Amulets and talismans, charms and their meaning. What do symbols on amulets and talismans mean?

Spiritual development

Amulets, charms, talismans ... Their magic was undeniable in antiquity, it is not diminished in our days. These items combine their primary purpose - protecting the owner from disasters. But amulets, charms, talismans are able to perform other functions. The magical effect of these objects is different, as are their manufacture. Only a dedicated magician, observing ritualistic rituals, makes powerful amulets for a specific person for specific purposes. And talismans with their own hands can not always be done - they are best received as a gift or bought in ready-made form, in accordance with the advice of astrology. The most effective amulets are those made for you by hands of loving blood relatives.

Amulets and Talismans

Etymology of words

Obereg - Slavonic word, the root of which -"Coast". This is the boundary between the dangerous unpredictable element of Water (the sea) and the relatively safe element of the Earth. Bound to the shore, shipwrecked people saved their lives. The practical purpose of this object is heard in the very word - to protect.

Amulet is the Latin word. Perhaps it is a derivative of the phrase moli letum, which translates as "turn death away". One can not ignore another hypothesis of the origin of the word - from the Arabic hamalet, which means "to wear": amulets are often worn with them.

The origin of the word "talisman" usually comes down to two variants: from the Arabic talisam, whose translation is "to create a magic sign", or from the Greek τέλεσμα (effect, charms).

Amulets, charms, talismans

Obereg - what's in that word?

Let's start with amulets. And immediately we will make a reservation that amulets and talismans are embodied in the objects of the material world. But amulets are not just things made by man or created by nature. A lot of them are verbal: prayers, conspiracies, spells, whispers. There are charms-gestures, for example, the sign of the cross. Nests of stork or swallows have long been considered symbols of family happiness and well-being. Three-wool cat in the house will "insure" against the fire. The cloves of garlic and even their smell, a pinch of salt thrown over the left shoulder will protect against evil spirits. The guard protects not only the body of its owner, but also the world around it. This object is most often located in a conspicuous place, unlike an amulet, which is preferable to hide from prying eyes. It is not a charm for a spell read with the intent of "harming" anyone, even a villain.

the meaning of amulets and talismans

Briefly about amulets

Ancient Roman scientist Pliny (Elder) in hisThe book "Natural History" gave this definition to the amulet: "An object that repels misfortune from man." Many people consider this interpretation to be the most correct one. The amulet protects against negative influences, which can adversely affect luck, health.

For an amulet they select a material, a form forthe expression of his physical body, the magic symbols for imparting an energetic force. The final stage is a ritual ritual, aimed at reviving the amulet.

Amulet is an individual thing, it must beis made by a master of magic and charged with a certain energy specially for a particular owner. You can do it yourself, but you will have to share your energy. Or pay something expensive for you in exchange for the magical powers of the Subtle World, concentrating in an amulet. On the subject, which is prepared for such a role, ritual actions are carried out according to all the rules. The spells, place and time of the ritual are important here, the sequence of actions. After that, the amulet is charged with the magical power connecting the person with the higher essence, comes to life and begins to act.

The amulet is active in the direction thatit is embedded in it with a specific thought form, in other words, what it is charged to. The amulet is able to perform (apart from protection from visible and invisible enemies) additionally only one specific function - to attract love or luck, to preserve vitality. Therefore, the assertion that a magical object is charged for all occasions is false. The most effective is the one that performs only one role - a defender or assistant. For protection, he absorbs the negative energy that comes to man from outside as well as inside him. Amulet-helper accumulates strength. And, if necessary, it feeds on its master. This is an intimate thing, it is hidden from someone else's view, and you can not touch strangers to it. Know: the malicious intentions accumulated in the amulet can be addressed to others, which is practiced by unkind people.

Talismans and amulets. A photo

Talisman is a magnet of well-being

This item becomes magical after the expirationsome time of communication with the owner. The talisman has a character, so it is extremely important that it matches the astrological data of the possessor of this thing. The talisman has no logic, sympathy or love for the owner. It has certain properties and specific tasks. He works for the attraction of luck, financial well-being, strengthening of vitality and sexual attractiveness, attracting successes to the person to whom he belongs. The talisman works inside the person, directing his thoughts and actions in the right direction, strengthening the positive in character and weakening the negative features. But it can not develop new qualities that were not inherently inherent in nature. Most often talismans are gems. Therefore, it is extremely important to approach the choice of a stone with knowledge of the astrological data of the person to whom it belongs. The mascot can be not only a thing made of some material, but also an image of an object (a book, a mask, a horseshoe), an animal (a lion, a black cat), a bird (eagle), an insect (grasshopper, ladybug), plants (clover , narcissus). They can become everything with which happy memories are connected (a toy, a tea cup and even a shard from it). Talisman can not be gestures or verbal amulets - prayers, conspiracies, spells. It is not necessary to perform ritual actions above it. It can be both individual and common (four leaf - unofficial symbols of Ireland, Olympic symbols).

The meaning of amulets and talismans. A photo

The Meaning of Amulets and Talismans

Some, most often pessimists and atheists, resolutelyDo not believe in the power of magic items, calling amulets and talismans trinkets. Others doubt, not daring to make a final choice: to believe - not to believe. Third, superstitious optimists, believe without hesitation.

Let us assume that the theory of energy possibilitiesthese items work. It is wonderful! Otherwise, amulets and talismans give self-confidence, and self-hypnosis is a powerful tool. It remains to make our own efforts in the right direction to achieve the set life goals. And there, you see, and will be rewarded - by faith. Hence the conclusion: amulets and talismans help only those who believe in their magical power.

Simple Wardship Items

In each house there are objects, the defensive force of which was believed by the ancestors-Slavs, being pagans. These beliefs have reached even to this day.

Ordinary pin made of steel, plugged andcorrectly pinned (better - 2, fastened crosswise from the underside of clothing against the solar plexus or heart), becomes a guard against the evil eye and envy.

Needle can save the house from an evil person. It is necessary to thread a white thread in the eye of a needle 22 cm long, fold it in half, tie 3 knots at the end. With the tip of the needle, circle around the doorway and stick it in the jamb at the top, hiding it from your eyes, saying three times: "You, needle, stand guard, do not let enemies enter the house." Needles in the house must be strictly registered. And not because the lost can stick in the arm-leg, but because the house does not appear superfluous, which the evil envious person began to argue about quarrels and strife in your family.

Symbols are amulets, talismans

Red wool thread, tied on the wrist of the left hand, becomes an obstacle in the path of spoilage.

A broom is a symbol of cleanliness in the house. If you put it with a panicle down, it will be an amulet of quarrels in the family. If the panicle is up, then he will scare off the ill-wishers, who entered the house, or attract money. To give a broom to someone it is impossible.

Bells - his screams are afraid of evil spirits. It is a necessary voiceless and cheerful protector of the house.

Ring - the oldest guardian of eternal love, matrimonial fidelity.

Characters of Characters

The Slavs have a great many protectivepatterns, wards, with which embroidered towels, knots knit, rings, pendants, key chains are sculpted. They are carved in wood on kitchen utensils and other household items. Here are some examples of amulet symbols. In love, such patterns as heart knots, a wedding dress, the moon of Makoshi, a carol, will help. The symbol "burdock" is meant for luck and happiness. In the battle with death, the amulet will be "Kolovrat". The "ratiborets" is able to nourish with courage and courage. Will remove any disease from the body and soul "odoleten-grass."

Oberigs, made by own hands

Magic Talismans and Symbols

Embroidered towel is a family charm. Previously, such a towel, embroidered Slavic symbols, decorated the red corner of the house - where the shelf under the icon was fastened. The family, sitting down for a festive meal, laid out on their knees a long embroidered towel that united the relatives.

On the far side, he will save his beloved from the vicissitudes of fate, a shirt and a girdle, in which in each stitch of symbolic patterns are interwoven feelings of true love and hope for the welfare of the only.


Feng Shui. Amulets and Talismans
A person who firmly stands on the positions of materialism,considers runes ancient cuneiform. However, runes are not an easy thing, if you take them in a fundamentally different way. This is a set of symbols that make up the most magical system of the ancient world. These are magical talismans and amulets. With these attributes of a pagan cult mercilessly fought the Inquisition - right up to the burning at the stake of a runic amulet convicted of wearing. But the runes were not destroyed. They are revered to this day as magic symbols. Amulets, talismans made of stone or wood with runic symbols on them are the strongest capacitors of spiritual energy, capable of affecting the person and the world surrounding him. This influence can be both positive (protecting and helping), and negative. Therefore, it is better to order from the master runic amulets and talismans. With their own hands, such items can be made only in the case of full understanding of the meaning of symbols, techniques of production, ritualistic rites (for amulets), which requires special knowledge in sufficient volume.

What do the symbols mean?

Lunnica Makoshi - Slavic amulet
Talismans and amulets, whose photos are given here, have magical power thanks to the symbols. What do they mean?

Let's continue the conversation about the runes: each has its own wisdom and energy, aimed at achieving a specific goal.

Runa ALGIZ (ALGIZ) "Instinctive defense." It will help to overcome negative influences, using the potential of hidden forces in a crisis situation, to develop new ideas of creation and to embody them physically, to overcome illusions, having found a "foundation underfoot."

RIFA GIFU (GIFU) symbolizes the "gift of time". She will help in the reasonable disposal of her time, contribute to give without regret, but not sacrifice immensely, strengthen relationships with loved ones, help in dialogue with her higher "I".

Rune ODAL (ODAL) - "Accomplishment", it helps:

  • develop abilities and choose the field of their application;
  • to maintain order in thoughts and deeds, to find a reliable family;
  • to esteem kinship;
  • find a house and property, create a family cosiness.

But, by and large, only those who know can interpret correctly the meaning of amulets and talismans.

Amulets and talismans with their own hands

Photo of a complex talisman created by nature -scorpion, petrified in a piece of amber - you can see above. Let's try to decipher its meaning, taking as a basis astrological teaching. The image of the scorpion is a talisman of people born from October 24 to November 22. Scorpio is a dangerous creature, people around it are afraid. He is always at the defense of his "I". Amber is the stone-talisman of the Lion (birthdays - from July 23 to August 23). But this solar natural gem is favorable to all the signs of the Zodiac without exception - it will charge everyone with its positive. This talisman will give energy, patching energy holes in the aura of the owner, while repelling the negative from the outside.

Feng Shui Interior

Goldfish - a talisman of luck and prosperity
Amulets and talismans are appropriate in all roomsat home. Good luck in a career and financial well-being is easier to obtain, having in the northern corner of the housing aquarium with goldfish. In the southern zone, place a talisman picture with the sunrise and a plant with sharp leaves - they will be the guardians of the reputation of the family. The East is responsible for the happiness of family life, mutual understanding between children and parents. Here, an amulet with a dragon figure, hidden in a green plant on a stand, is useful. The West is a zone of luck and prosperity of the offspring. Portraits of your children are appropriate here, and if you are childless, this is the place to place the objects of creation of your hands. The talisman in the western corner can be a large magnet, tied with a red tape. Wake up the energy of the west with bells, hours of fighting - they will help in acquiring a high post, powerful influence and prosperity.

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