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To date, many prefer the Japanesekitchen, the secret is hidden in properly selected products. The most popular and popular dish is sushi, it is ordered very often. Mostly all Japanese dishes use rice, which is prepared according to a special recipe. To it, add various ingredients from seafood, vegetables, lettuce, soy sauces and many others. Sushi is prepared exclusively from the freshest products, since many species include raw seafood. They also have a very beautiful appearance, stunning taste and nutritional value. Therefore, they can be an ornament of any table and serve as an excellent treat at various events, be it a wedding, a birthday or any other celebration.

In modern times, in order to eat sushiDo not go to a Japanese restaurant or try to cook on your own. Now in every city there is a service for the delivery of any Japanese cuisine. Sushi delivery is carried out on your call or on request inInternet, the advantage of ordering on the Internet is that you can choose the dish you need by viewing the pictures. Well, if you are an expert on Japanese cuisine and are assured of an assortment of choices, use one phone call.

There is a very great variety ofspecies of land and sometimes it is not easy to determine its choice. As mentioned above, in all types, there is rice, it can be either Japanese, or wild or brown cereal, it is supplemented with a variety of sauces and ingredients - these they are different from each other. The most common ingredients in the land are ingredients such as: tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp, sea urchin caviar, red caviar, black caviar, scallop and many others. When cooking also use a variety of sauces and seasonings. Therefore, when choosing to follow the composition and choose such sushi, which includes ingredients that you like and individually.

The most favorite sushi for Russians are, for example:

Sushi nigiri, consists of rice, the shape of which, the cook attaches by hand, Japanese horseradish and wasabi. All this is connected by a strip of nori;

Sushi axis, in these sushi form of rice form in wooden boxes, the ingredients here are at the customer's choice;

Sushi tiraci, rice mixed with salad;

Sushi futo, the size is three centimeters, the ingredients are different, but the shell is just the nori;

Sushi teemaki, such sushi have a large size of up to twelve centimeters, are eaten by hands;

Sushi inari, besides rice there is also fish, such stuffing is wrapped in fried tofu.

The taste is very dependent on the sauce with which they are used, the most delicious and common sauce:

Soy sauce;

Wasabi sauce;

Burnt sauce.

Whatever kind of sushi you choose, the main thing is thatthey were fresh and they should be consumed within an hour after delivery. Japanese cuisine is very useful for the body, after taking you immediately feel a huge surge of energy.

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