How to Cook Rice For Sushi

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How to cook rice porridge or rice for garnishknow many, but how to cook rice for sushi, know not all. Sushi does not suit any rice, for example, European varieties are unsuitable for this. For the preparation of sushi, rice varieties are used that can form a homogeneous mass, which allows you to make this dish.

Japanese rice can not always be bought, as itIt is sold only in special shops or Japanese departments. Therefore, buy rice for sushi, grown in America or China. And yet, how to cook rice for sushi? This dish of Japanese sushi dish consists of fish fillets, seafood, vegetables and a certain way of cooked rice.

The recipe for food was created and improvedlong centuries, so this wonderful dish was sold out victoriously across the world. The main secret of Japanese cuisine, including the recipe of sushi - the use of very high-quality and fresh products and the observance of proportions in accuracy.

Cooking properly rice for sushi canin several ways - dozens of them. It is best to boil it in the rice cooker, since it has special labels for water. When preparing rice in a double boiler, the amount of water should be greater and exceed the amount of rice 1.2 times. How much to cook rice for sushi in a double boiler? In the steamer, the cooking time of rice takes forty minutes.

You can properly cook rice for sushi and in a saucepanon the plate - you get an excellent classic rice. Since rice during cooking increases in volume three times, it is necessary to choose a pan of the appropriate size. Before boiling rice for sushi, it should be washed and dried, throwing for an hour on a sieve. Rinse rice until the water is clear, but at least three times. They say that the Japanese themselves wash rice seven times. It is believed that the more washed rice, the more delicious it will be.

Fill one part of rice with one and a half pieces of waterand put on the stove, and when the rice boils, cook for twelve minutes on low heat until the water is completely absorbed, after which the pan is removed from the plate and let stand for twelve to fifteen minutes without removing the lid. A piece of dried seaweed kombu, which needs to be removed after boiling, will give the rice a peculiar aroma. How much to cook rice for sushi on the stove? It turns out - 25-27 minutes.

While the rice is preparing, you need to prepare the vinegarseasoning, dissolving sugar and salt in vinegar. One teaspoon of vinegar for sushi or white wine vinegar is enough two teaspoons of sea salt and seven and a half spoonfuls of sugar. Stir - until completely dissolved.

This mixture is sprayed with rice,A large bowl, and gently stirred, continuously fanning the rice fan. A bowl is better to take a wooden one, and moisten the walls with acidified water and wipe it dry. For mixing rice use a special bamboo spatula, but you can use a regular wooden spoon. Spoon the rice or the spatula until the seasoning is evenly distributed.

Risinki, which stick to the sides of the bowl,smeared with a tissue moistened in acidified water. You can perform this operation together: one mixes, the other fan-blows. When the rice has cooled, proceed to prepare the dish. How to cook rice for sushi? It's not easy, but interesting.

Sushi can be of different colors. Grinded white rice is easily colored in a variety of colors - so the dish is contrasted and given a festive look. Pink color of rice gives plum red vinegar, used for the vinegar mixture. A bright yellow color of rice can give a teaspoon of turmeric, which is added to the water before cooking rice. And if in ready-made rice add two tablespoons of ground algae, then the rice will turn green.

If from the first time rice for sushi did not turn out,then you do not need to be upset. It will be in the next races. But in fact, real masters achieve perfection for years, until they learn to get the perfect rasinki.

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