The name of Mirabella: meaning, character, destiny

Spiritual development

The name for man has long been considered a factor,which strongly influences his fate, and sometimes determines it. That's why he was carefully chosen at the birth of the baby, consulted with shamans and priests, sometimes even concealed it from strangers. Today we will study the rare name of Mirabella (meaning and secret meaning).

the name of the mirabella meaning

Character of the girl

If a girl is given the name of Mirabella,determine its predisposition to active social life and self-sacrifice. It is interesting that a person can make a sacrifice not only for the sake of a noble goal, but simply because he can do it. As a child, Mirabella gives her toy, and after growing up, she refuses her own happiness to make others happy. Therefore, in its destiny, there simply must be some sense: a high goal or a person for whose sake it is worth giving up your interests.

As a rule, Mirabella is called the girls whodo not really worry about their appearance. In clothes, they value comfort more than fashion trends, so they should be monitored more carefully for the image.

Relations with the opposite sex

The name of Mirabella, the meaning of which we considerin this article, makes its owner a very sociable person. However, she should remember that if it's a friend for everyone, it will cause problems in family life. Even strong feelings for your partner will not make a girl give up on social relationships. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between friendship and cordial feelings, establish priorities. In the opposite case, you can lose both.

For the marriage of Mirabelle, men with names like Mark, Alexander, Timothy, Peter, Gleb, Daniel, Yuri, Lev are the best suited.

which means the name mirabella

What is the name of Mirabella

The name it has is Italian (Latin) roots. It is melodic and euphonious. And in translation means "wonderful", "magical", "delightful". No wonder its owners are so attracted to people! Its reduced forms are Mira, Bella.

A few more interesting facts

The name of Mirabella, whose meaning is so beautiful,gives his owner success in all endeavors. Happy numbers for her are: 6, 9, 24 and 33, and minerals - carnelian, onyx, jasper, marble, sapphire, cat's eye. Suitable colors are white and blue.

By nature, Mirabella idealists, enjoythe slightest opportunity to improve the world. Waving to the big, they are not ready for disappointments and falls. Often lonely, as they place too high demands on their lover. Girls with this name are slow, but often too cared for dear people.

the name of mirabella

Instead of an afterword

Unfortunately, you do not often see girls on the street,bearing such a beautiful name - Mirabella. Its value will appeal to every fair sex, because it allows you to feel like a beautiful princess from a fairy tale. It is remarkable that in the everyday life of our compatriots, rare and ancient names, including Slavic ones, are increasingly included. Therefore, we can hope that soon the fashion will come not only to Varvara, Anastasia, Zlat and their similar names, but also to Mirabella.

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