What is circumcision used for foreskin?

Spiritual development

Why do circumcision for men? What kind of ritual is this? It turns out the ritual removal of the foreskin of the male penis has deep roots. Long before the beginning of our era, before the birth of Christ, such a tradition took place among different peoples of the Ancient World. In particular, we are talking about Egypt, the Middle East.

Circumcision, for example, indicated thatthe boy becomes an adult and can marry, acquire his family. In ancient Egypt, circumcision was performed on boys who reached the age of fourteen. The same rite in ancient Israel believed the difference between believers in Jehovah Jews and Philistines pagans. The Philistines themselves did not understand what the Jews were circumcising for and categorically rejected this ritual.

It is characteristic that the Hebrew word, translated asgroom, has one root with an Arabic word for circumcision. In the biblical book Exodus, the wife of Moses circumcised the foreskin to her son and throws it at the feet of the Lord, calling Him the Blood-groom by circumcision.

For what circumcision of the foreskin is done, according toThe Bible? Exclusively pursuing religious goals. It is noteworthy that not all researchers understand this. Allegedly even in this way, believers propitiated some evil deity and replaced this ritual with human sacrifices.

But why wonder if the Bible itself isa popular book in the world? You can simply open this book and see what the circumcision of the foreskin is doing. Already in the first book, Genesis can be read about this rite, and for what it is intended. In chapter 17 it is said that in this way God made a covenant with the people who believe in Him, promising certain blessings.

Here it is said that every baby is malethe sex of this people must be circumcised on the eighth day from birth. On the eighth day, Christ himself was circumcised afterwards. That is, thus, Jews enter into the Blood Covenant with God. As for the New Testament of Jesus Christ, Christians do not need circumcision, for they enter into the Covenant with the Lord by faith in the Blood of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross.

This is what concerns believers in God Jehovah, and whydo Muslims circumcise? Some Islamic theologians believe that this ritual is mandatory, others call it desirable. But it's no secret that Muslims recognize the biblical patriarch Abraham as a prophet. Ibrahim (Abraham) in fact, is the progenitor of these peoples, being the father of Ishmael. The patriarch himself was circumcised at the age of 99, while Ismail was 13 years old.

Prophet Muhammad, according to legends also bequeathedthe fulfillment of this ritual to the faithful Muslims. This is said in the collections of the hadiths (legends) of Ahmad and Abu Dawud. According to some theologians of Islam, circumcision is a desirable, but not an obligatory ritual.

What is circumcision done withmedical point of view these days? The fact is that almost half of the newborns have an extreme flesh, fused with the head of their penis. It separates from the head approximately for the fourth year of the child's life, while easily pulling back. This happens normally and in the overwhelming majority of cases. In other cases, the boys are circumcised.

As far as it is good, there is no consensusexist. Nevertheless, it is from the point of view of medicine that such an operation protects men from the appearance of pathologies peculiar to uncircumcised men. For example, circumcision is an obstacle to the inflammatory processes of the urinary tract. In any case, this issue is purely individual and there are arguments that testify against this act. The circumcised flesh sometimes leads to a complete loss of sensation of the penis head, and also provokes the appearance in the folds of the skin of the organ in the area of ​​the bridle of pathogenic bacteria.

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