Interesting facts about food: borsch, sushi, ice cream

Food and drink

The daily life of each person is impossibleimagine without eating. That is why, on the consumers' side, there is often a curiosity to find out if there are interesting facts about food and drinks that change the perception of products. Of course, there are. About them and will be discussed in this article.

Interesting facts about ice cream

Probably, there are few people on Earth whodo not like ice cream. This delicacy is not only a delicious product, but also very valuable, as it helps to cool in the summer heat. According to statistics, every second the world consumes about 100 kilograms of ice cream of various varieties and species every second.

interesting facts about food

Interesting facts about food, in particular about ice cream,should be told from the point of view of the Guinness Book of Records. So, Mirko Della Vecchia became famous for the whole world by making the highest horn. The height of the waffle cup was 3 meters. The weight of ready delicacy reached 70 kg.

Other interesting facts about food, including aboutice cream, you can tell in terms of cost per serving. To date, the maximum price for ice cream is fixed at $ 1,000. It is possible to find out such an expensive portion only in a single restaurant in New York, called Serendipity. To eat ice cream, customers are presented with a golden spoon decorated with diamonds, which everyone can take away as a gift from the institution.

Interesting about borsch

This hot dish is loved in many countriespeace: in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Romania. Interesting facts about food and borscht cause genuine curiosity on the part of Internet users. This is due to the fact that it is still unknown whose origin has such a favorite dish. In Ukraine borscht came only in the XIV-XV centuries, after which it entered the daily diet of the population.

interesting facts about food

It is believed that in 2005 it was 300 years sincethe moment when borsch appeared. It began to cook according to various recipes even before the information appeared about potatoes and tomatoes - the necessary ingredients for this first dish.

Interesting facts about sushi

It is impossible to imagine interesting facts about food withoutmention of a Japanese dish - sushi. The first interesting fact is due to the fact that in Japan only men participate in sushi preparation. What is the reason? And the fact that representatives of the strong half of humanity have a lower body temperature than women. As you know, the taste of sushi can change if production technology is disrupted, including increased temperature.

interesting facts about food and drinks

In 1993, in Japan, a new record was set for the preparation of the longest roll. The length was more than 1 km. Over 600 people worked on its preparation.

Interesting facts about food help to dispel myths aboutcooking sushi. In particular, it should be noted that wasabi, which is served in restaurants, is nothing more than a usual horseradish stained with a dye and with the addition of spices.

Few facts about Coca-Cola

Covering interesting facts about food in McDonald's,It is worth paying special attention to the favorite drink of many visitors to the establishment - Coca-Cola. Initially, this drink was not carbonated, but became so because of the laziness of the creator - Willie Venailba.

interesting facts about eating in McDonald's

One morning a man came to Will, whosuffered from a hangover, with a request to provide him with a medicine. The pharmacist was too lazy to go to the tap to dilute the syrup, and he decided to mix Coca-Cola with the soda that was in its immediate vicinity. The results of the cocktail surpassed all expectations. After a while, wherever a drink was sold, the Coca-Cola began to interfere only with soda.

Interestingly about the salt

In interesting facts about food for children you can includecurious information about salt, because every child knows it. Salt is not only a seasoning used for cooking, but also an indispensable product in everyday life. As the legends say, tribes and peoples, when there were no blessings of civilization, used salt during the purification of newborns. This process was called "salting". Infanting the baby with this product, they tried to reduce the risk of diseases, reduce the influence of evil spirits and demons.

interesting facts about food for children

Salt is appreciated in our time and revered in the past. So, in ancient Rome, every guest who stepped outside the threshold of the house was given a handful of this seasoning. This fact was considered a symbol of recognition, friendship and respect. In the medieval period of history, this product was the most expensive, so many changed to it valuable things.

Interesting about sugar

According to historical information, sugarcanewas discovered by Alexander the Great in 323 BC. However, its use in the New World began only in the XV century, after the famous discoveries of Columbus. In 1747, a new, richer source of sugar, beetroot, was studied. This caused a geographical spread of delicacies to the northern regions, as well as an increase in the areas of its production.

interesting facts about food

A curious fact about sugar is thatAfricans to this day use it as a means to heal wounds. To do this, apply sugar bandages, which should promote disinfection and tightening of scratches and cuts.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the quantityThe sugar in the lemon is several times higher than the content of the substance in the strawberry. In 2001, during the study, particles of delicacy in outer space were discovered. This is one of the strangest scientific discoveries of the first decade of the 21st century. About how the substance got to the outside of the Earth, can only guess, because there is still no scientific answer.

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