Compatibility Pisces and Sagittarius are a war and a long life.

Spiritual development

Sagittarius is straightforward and sharp, his sayingsthey do not aim at the eyebrow, but in the eye. Fish are touchy, tender and vulnerable. Is there a future for such a union or a stormy clarification of relations that will shake the family boat and it will go to the bottom? Fish tend to dramatize the situation, Sagittarians like to exaggerate the scale of any event. Therefore, their relations will never be gray and monotonous. At first, serious battles unfold, serious, because the fish will require attention and understanding, and Sagittarius with foam at the mouth - to defend their independence. Is it really possible in such a complex case compatibility? Pisces and Sagittarius are quite capable of refuting gloomy predictions if they behave like intelligent people.

A pair of Sagittarius woman and a male Fish have a goodchance to create a harmonious duo. These guys are attracted to each other at the stage of acquaintance. Cheerful, spontaneous, coquettish lady Sagittarius will easily take the initiative in her hands, which is very like the timid Pisces.

Sagittarius is an ineradicable romance, and Pisces is quite capable of satisfying their need for beautiful courtship and gentle confessions.

Often the compatibility of "Fish and Sagittarius" is based onsexual component of the relationship. This is just the case when lovers are closely together, but bored apart. The couple often quarrel on domestic soil, but can not break off the relationship, because in sexual life there is complete harmony.

Straightness and commander's habits of Sagittariusoften offend a man Fish. But the mutable cross in the horoscope of both signs contributes to the search for compromise solutions. In addition, the stormy optimism and sense of humor Sagittarius do not give Pisces obsess over past grievances. The Sagittarius woman is always ready to listen and cheer, but will not bother asking. Male Fish is quite satisfied with this approach, because he is not too talkative, and prefers to keep problems with him.

Fish do not like noisy companies, by nature theybig homebodies. Sagittarians, on the contrary, can not live without travel, impressions and new acquaintances. It is vitally important for them to be constantly in the center of events, without it they wither and wither away on the vine. If the pair finds a compromise, at least in the form of separate pastime, compatibility will be achieved. Fish and Sagittarius will live a soul in the soul for many years.

If a man belongs to the Fire sign,the compatibility horoscope of Pisces and Sagittarius reads a lot of difficulties. At the initial stage of the relationship of passionate Sagittarius attracts mysterious Fish. As a true hunter, a man Sagittarius rushes to storm an impregnable fortress. Tender and tremulous fish is captivated by Sagittarius's insistence, mistaking her for reliability. Having communicated a little longer, both understand that the first impression was deceptive. The Sagittarius man does not reveal a special sexuality in the partner, besides the tearfully-changeable mood of Pisces quickly bothers him. For his part, Fish understands that he is dealing with an infantile man who is unlikely to become a support in life. In essence, this is a pair of grown up, but not wizened children. In this case, the compatibility of "Fish and Sagittarius" will be achieved if they learn to behave like adults.

The Sagittarius man must understand that in the relationship it is necessary to partially sacrifice freedom. A woman must learn to rely on her own strength.
Otherwise, this union will not even save the mutual attraction, and the relationship will turn into disappointment and bitterness.

Strangely enough, the horoscope of Pisces and Sagittarius promisesa very fruitful union, if it is a relationship of friends or workers. Water skillfully levels disagreements, smoothes conflicts, acts as a peacemaker. The creative tandem of impulsive Sagittarius and the gushing ideas of Pisces can create even a perpetual motion machine, not to mention the usual project.

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