Divination by New Year: the Right Ways

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Divination by the New Year is considered the most truthful,because just this night before every person opens the future. There are a lot of ways of divination. Our article contains the most faithful divination for the New Year. At home, using proven methods, you can learn about the true feelings of a young man, look into the future and find out your destiny.

New Year's divination for love

Each unmarried girl is interested in questions,concerning her personal life: when she meets her lover, how will the relationship develop in a couple and whether she can build a strong and happy family with a guy. To answer these questions, on the eve of the holiday, you can use various methods that can predict how future relations will develop. Let's consider some ways.

fortune telling on a mirror

For this divination, a Christmas tree will be needed. It is necessary that the forest beauty was installed and dressed up. Also you can not do without a person who will help you blindfold and turn around your axis several times. When this happens, you should go to the green tree and take off the first toy you like. It will be the answer to the existing questions:

  • A toy of white color is a sign that there will be no change in personal life in the coming year.
  • Black color symbolizes unhappy and unrequited love.
  • The red toy says that the fortune-teller will meet her love.
  • Green color promises a stormy relationship, which will begin to develop right after the holiday.
  • A toy of purple color is a harbinger of cooling relations with a young man.
  • A silver toy promises to meet a rich gentleman.
  • Golden color symbolizes the rapid development of relations that will end with a wedding.
  • A toy of pink color - an acquaintance with a guy who can become both a lover and a good friend.
  • Blue color portends quarrels and jealousy.
  • A yellow toy speaks of separation from a young man.

In addition to this divination, there are several moreproven ways to find out what fate has prepared. What fortune-telling for the New Year can illuminate the mystery of the future? Using which items and attributes, you can find out what will happen in the coming year?

Fortune-telling on the subject for the New Year

Using this method, you can see the image of the future spouse in the mirror. To do this, before the holiday, you need to place in the room a mirror and a bowl of water.

fortune telling with a mirror

When the clock begins to beat the chimes, it is necessarylight a candle in front of a mirror, lift a vessel with water and look through it, saying: "Show the promised one, tell the future". After these words, you should look into the mirror. After some time, the image of the young man should appear.

The love of spruce branches

This fortune-telling for the New Year on the betrothed also does not do without a faithful assistant - a furry spruce. To find out what the groom will be, on the eve of the holiday one should go to the forest and break a few twigs.

For this purpose, you should not choose the best,you need to take any at random. Then, having come home, spruce branches should be hidden in a safe place. On New Year's Eve, you must get one of the twigs under the chimes to touch. It determines the type of person who will be awarded.

  • Fluffy, beautiful says that there will be an enviable and attractive bridegroom.
  • A rough branch with a cracked bark indicates a rough and thick-skinned man.
  • An old dry branch foreshadows a spouse in years.
  • A branch with a large number of small knots symbolizes the brutal nature of the groom.
  • A branch with a smooth, even trunk points to the complaisant and affectionate nature of the mated.
    divination by spruce

To find out what status will be the future groom, you should use the following fortune-telling for the New Year.

Divination by the Ring

For thisprepare three rings: gold, silver and copper. Then they should be hidden in a vessel in which the croup is located. Then think about the young man and scoop the rump with your hand. Depending on what kind of ring caught in the hand, this will be the future groom:

  • gold is a rich husband;
  • silver - the groom will be hardworking;
  • Copper is a spouse from a poor family.

In the event that the ring is not in the hand, it's too early to think about marriage this year.

Vorozhba on the cards

To find out information about your future second half, there are several ways of guessing on cards for the New Year. To do this, you need to purchase a new deck.

Card reading

According to the rules of the first divination, from the deck of cardsit is necessary to pull out the diamond king, hide it under the pillow and, falling asleep, utter these words: "Touched, to me in a dream come. Serve-mummified, show yourself to me. "

The young man whom you will show, according to the divination for the New Year, a dream, and will be the bridegroom.

The Voronezh on the Kings

In addition to this method, you can try to rotate in a different way. To do this, from the deck of cards should pull 4 kings and hide them under the pillow. In the morning, at random pull out one of the cards.

The diamond card means that the husband will be the guy whom the guesser would like to see as a spouse. Family life will be long and happy.

The worm king promises that the husband will be a beloved young man, but for his favor will have to compete.

The cross card indicates that the husband of the guessing will be a business man who occupies or will occupy a leading position.

The appearance of the peak king can be treated in two ways. On the one hand, a peak map indicates a solid, aged man who occupies a high position in the community. In addition, the king can talk about the possible appearance of a jealous and greedy wife.

Divination for the future for the New Year

To find out what to expect the next year,you can use an uncomplicated method of divination. However, for the ritual, there is only one condition: on the street it must be cold and frosty. Guessing for the future for the New Year is that on the eve of the holiday you should pour a small mirror with water and go with him to the street. It is necessary to be in the open air until such time as different images are formed on the surface of the mirror, through which it will be possible to determine what to expect in the new year.

fortune telling

The predominance of circles indicates that the coming year will bring only good. This applies to both career success and personal life.

Numerous squares warn of difficulties and problems.

The predominance of waves symbolizes unexpected changes and the receipt of good news.

The predominance of "spruce" patterns on the mirror symbolizes a lot of work that will have to be done to achieve the set goals.

Strips on the mirror indicate the onset of a stable period in life.

The predominance of waves symbolizes unexpected changes and the receipt of good news.

In addition to this method of guessing, you can find out what is waiting for next year, using a paper snowflake.

What awaits in the coming year?

For this, fortune telling for the New Year is necessary forAll guests come to prepare one paper snowflake. The essence of the divination lies in the fact that everyone who wants to stand on a chair that is next to the decorated green beauty, to ask about the future issue and release the snowflake. What subject will she fall and touch, and wait in the New Year:

  • beads symbolize rapid career growth;
  • rain indicates empty efforts;
  • an asterisk is a harbinger of true love;
  • a garland indicates possible difficulties with which the guesser can cope with the help of close people;
  • the ball announces a fateful meeting of a love or business character;
  • The clapper promises changes in life;
  • Christmas tree branch - the new year will be happy.

In the event that the paper snowflake, falling on the floor, did not touch anything, do not expect any drastic changes. The year will pass quietly and calmly.

How to give credit to the desire?

There is such a belief that all the cherished dreams andwishes necessarily come true on the eve of New Year's holidays. Therefore, in addition to fortune-telling on the betrothed, as well as fortune telling with the purpose of knowing your destiny, using various proven methods, you can betray your desire. The only condition during the divination for the New Year on the desire is its correct formulation. In order to find out whether all the plans will come true, we suggest using such rituals.

Method number 1

For this divination, you need to prepare a sheetpaper, a pen, a saucer, a match, a glass and a bottle of champagne. When on the clock the arrows converge on the number 12 and the battle of the chimes will be heard, it is necessary to fill the glass with champagne, and also write on the piece of paper the coveted desire. After that, you need to burn the leaf, pour the ashes into a glass and drink all the champagne. The listed actions must be performed while the battle of the chimes is heard.


Method No. 2

For this divination it is necessary to prepare a candle, a leafpaper and a small container filled with water. A sheet of paper must be divided into uniform pieces and on each write a premeditated desire. After that, the candle should be lit and placed in the middle of the container. That leaf with a desire, which will get a wax or a drop of a cinder, will indicate what will happen in the new year.

Method number 3

To get this way, you should takea handful of cereals and pour it on the surface of the table. After that, the palm should be moistened with water and put on top of the cereal, trying to squeeze it to the table as much as possible. Hold your hand in this position for a few seconds, it is worth turning, count the number of grains that are left in the palm of your hand. An even number indicates that the desired desire is fulfilled, the odd indicates the opposite.

Method No. 4

To conduct this divination, one should prepare2 bowls. One of them needs to be filled with water to the brim, make a wish, then pour into the second container. If a lot of water is spilled during the process, the desire will most likely not come true. Spilled a couple of drops - the riddle in speed will happen.

Modern methods of divination

In recent decades, in addition to the listedabove the methods, modern fortune-telling for the New Year with modern means of communication and televisions became quite relevant. So, for example, asking the fate of a question, to which you can answer "yes" or "no", during the New Year's night, you should wait who will call first.

In the event that the call comes fromrepresentative of the male sex - the desire will necessarily come true. Call the same girl, most likely, this year's desire will not come true. In addition, you can make a call yourself. If a young man takes the phone, the wish will come true, and if the representative of the weaker sex answers, then no.

Vorozhba using TV and books

To make this happen in this way, you should plan your desire and switch the TV to another channel. The replica, which will be pronounced at the moment, will be the answer to the conceived question.

divination by book

In addition, there is a similar method of divination withUsing a book that does not lose its relevance in modern days. To use it, you need to ask a question or make a wish, then accidentally open the book on any page. With your left thumb, point at a line at random, which will answer the question.

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