How to cook spaghetti with seafood?

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For all connoisseurs of pastais a completely simple and healthy recipe, thanks to which you can not only surprise all members of your family, but also prove yourself as an exquisite cook. But this requires patience and an irresistible desire to create a real culinary masterpiece. Spaghetti with seafood is quite a new dish in our kitchen, although many of us, traveling to European countries, often tried it. In addition, spaghetti with marine organisms are prepared quite quickly, that is, if necessary, they can be served to the table in just half an hour. And by the satiety of this dish is not inferior to even the most calorie dishes, to which we are so well accustomed.

So, first we need a cocktail ofvarious seafood, which you need to pre-stock in the grocery supermarket. Of course, before cooking seafood is preferably defrosted, although when frying they will reach the desired condition within a few minutes. Especially delicious is a dish with various additions, for example, spaghetti with seafood and tomato sauce. To make tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes will be needed, but if you do not have enough time, it's better to use the already prepared tomato paste purchased in the store. Also, olive oil, pepper, garlic, salt, cheese and a little mayonnaise will be needed for cooking seafood spaghetti.

When all the ingredients are ready to be createdculinary masterpiece, you can proceed directly to cooking. To do this, put a large pot of water on the big fire (the water should be slightly more than half), bring the water to a boil, reduce the heat slightly and put spaghetti into the boiling water. Considering the fact that, as a rule, long spaghetti is available on sale, they can be broken beforehand in half. At this time on the next ring you need to cook seafood on the same principle as spaghetti. When the spaghetti is completely ready, it will be necessary not to miss the moment, remove it from the fire in time, drain the water and let it through the colander.

Next spaghetti laid out on a dish andcover with a lid, so as not to cool. But before covering them with a lid, it is necessary to add either creamy or olive oil in spaghetti (of course, it is better to use olive oil with seafood). Recall that spaghetti with seafood are prepared quickly enough, so the whole process of cooking should be under constant control and without embarrassment. Boiled seafood can also be fried in a pan, this will give them a slightly crispy taste (this process is designed for an amateur, so it is not mandatory). Then the seafood is mixed with spaghetti and tomato paste, pepper, greens and other additives are added.

It can be safely stated that spaghetti withseafood are ready for use. As you can see, the entire culinary process does not really take much time, but the taste of this dish is not inferior to the most exquisite restaurant masterpieces. Believe me, guests will admire the originality, taste and satiety of this dish.

Your attention is presented only onea recipe for spaghetti with seafood, although in fact there are a lot more. As a sauce, you can add anything, depending on the availability of specific ingredients. Spaghetti is completely replaceable with pasta and other pasta, but it is with spaghetti that this dish will be the most vivid.

In the end, it should be added that seafood is not only delicious, but also useful food. After all, they contain a lot of useful substances that are difficult to find in our daily food! The

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