Priest Maisuradze Roman. Brief biography and achievements

Spiritual development

Maisuradze Roman - rector of the Church of the HolyThe Virgin in the village of Bulatnikovo, which is located in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region. To date, he is a priest who looks after this temple, and a writer in combination.

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short biography

Maisuradze Roman Vakhtangovich was born in Tashkent in1976 year. Here he entered the regular school, which he graduated in 1993. In connection with his moral and spiritual convictions, he decided to devote himself to serving God.

To this end, Maisuradze Roman joined the Moscow Theological Seminary. Upon its completion in 2004, he was ordained a priest. In 2005 he became the rector of the church in the village of Bulatovo, Moscow region.

Maisuradze Roman did not take a vow of celibacy, and therefore married a Christian. Marriage brought him not only harmony, but also two beautiful daughters.

Awards and achievements

For the righteous service and respectful attitude of parishioners Maisuradze Roman was repeatedly awarded the Moscow diocese. Among the most significant achievements are the following:

  • 2008 - the letter of Blessing;
  • 2009 - the Legguard;
  • 2012 - kamilavka and medal "On memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1812";
  • 2015 - pectoral cross.

Maisuradze novel rector


Despite spiritual matters, the world life is not alien to Father Roman. So, in his spare time he is rooting for his favorite football team. He also spends a lot of time with his daughters and his wife.

However, he considers his greatest predilection to beliterature. Moreover, he even writes his own works and poems. First of all, they are aimed at showing people the beauty of the human soul, unblemished by sins and desires. Some of his works were published on paper, while the others still exist only in electronic form, on Roman's website.

By the way, the young priest is well versed innew technologies. And therefore, he created a website dedicated to his own temple. There you can find out all the necessary information about the church: from its address, to the schedule of the services.

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