How to arrange icons in the house

Spiritual development

Icons in the house talk about the host's religiosity. Since ancient times it has been customary to put images of saints in the hut. They can help in difficult cases, and also protect the house and live in it from various misfortunes. It is believed that the apartment should not have more icons than the church altar. Icons for the house do not differ from those that are located in the church. True, many people prefer to take miniature versions. They are convenient and do not take up much space. Images can be placed in the bedroom to read the prayer for the night, and also to place it in the corners of the house. Interesting are also various stickers, which, as a rule, contain prayers.

When asked what icons should be in the house, there are nounambiguous answer. First of all, these are the nominal icons on which the patron of the person is depicted. Also in the apartment must be present images of the Virgin, Jesus Christ and the Trinity. Icons in the house should not be left without attention. We need to monitor their cleanliness. Particularly believing people even build an altar in the house, on which live fire is present. If there is an icon, inherited, then it's just great. Such an image will protect the whole family and become a real keeper of the house. Wedding icons are also a good choice for accommodation in an apartment. Sometimes old icons are trying to hide, because they often do not fit into the overall interior design. It's pretty stupid. A believer should not put the mundane above the spiritual.

Icons in the house serve as windows to the saints - they think sovery many old people. And they are absolutely right. Foul language with images of saints and behave indecently - a big sin, although many people do not realize this, even being believers. In no case should I throw the icons and all the more so as to break them. This is often done by servants of dark forces, for example, spindles. This is done in order to receive the grace of demons. A fallen icon in the house can be a harbinger of trouble. More often images are selected as standard. From the images of Christ, people put the image of the Lord Almighty. It is an icon on which Christ is depicted to the waist with a book and blessing the open palm.

Icons of the Virgin, which are popular with believers,This is the image of the Three Hands, the Inexhaustible Chalice, the Guide and the Tenderness. A non-drinking Chalice should be kept in a house where there is a person who is sick with alcoholism. It is believed that this image will help to defeat the disease. Another common icon in the houses is the image of Panteleimon the healer. He also meets in hospitals. This image helps to cure diseases. Panteleimon pray for the sick and suffering. The choice of icons can be intuitive. It is best to focus on the images to which the soul lies.

When choosing, it is not necessary to stop atthe most luxurious icons. It can be and modest images. However, today there are a lot of workshops where icons can be ordered. Place icons in the house right. In the old days, the place where the altar was located was called the red corner. Also it bore the name of the goddess. To the prayer, the believer always rose to the east, and on this side there is not only the church altar, but also the red corner in the house. For believers, the eastern wall in the apartment can be the best option for placing icons.

The day of each believer begins and endsprayer. Therefore, we must very carefully approach the location of the images. Well, if they are put where no one will interfere. The red corner can become a place not only for prayer, but for thought. If the house has a small extra room, then there you can make a good home altar and a place for prayers. If there is no excess space in the room, it will be enough to have a bedside icon to pray on waking and during a retirement.

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