Unexplained phenomena on earth and in the sky

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Mysterious always attracts to yourself ... According to sociological polls, articles and TV shows about unexplained phenomena are always in the top ten of the most rating and cash. Why is this happening? Perhaps, to all, even very adult people, I want to believe in a fairy tale, departing from pragmatics and scientific justification.

There is a theory that unexplained phenomenain space, in the sky, on earth and under water will meet until we know some unknown laws of the universe. When exactly this happens, it is difficult to guess now. Perhaps in the very near future. And perhaps, this is not to be known even to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

About some of these events, we propose to talk in more detail.

Unexplained phenomena in the world. How relevant is this?

unexplained phenomena in space

Today, humanity knows a lot about its planet,but the nature of some events still remains incomprehensible. Anomalies and mysticism - these areas are usually attributed to a lot of problematic issues relating to frightening phenomena.

Unfortunately, researchscientist-naturalists do not allow to argue for the time being unexplained phenomena that do not fit into the usual conceptions of the world. Is it necessary to do this at all? Most likely, yes, because many questions already literally require an answer, and eyewitness accounts can not be ignored.

Experts argue that the huge flowinformation about the most inexplicable phenomena of nature is an obvious result of the fact that now mankind has come to grips with the need to find new ways of studying the world, which, despite what seems familiar and familiar, sometimes appears as terrible and incomprehensible.

What is it? A new round of knowledge of the surrounding reality? Maybe this is so. Over time, it becomes clear. However, do not deny the fact that the persistent appearance of the unusual already now requires an explanation and certain behavioral algorithms.

Moving stones

unexplained phenomena

In the United States, there is a mysterious zone in the Valley of Death, wherethe phenomenon of spontaneous movement of stones is inexplicable from the point of view of the ideas accepted in science: the huge boulders move independently on the bottom of a dried lake, leaving behind completely real traces.

To fix the process of moving with the help of photo and video equipment has not yet been possible to anyone. However, you can not ignore the presence of fingerprints.

Can we give these facts a rational explanation? To date, perhaps not. Stones that change their location have a large mass - hundreds of kilograms. The length of traces from their movement is tens of meters. Movement does not happen constantly. Although the periodicity of this phenomenon is noted, the intervals are 2-3 years.

Maybe this is the action of magnetic fields? Or gusts of the strongest wind? Nobody knows yet.

Strange salvation

An inexplicable phenomenon that saved people's lives waswas recorded in 1828. The British ship followed from Liverpool to New Scotland for several weeks, when the sailor discovered in the cabin the captain of an unknown man.

The sailor went for the leadership, as he decided,that this man illegally entered the ship. When the captain entered his cabin, it turned out that there was no one there, but there was an inscription on the board indicating the need to take a course on the north-west.

None of the people on board couldreproduce this handwriting. The captain decided not to neglect the instruction received. The surprise of all the people traveling on the ship was truly immense: in a short time the crew discovered a ship stuck in ice on which there was that same stranger who appeared at night in the cabin. Even his handwriting coincided with the handwriting of the inscription made on the board in the captain's cabin.

According to the testimony of the person in distress, heI remembered that I had seen in my dream how I myself, finding myself in a new place for myself, frantically asked for help. Maybe he managed to teleport and report on the critical position of the ship on which he was traveling? It was not possible to fix this.

Concrete Columns of New Caledonia

unexplained phenomena in the world

You can not talk about unexplained phenomena onEarth, without mentioning the ancient concrete columns on Pine Island, which is part of a group of islands called New Caledonia off the coast of Australia.

This is actually an amazing structure. Their height reaches 2.5 m. Using the radiocarbon method led to the conclusion that the age of these majestic columns is more than 7 thousand years.

The fact that concrete was used as a material for their manufacture is surprising, since it is believed that a mixture of lime and sand began to be used for several centuries before our era.

During the excavations, no evidence was found that at the time these columns were being erected, there was at least some kind of life on the islands of New Caledonia.

This is, undoubtedly, one of those amazing puzzles, which so far no one has been able to solve.

Crocodiles in the sewerage

unexplained phenomena on earth

About unexplained phenomena on the Moon, we listen with great indifference, but what happens in everyday life with exactly the same people as ourselves, can not help but bewitch.

Perhaps, many people know that the sewage systemNew York is a system covered with legends. What she was not attributed to: convicts, ghosts, and giant insects! And it is also believed that in the underground canals under the city live crocodiles.

By the way, there is very reliable information aboutattacks of these animals on people. How they get into the sewer system is not clear. It is possible that after they grow up, people who keep these dangerous predators at home, release the animals into the sewer. At home, you will agree, they become very tight with time.

Maybe the finding of crocodiles in the sewerage of New York has some other reason? Who knows…

Man-lightning rod

unexplained natural phenomena

Fear of a thunderstorm is experienced by many people. Unexplained phenomena associated with it, occur quite often.

There is an opinion that lightning does not hit one place twice. However, it turns out that there is evidence that the opposite is true.

So it happened with Betty Jo Hudson, who lives incity ​​located on the shore of the Mississippi. After a childhood lightning hit her face, disfiguring him, and then the house of her parents burned from atmospheric electricity, she decided that it simply attracts the wrath of the heavens. It's amazing that when she got married, lightning began to fall into the house where she lived with her husband and three children.

The most unexplained phenomena of nature are the fireballs

the most unexplained phenomena

Flight on an airplane, as a rule, for many passengers creates conditions for the development of a certain stressful state.

You can imagine the state of people who are on board the aircraft, with the appearance of unexpected (and even incredible) objects on board!

Thus, the penetration of the fireball through the skinThe plane, which began its flight from Sochi, very frightened the passengers. The iridescent object passed through the porthole and, flying through the cabin, split into two hemispheres, and then disappeared. What was it? Perhaps it's a fireball, or maybe it was an unknown high-tech object? It is difficult to answer unequivocally.

Incredible Springs

Amazing events occurred with the family of FrancisMartin in 1963. In his house began to beat the springs! At first it was decided that this is a breakthrough of water pipes. Martin's family was even forced to leave their home.

However, springs roamed for this family everywhere. They were waiting for the wanderers in the hotel, in the apartment of friends, at the dacha.

It is also interesting to note that these unexplained phenomena ceased as quickly as they began.

Revenge of fish

The natives on the islands of Papua New Guinea habitually caught a fish-needle. This continued from generation to generation, becoming a part of culture.

However, once these are small and generally peacefulThe fish began to attack the fishermen, inflicting the strongest blows on them. There were even deaths. There was no end to the attacks. Their character showed that the fish were purposely taking revenge on people. How can this be explained? It seems that these inhabitants of the water depths decided to stand up for themselves. But how can this be?

Tips for curious

unexplained phenomena on the moon

The facts that the so-called anomaliesoccur in different parts of the planet Earth, today there are extremely many. Some unexplained natural phenomena, of course, are fiction and a way of attracting tourists. However, many data indicate that people on the Earth still know very little about their planet.

In connection with this, especially curious individuals,who have a strange attraction to everything unknown, one must be more careful. It's worth remembering that secrets do not like to be revealed to everyone, for the concept of essence you need coolness and patience. But that's not all. First of all, one must remember personal safety. Unknown forces of nature or objects of extraterrestrial origin can be very dangerous for people.

When something strange happens, very manyexperience a genuine horror. And in this there is nothing surprising, tk. what is happening can cause serious harm to both mental and physical health.

Carefulness and systematic scientific approach is, perhaps, the only way to find the truth when you meet with the unknown.

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