Monastery of Nikolo-Solbinsky Yaroslavl Diocese: description, history

Spiritual development

One of the Orthodox Christian precepts teachesnot to be dejected, and the description of some monasteries convinces the veracity of this statement. The monastery of Nikolo-Solbinsky is a vivid example of optimism, faith and righteous ministry.

Riddle of occurrence

When exactly the monastery was founded, for certainis unknown. The first record found about it in the annals dates back to 1544. By this time the monastery was rich in land, judging by the description of the property. The origin of the monastery can be attributed to the middle of the XV century. Originally the monastery was male. Who was its founder, is also unknown. Researchers and current residents consider that the monastery was opened by a disciple of the Monk Miracle Worker Sergius of Radonezh. This is indicated by the geographical location: the Nikolo-Solbinsky Convent is located on the northeast of Moscow. As you know, almost all the monasteries in this part of the region were laid by the followers of Sergius of Radonezh.

Also on this link indicate two icons, previouslylocated on the gate. On the one hand, the entrance consecrated the image of St. Nicholas, and on the other - St. Sergius. The first monastery was a few kilometers from the modern location: in Byltsynin field surrounded by forests. Currently, the sisters have installed on this site a cross of the cross. The modern monastery - Nikolo-Solbinsky - is built on the banks of the Solba River. The name in ancient Finnish-Finnish means "living water".

nikolo-soblinsky monastery

History of development

The Yaroslavl diocese is guarded by manymonasteries, where monastic people are in labor and prayers. Many monasteries have a centuries-old history. During the time of distribution and approval of Orthodox Christianity, the Russian state knew many raids, conquests and victories. All the vicissitudes shared the monasteries with the country, being the backbone of the people's faith and culture. At the beginning of the XVII century, during the Time of Troubles, the monastery of Nikolo-Solbinsky was attacked by Poles, who completely ruined it. Almost a hundred years the monastery was in desolation. Only in accordance with the decree of Tsar Peter I, in 1711 it began its restoration in a new place.

In the same year construction was startedwooden church in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, in which one limit was dedicated to the Great Martyr Varvara. And in 1731 the stone temple of the Assumption of the Mother of God was erected. When in the XIX century the Nikolsky monastery decayed, two chapels were consecrated in the stone Uspenskaya church. One was named after St. Nicholas, the second - in honor of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. A high stone fence with six towers and a length of 570 meters appeared around the complex in 1840.

nikolo-soblinsky nunnery

Flowering and liquidation

The monastery of Nikolo-Solbinsky often headedprominent figures. In 1903, the desert became a female abode, where he was appointed active abbess Makariya (Skudina). Under her leadership, the monastery reached its peak. Major repairs of all buildings were carried out. The number of inhabitants by 1914 increased to 115 nuns. The monastery was the center of attraction for numerous laymen. Most came to worship the miraculous image of St. Nicholas - one of the most beloved saints in Russia.

Nikolo-Solbinsky Convent, being in theremote, never stayed away from the life of the country. So, during the First World War the nuns sent donations to the front, kept the sick in hospitals, sent half-fur coats, boots, linens and other necessary outfits to the front. In 1918 Solbinsky monastery was not only closed, it was robbed and liquidated, as a socially alien. Many sisters became victims of repression and executions. The fate of some nuns and abbess is still unknown.

Traces of the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas are lost. Many of the icons of the locals were dismantled into their homes for preservation. Now they are gradually returning to the Solbinsky Monastery. Only the temple of the Assumption of the Mother of God continued to work until 1937. After its closure, the monastery became the home of the insane. Monastic walls in 1960 were dismantled, and the material was allowed to build roads. The patients were treated poorly. They often escaped, posing a danger to the surrounding inhabitants. The place where the monastery of Nikolo-Solbinsky used to be, became deaf and dangerous.

Yaroslavl Diocese

Revival and life of sisters

In 1994 the Yaroslavl diocese again tookSolbinsky monastery. Looking at the sad remnants of the once flourishing monastery, it was difficult to believe even in the simple possibility of a revival of spiritual life. Originally, the monastery was attached to the Nikitsky Pereslavl Monastery. Constant inhabitants and the abbot here was not, the work was not carried out. Subsequently, it was decided to arrange a women's monastery on this site, but nobody stayed from the nuns - it was very difficult to live in a place where homeless people and alcoholics were hiding in ruins.

In January 1996 the monastery receivedabbess Erotica and three novices, who managed to breathe new life into the holy place. Now the monastery is rapidly becoming more beautiful, it has acquired its former grandeur and has already been reborn as an orphanage for girls. Several social programs aimed at supporting elderly, infirm people have begun and developed. In addition, help is provided to the poor and large families. The educational program also started.

Impossible is possible!

On the territory of the monastery is under construction. 4 churches are built and consecrated. Several more churches are being built, each of which has a unique architecture and decoration. During the work on the cave temple of Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves, a source was found, water from which can be collected at any time outside the walls of the monastery. Cases of healing from illnesses are noted.

Currently, the St. Nicholas-Solbinsky Monastery(Yaroslavl Region) is a secluded place where harmoniously combined with the natural forest landscape, white snow-capped temples stand out, and the singing of birds is complemented by the sound of bells. On the territory of the complex there are forty sisters-nuns, a shelter for girls from 4 to 16 years is constantly working. According to their age, they are raised in a kindergarten or in a comprehensive school, which are arranged within these walls. Now 60 orphans have the opportunity to live in a shelter.

nikolo - solbinsky monastery, Yaroslavl region


The meaning of monastic life is in the service of God. But modern monasteries are mostly open to lay people. They conduct activities for the benefit of society. Solbinsky Women's Monastery sees its mission in the revival of the traditional foundations of Christianity. The sisters carry out educational work. They propagandize the creation of a strong family, helping one's neighbor, establishing custody, caring for elderly relatives and neighbors. In the monastery a special honor is respected, families with many children are respected.

Sisters dream of giving children a comprehensiveeducation. For this purpose, it is planned to create a training base. The plans are the construction of the scientific and educational center "Solba". Within the precincts of the institution there will be a kindergarten with an early development program, a general secondary school, a house of creativity, a higher educational institution, vocational education schools, a hotel, a medical facility. The axis of the educational complex will be a temple in honor of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers. The first stone in its construction was laid in 2009.

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The shrines of the monastery

On the territory of the Solbinsky Convent there are several temples:

  • Assumption. The first temple was built in 1731. Since 1937 the service in it has been discontinued. But the construction itself was miraculously preserved. Until 1994, the church was in a dilapidated state, but it began to revive the very first. The temple became a visible foundation. He connected the centuries-old history into a single whole. The Assumption Church is considered the central temple of the monastery, worship services often occur within its walls. There are three arches with holy relics.
  • Administrative building with the temple of the Blessed Xenia of Peterbug. This building is one of the few buildings,preserved in the monastery from the XIX century. The building had two floors. In 1999, it was here that the abbess with the sisters settled. For ten years the whole main life was conducted within the walls of the corps. In 2002, the third floor was built up, where the refectory was located with a church consecrated in honor of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg. The church of this saint is only in the Solbin monastery. Nowhere else in Russia have temples built in her honor.
  • Nikolsky. In the XV century, the first wooden church was built. Later burned by the Poles, it was rebuilt in stone in 1711. It was destroyed again during the revolution of 1917. The laying of the new church was held in 2003. Until now, interior decoration and wall painting are being carried out. In the plans - the decoration of the walls with marble for a special project.
  • Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh and St. Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves. Very beautiful building.
  • The Church of St. Spyridon of Trimifund. It differs in Old Russian architecture. It is made of a special brick, which causes a sense of antiquity.

The premises under construction, for which the sisters invite sponsors and patrons of art:

  • The building with the church of the great martyr Varvara.
  • The Church of the Holy Trinity.
  • Temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul.
  • The royal temple.
  • Functional monastery wall.

nikolo-soblinsky nunnery excursion


Visitors to the monastery are always welcome. The door opens for all Nikolo-Solbinsky Convent. How to get to this holy place? The monastery is located 65 kilometers from Pereyaslav-Zalessky. To find the way, it is necessary to turn in the city towards the museum-estate "Botik Peter I". The address is the following: Pereyaslav district, OPS Highland, Solba, Nicholas-Solbinsky convent. An excursion to the local metochion, the temples of the monastery, is conducted by the sisters. Be sure to visit it.

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