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Easy to prepare, cool and invigoratingMojito cocktail is something that you need in the hot summer. But few people are interested in the recipe for this drink, although it is quite simple. For the first time this simple recipe appeared in sunny Havana in Cuba, it is believed that the Spanish name mohadito, which translates as slightly wet, has changed subsequently to mojito. How to make mojitos at home and what you need for this, you need to know everyone.

Because the Mojito recipe is simple enough, andingredients are uncomplicated, then how to do mojito should be remembered. For the classic version of the cocktail you will need white rum (about 100 ml), one lime, one and a half teaspoons of sugar, several branches of fresh mint and carbonated water.

The main nuance in preparing mojito isuse of small ice. In order to get it at home, you can either use a special mill, or wrap the ice in a cloth and break it with a heavy object. If bartenders used large pieces of ice, then they do not know how to do mojito.

The bottom of the glass is laid with mint leaves andtriturated until the formation of juice. Then cut into small pieces of lime and also rub with sugar. 2/3 of the camp pour ice, then pour rum. To fill the glass - top up the soda water. Ready beverage before serving decorate with a sprig of mint and lime slice.

Another option is how to make mojito, viz.option with a grenade. The recipe and method of preparation is the same as in the previous method. But when you rub the mint, sugar and lime, you should add a few pomegranate seeds. Grind the mixture until the pomegranate gives off the juice. Then add ice, rum and water, mix well and decorate.

For tasty and correct mojitouse brown sugar or sugar syrup. In no case should not replace lime with lemon, as this can spoil the taste. And rum is better to choose the easiest, as it is an excellent option for cocktails. The expensive rum has a specific taste and will not allow the rest of the ingredients to fully unfold.

How to make a Mojito cocktail without alcohol tooworth knowing. The recipe for cooking exactly the same as the alcoholic version, except for the addition of rum. You can also increase the amount of mint, and replace mineral water with a sprite. Everything depends on taste preferences. Non-alcoholic mojito is a delicious and healthy cocktail that perfectly quenches thirst.

Also, to quench your thirst, you can prepare many other cocktails. How to make cocktails in a blender for quenching thirst there are dozens of recipes.

Orange cocktail is simple and available forcooking. It is necessary to take an equal amount of vodka and frozen orange juice. Ingredients mixed in a blender and poured into glasses, serve until the ice melted.

Delicious vanilla cocktail, for cookingwhich will need vanilla liqueur, cognac, cream and ice - will certainly appeal to the girls. All the ingredients of this cocktail are also mixed in a blender. Spilling the cocktail over the glasses, decorate it with whipped cream.

Speaking of cocktails cooked in a blender,be sure to remember the favorite since childhood milkshakes. To prepare a milkshake you need a half liter of milk or cream, fresh fruit (at your option) and sugar (50 grams). Mix all the ingredients in a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed, then pour into glasses. Serving guests, you can decorate with pieces of fruit.

One of the most delicious fruit cocktails, manyconsider strawberry. To create it you will need: peeled strawberries (200 grams), a few tablespoons of sugar, ice, 50 milliliters of cognac and liquor "Curacao" and champagne. Strawberries must be rubbed with sugar through a sieve. Add the ice, cognac, and liquor to the resulting mixture - mix everything in a blender. Then combine with champagne and pour over the glasses.

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