth zone on the Bagua grid corresponds tosouth-east. The main colors of the sector are lilac and green, its elements are water, talismans that activate this sphere: mini fountains, aquarium with live fish, ship model (but the sailer needs to be oriented so that the bow part of it is turned into the room).
  • The health sector is in the east, the main onecolor - terracotta, elements of the sector - earth, talismans: pictures with the image of cranes, crystal chandeliers of round shape, peaches, a dining table (if possible it is better to put it in the center of the room).
  • The career zone is the northern part of the Bagua grid. The sector element is water, the color is black, blue, and blue. If you need to change something in your work, move up the career ladder, get promoted or change your profession, you need to activate this sector. For this, the turtle is best suited: the more they will be in this part of the apartment, the better. Good effect on the water mascots: aquariums, sailboats, paintings with water, fountains.
    Turtles are stepping up the career sector
  • Zone of creativity and children is located in the westgrid Bagua. The color of the sector is white, silver, the main element is metal. This side of the apartment for feng shui is responsible for caring for children, their successes, maternal happiness. Talismans are bells, figures of small children.
  • The Sector of Assistants is also responsible for travel- this is the north-western part of the apartment. The main colors are gold, white, silver, metal. Activation of this part will help to find a patron among the authorities, get support, make an unforgettable trip. Talismans of the zone: angels, portraits of famous people, icons of saints.
  • The knowledge sector is the north-east of the Bagua grid. Colors: from beige to brown. Activation of the zone will allow the person to achieve success in school. Talismans of the sector: snakes and crystals, porcelain vases, globe, clay figurines.
  • The zone of love is in the southwest of the Bagua grid. Color - terracotta, element - earth. Activate the sector with the help of twin things or chocolates, fresh flowers, hearts and so on.
  • Zone of glory. Its element is fire, color - red. Talismans: pigeon and other birds (but not predatory and non-wooden figurines). Activate the zone with the help of lamps. You can put in this place apartments all the symbols of their personal achievements: diplomas, letters, cups, medals and so on.

Determination and activation of feng shui sectorsis important in the study of methods of the impact of objects on human life. But other factors have a significant impact on our life, according to ancient teachings, for example, what the entrance door to a dwelling looks like, what is the number of the apartment or what color are its walls painted. Consider additional aspects that will harmoniously organize the space and equip the feng shui "the right apartment."

Entrance door

She plays a huge role in the process of circulation of positive energy, since it is she who opens her way to the house.

Tips on how to properly feng shui should look like the front door:

  • In order for life energy to freely enter the living room, the door must open inward.
  • It must be integral and, most importantly, reliable.
  • The optimal size of the entrance door is medium size. Too small will provoke quarrels in the family, too much - financial problems.
  • The door should not creak, open with difficulty.
  • It should be beautiful, because it is believed that, along with beauty, harmony enters the house.

The color of the door also has significance: brown brings harmony to family relations, red - stabilizes them.

Front door in Feng Shui

Above the entrance you can hang symbolic attributes: "Music of the wind" (there must necessarily be 7 or 9 tubes), a bunch of Chinese coins, a small crystal ball, a horseshoe suspended from the ends upwards - they will transform negative energy into a positive one.

Apartment number and feng shui

Numerology is one of the tools thatFeng Shui specialists use it. They believe that the number of apartments affects the tenants and their fate. To calculate it, you need to add all the numbers that make up the address in turn. You need to fold until you get a single number, which will be cherished.

The tenants and their fate are influenced by the number of the apartment

The characteristics of each number are easy to find,so we will not dwell on this issue. We only note that each of them creates a certain vibration that affects the fate of a person.

Feng Shui in a one-room apartment

Observe all the requirements of the ancient Chinese doctrine in conditions of a small flat area is not easy, but possible. First of all, it is necessary:

  1. Get rid of junk.
  2. General cleaning should be carried out on the descending Moon.
  3. It is better to clean the apartment after cleaning.
  4. Use Slavic or oriental amulets.
  5. Activate the most relevant zones.
  6. To zoning the room, use a screen.
  7. Daily air the apartment, but do not allow drafts.
Feng Shui in a one-room apartment

Color in the rooms

The correct feng shui of an apartment is impossible without a correctly chosen color scheme.

The color of each zone should correspond to its main color, but you also need to consider your own taste. If you do not like this or that shade, do not paint the walls of the room in it.

The meaning of each color in Feng Shui:

  • Red: active, pushes to activity.
  • Yellow: affects the intellect, means wisdom and wealth.
  • Orange: attracts success.
  • Blue: relaxing, encourages meditation and meditation.
  • Pink: romantic.
  • Purple: soothing.

Choosing a color for feng shui, not necessarilyrepaint walls or paste wallpaper throughout the room. You can arrange small items of the desired color scale (lamp, cushions, picture, vases), relying more on your own intuition.

Color in the apartment and feng shui

A few tips

In order to bring to life luck, harmony, happiness, wealth, in a feng shui apartment, the following rules should be observed:

  1. Keep order in all rooms.
  2. From time to time get rid of junk.
  3. Do not activate all zones simultaneously, select a maximum of 3 priority areas.
  4. For harmony in the house you need to use the center (living room or apartment in general), the most versatile way is to hang in this place a huge crystal ball or chandelier.
  5. Do not overload zones with symbolic objects, everything is good in moderation, so 2-3 talismans to activate the area is enough.


The setting, which is created with the help of ancient Chinese teaching, promotes change, but does nothing instead of man.

Everything should be harmonious: and space, and personal aspirations. The location of the apartment by feng shui, its arrangement, the color of the walls help a person. But to change something in life, this is not enough. Action is necessary.

Miracles happen to those who meet them.

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