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The car dreamed at least once, probably everyoneman. Like any other subject, it causes the dreamer a healthy curiosity - what would that mean. Many immediately look into the dream book. The machine in each of the interpreters has many meanings. Therefore, remembering the details of the dream, you can decipher it in some detail. Let's look and we are in a few dream books.

dream book ride by car

Interpretation on the dream book of Miller

The American psychologist Gustav Miller in the dream book about the car, we can learn a lot of interesting things.

  • If you were able to buy a car in a dream, you will again be able to achieve this position in a society that for some reason was lost.
  • If the dreamer sold the car - on the way of life, unpleasant changes await him.
  • But what does it mean in a dream book to go by car - your diligence and perseverance will bring good luck in all your endeavors.
  • Dreamed that they had an accident - before you realize the plans for the upcoming entertainments, first think - maybe postpone them for another time, as it does not bode well for you.
  • If you are in a dream on the road in an unpleasant situation, but you managed to avoid an accident, in real life you can avoid unpleasant situations with people who do not like your views.
    dream book ride by car

Interpretation on the dream book of Freud

The well-known psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud also offers us interesting interpretations of such dreams.

  • If in a dream you bought an expensive car thatin reality you are definitely beyond your means - in business, you will be affected by failures due to incorrect decisions. You should understand that such failures can happen to everyone, everything is good to analyze and henceforth be more circumspect.
  • In the night visions in the cabin of your car, someone puts things in order - try to remember who you had differences with, and try to restore good relations with these people.
  • Also, Freud, in his dream book, the car that you painted in night dreams, explains how the possibility of earning you a solid profit in the near future.
  • If you saw yourself closing the trunk - you can finally get hold of a thing you've been dreaming about for a long time.
    dream machine in a dream

Interpretation on the dream book of Vanga

The famous Bulgarian visionary Vanga in his dream book car interprets as pleasant trips, travel, possible changes in destiny.

  • You dreamed that your car was stolen - this could be a sign of failure of plans, the profit from the sale of which you really expected.
  • We saw ourselves emerging from any transport - all your endeavors will eventually end safely.
  • If the dreamer drives the car himself - this can be a signal for the impending illness.
  • In your nightmares, you drove by car and you were pushed out of it at full speed - you can get bad news.
  • If you saw a broken machine in a dream, it is also a harbinger of future failures.
    The dream book was hit by a car

Interpretation on the "Modern Dream Book" and "Family Dream Book"

Just seen in a dream machine according to the "Modern dream book" means that the new project that you have conceived, you will necessarily carry out, while receiving a great financial benefit.

  • If you dreamed of cars strongly supported, then the embodiment of your plans can be prevented by detractors.
  • We saw in the dream an emergency vehicle passing by youmachine - in reality you are in a difficult situation, which can lead to severe stress. You need rest, postpone all business and go on vacation.
  • The woman happened to see her husband at the wheel of emergency transport - this dream foreshadows a family quarrel through her fault.

The "Family Dream Book" treats the dream machine, in principle, the same way, but there are some options that have not yet been met.

  • If the car in a dream broke, in reality you risk losing friends.
  • And if you saw a fire engine, it's a sign of some very unpleasant business or emergency.
    dream book stolen car

Interpretations on the dream book "From A to Z"

In this interpreter are considered very interesting variants of dreams, in which the car appears.

  • You saw yourself in a dream riding in a car,attention, who sits behind the wheel. If you are on the passenger's place, then in life you are all right, things are going well, everything works out. Well, if you are driving, then such a dream can become a harbinger of the disease.
  • If the dreamer on the turn falls out of the car, he can get unpleasant news.
  • Just a standing car or a few cars in yournight vision - most likely, you will have a pleasant trip, and maybe someone from your loved ones will soon see good changes, and you will rejoice for it.
  • Interpretation of one more situation can be read in this dream book. They drove the car right in front of you - your bold plans, on which you have high hopes, can prevent something.
  • They saw themselves in a dream leaving the car - this is a good sign. All your business will be successfully completed. In addition, this success will inspire you to even more daring plans.
  • The big wagon in your night visions means that the trade will be successful and bring a big profit, if only the wagon will be fully loaded. But empty is a symbol of poverty.
  • If in your nightly dreams you have seen the engine under the open hood of the car - reconsider all the details of the case that you are planning to start again.

Interpretation on the "Dream Book of the Past"

Here we can meet our original interpretations of different situations, different from other interpreters.

  • A machine seen is a symbol of movement. It is important to pay attention to the role of the dreamer in relation to this car.
  • A different interpretation of another situation inthis dream book. At the wheel of a car, a dreamer means that he successfully moves towards the task, and if obstacles meet, he can overcome them.
  • If the car is not driven by you, but by someone else - maybe in life someone is manipulating you, controlling all your actions.
  • We saw the car that left, and you stayed - you could not use the opportunities to realize your plans.
    what does the car dream about

Interpretation on the dream book Fedorovskaya

Here we can consider some more new situations in the night visions with the machine.

  • If you in a dream recolour your car in a different color - get a profit from there, where it was not expected.
  • If in the car you buy in a dream, bullet-proof glasses - you are lucky not only to participate in an interesting event, but also to take advantage of it.
  • A person who does not have his own car, scratches in his sleep scratches on his car - to the emergence of a conflict situation with the relatives of a husband or wife.
  • This vision during the night rest was to the car owner - you need to be as careful as possible during the ride to avoid emergency situations.
  • If in a dream you wash the salon of your car with a special tool - with you in good friendly relations is a very influential person.

Interpretation for different dream books: a car in a dream

If you saw a car in a dream, you can turn to almost any interpreter. Everyone will have an explanation for such a vision.

  • Dream interpreter Hasse the appearance of the machine in which you just sit, treats in a way that your dreams will not come true. And if the dreamer manages it, in real life he is too self-confident.
  • According to the dream book of Meneghetti, a car in a dreammeans that the business you started will give you a lot of difficulties, but in the end you will finish it safely. An old car has fallen asleep - your enemies will do everything to make their financial situation better than yours.
  • According to the dream book of Shuvalov, a dream where youmanage a car, symbolizes that in real life your activity is connected with the management of people. How confident you felt at the wheel, so competently and professionally you will lead them.
  • Dream Interpretation for Lovers gives us an explanationThe situation when a girl dreamed of a fire engine in which she saw herself. She can trust an unworthy person and because of him will be dragged into a dangerous enterprise.
dream book behind the wheel of a car

Why does it dream that the car was hit

This situation has different interpretations in different dream books.

  • The car was shot down in the "Dream of the XXI century" - at work because of someone's negligence there will be malfunctions in the debugged mechanism, which may entail a decrease in the amount of profit.
  • The esoteric dream book explains this visionpossible love relations between the dreamer and the man who knocked him down, if, of course, they are of the opposite sex. And if it is you who brought down a beautiful woman (or woman a man), you will soon get acquainted with the person whom you will love.
  • A universal dream book explains this situationpossible imminent danger. A dreamer can get into an unpleasant alteration that could harm his business. Therefore, you must be extremely cautious and attentive. If the victim was your friend or relative - perhaps they need your help, do not leave them alone with the piled up problems.
  • Psychological dream book suggests recalling,what emotions and sensations did you experience in a dream. Perhaps your subconscious will tell you exactly what you need to be wary of. Usually such a dream portends troubles that you may encounter at work. Maximize your concentration and try to understand from whom the threat can come.

Interpretation of a dream depending on the type of car

When you ask a questioner about a dream book: "Going by car, what does it mean?", Also keep in mind that for a more detailed interpretation, the car of which brand you saw in your nocturnal dreams is of great importance.

  • We saw a sports car in a dream - it is a symbol that your actions are dynamic, impetuous. It's like a hint that sometimes you need to stop and think: are you doing everything right.
  • Dreamed of heavy "KamAz" - you are firm in their intentions and will stand on their own, even if someone can do harm.
  • We saw a police car in a dream - you will meet an influential person, and this can change the course of your life.
  • Dream jeep says that in real life you are not only rich, but you also show it with pride.
  • A cabriolet in a dream means that in life you are arrogant and narcissistic and, if necessary, show your ambitions.
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