Name Natalia: the origin and the meaning. Natalia: the mystery of the name

Spiritual development

Name Natalia, whose origin and significancehave, apparently, Latin roots, in our country is quite common. It is believed that its owners are distinguished by their leadership qualities, excellent health and a rather benevolent nature.

Natalia in the childhood

The exact meaning of the name Natalia (Natalia) -"Native" (Latin). In childhood, its owners are characterized by a cheerful nature, they like to play and arrange all sorts of pranks. And in the kindergarten, and in the school, Natalia is one of the main culprits, constantly coming up with something interesting and new. She studies well, with pleasure, often becomes an honors pupil. Because he has a resolute and active character, he always takes an active part in the life of the school. Courageous and confident, Natalia will never pass by injustice. In the event that in her eyes will be offended by the weak, she will necessarily intervene.

name of origin and meaning

Characteristics of character

If parents are not afraid of difficulties and want toto raise from his daughter an independent and self-sufficient personality, they must be given a name Natalia at birth. The origin and significance of it, it would seem, suggest absolute benevolence and evenness of character. However, in reality this is not always the case. Natasha's character is mostly difficult and sarcastic. The bearers of this name do not like any kind of criticism. But they respond sensitively to their praise. Usually from Natalia look quite frivolous. However, this is nothing more than an appearance. In fact, the owners of this name are of a pragmatic nature and are treated with great respect. These are very economical and economical women.


Most of Natasha is distinguished by excellent health. The doctors are rarely addressed and only in the most extreme case. They do not like to take medicine and follow any regime. To the food you eat is also not very scrupulous.

Natalia: the origin and mystery of the name. Career

Sharp mind and determination allow Natalia toquickly achieve success in life. Find a woman with this name can in almost any profession. But especially Natasha attract specialties related to travel and travel. Trade and business are also their fad. Since Natasha's favorite hobbies are drawing and performing on stage, very often they turn out good actresses or artists. Sometimes women with this name become employees of museums. Not particularly attract Natasha only purely masculine specialties.

name natalya meaning and origin

Despite ambition and ambition, doingcareer, "on the head" Natalya will go hardly, showing innate nobility and decency. The love of justice and the ability to support those who are weaker undoubtedly arouse the respect of colleagues in it. However, sometimes Natalia can be too categorical and straightforward.

Family life

Married Natasha usually go out very early and onlyfor love. Easy on the rise, love of entertainment and surprises make life with them pleasant and fun. The name Natalia (whose meaning and origin, according to the majority, has, as we found out, the Latin roots) can also be interpreted as a "giver". Some researchers believe that it happened from the Jewish male name Nathan (giver). Maybe that's why all Natasha are generous and adore to receive guests, arranging parties and celebrations. Children with this name are very fond of and care for them in every possible way. However, in this case they never indulge in them and from a young age accustom them to independence. Do not deprive Natalia of attention and husbands. The only thing that a woman should not do with a woman's name is to pick her on trifles, making any comments.

the meaning of the name natalya nataliya

Signs of the name of Natalia

The name Natalia, whose meaning and originassumes that its owners are attached to the family and relatives, refers to the elements of water. Most likely, this makes all of its owners so calm and balanced. However, of course, until the first storm. Patronized by this name is the mysterious and romantic Moon. Accordingly, and the metal that can most suit Natalia - silver. The minerals of the name are selenite, white coral, beryl and marcasite. The most suitable for the bearers of this name are silver, white, green and light brown.

Holy patrons

The name Natalia, whose origin and significance arelargely determines the nature of its owners, is under the holy patronage of the martyrs of Natalia and Andrian of Nicomedia. Their day is celebrated on September 8. They once lived in Nicomedia (Asia Minor). Andrian was a pagan and served as an official at the court of Emperor Galerius. His wife Natalya was a secret Christian. After a while he also converted to a new faith. The emperor demanded that he change his mind, renounce Christ and ask for forgiveness. However, Andrian flatly refused. After this, he, together with other Christians, was tried and sentenced to death. During the torture Natalia strongly supported him. When Andrian and the other Christians began to burn in the oven, a terrible storm arose, it began to rain and extinguished the flames. Several executioners were killed by lightning.

Famous Natalia

The name Natalia (the origin and significance of which wefound out) were worn by many famous women of the world. The most famous in Russia can be considered Natalia Naryshkina - the mother of Peter the Great, the wife of Alexei Mikhailovich (second). Their wedding took place in 1671, when she turned 19 years old. Quite interesting is the story of the acquaintance of the king with this poor and not very noble girl. When Alexey Mikhailovich wanted to marry a second time, the so-called bride-watching was arranged. By tradition, the most beautiful girls were called from all over Russia. Natalia Naryshkina, who was brought up in the Moscow house of a wealthy boyar, her distant relative, became one of them and was chosen by the tsar.

nataliya which means origin and other characteristics of the name

Another famous Natalia is his wifethe great Russian poet A. Pushkin, the beautiful Natalia Goncharova. As everyone knows, Alexander Sergeyevich perished in a duel that occurred precisely because of her. After the death of the poet Natalia Goncharova married a poor and not too young nobleman Major Major Peter Lansky. She spent the rest of her life dedicated to raising children and was devoted to her new husband. However, every year on the day of Pushkin's death, he put on a mourning dress and closed in his room until the next morning.

natalya origin and mystery of the name

This is the nature of the different Natalia. What is the origin and other characteristics of the name, we have found out. Women are powerful, self-confident and at the same time noble and economic.

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