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Vladivostok is a huge seaside city.Residents of the central region of the country if they visit it, then more often at work, visiting friends and relatives. This place is certainly not a tourist destination, but there is something to see, what to be surprised. There is an opinion that the crafts of the region imposes a certain imprint on the way of life of the local population. Moreover, many sincerely believe that most of the city's institutions are based on the fish menu, spoil their guests with an abundance of seafood. Is it really? We offer you the best cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok. Reviews of real visitors and reviews of the most popular portals will help us to make an objective selection. You definitely need this information if you are looking for the best restaurants and cafes in Vladivostok. Addresses, photo halls - all this you will find in our review.


If you are interested in cafes, bars, restaurants(Vladivostok), we suggest you visit the Zuma institution. It occupies the top lines of ratings and is beloved by the locals. Many people say that once they are here, they dine exclusively in this institution, recommend the restaurant to their friends and relatives.

Cafe and restaurants in Vladivostok

All visitors are waiting for a stylized interior,enveloped in an atmosphere of mystery. At the entrance, on the floor, there is a huge seal with the image of a dragon, the sacred symbol of Chinese culture. It is the dragon, according to the Chinese, who protects from evil eye, evil spirits, promises good luck and success in all endeavors. Bar counter is made of natural granite weighing about 15 tons - the pride of the institution. Parquet is made of elite wood that only adds luxury to the interior.

Zuma is a vivid example of the European view ofnational pan-Asian cuisine. The team of cooks selected only the best, interesting recipes for their visitors, does not cease to please them and modern novelties. Here you can order sushi, rolls, salads with seafood, noodles flavored with aromatic spicy sauces. The kitchen here is beyond praise. Pleasure visitors an impeccable level of service.

Address: Vladivostok, ul. Fountain, 2.


But this institution will definitely have to tastelovers of dishes cooked on the grill. The restaurant occupies the first floor of the Astoria Hotel and is divided into two tiers. The lower is reserved for the kitchen, and the kitchen is open, which allows each visitor to watch the cooking of masterpieces. The kitchen is equipped with modern equipment, there is a grill and BBQ. The dining area of ​​the lower tier is an excellent option for lunches, business and friendly meetings.

Cafes, bars, restaurants (Vladivostok)

On the second tier the atmosphere is more intimate: here it is quiet enough, quiet and cozy. All guests are welcome small tables for two people, as well as an excellent children's room for the youngest visitors.

The cuisine is represented by a variety of dishesinternational cuisine: here you can find both traditional creations of chefs, for example mashed potatoes, and exquisite masterpieces of French cuisine. The pride of the institution is its own confectionery shop. Many sweeties have already appreciated the flavors of the desserts prepared here.

Address: Vladivostok, Partizansky Ave, 44.

"Mummies Troll Bar"

But this institution will suit all those whominterested in cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok with live music. This is a real musical paradise, a bar where all guests can enjoy the songs in pure high-quality sound, and also show their vocal data, compete in performance with recognized vocalists. A place of spiritual, atmospheric, collects a lot of visitors, thanks to which and fell into our review. This is a platform for concerts of pop stars, foreign performers.

Cafe and restaurants in Vladivostok with live music

The kitchen is open around the clock, the menu is presentedtraditional dishes of the Far Eastern cuisine. If you decide to spend a friendly evening, meet with relatives, hold talks - this is definitely not your option, because here literally does not stop the music.

Address: Vladivostok, ul. Pogranichnaya, 6.

"Palau Fish"

And here is a striking example of the traditionalPrimorye Territory institutions. Indeed, cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok could not do without a place where they know the seafood. "Palats Fish" - a specialized fish restaurant with author's cuisine. Cooks every day indulge their visitors with non-standard combinations that help to uncover the taste of fresh fish and seafood.

Restaurants and Cafes of Vladivostok: addresses, photo halls

The menu of the restaurant is multigastronic:here you will find not only dishes from fish, but also from vegetables, meat, poultry - the choice is multifaceted. A rich wine list will help to strengthen the sense of taste. The tranquil and elegant atmosphere of the establishment, combined with the utmost simplicity of the interior and impeccable service, helps guests to concentrate on culinary masterpieces and communication.

Address: Vladivostok, ul. Sukhanov Str. 1.


If you are looking for cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok forwedding with a spacious hall, spectacular decor and impeccable service, be sure to pay attention to the restaurant Azimut. You will be offered a banquet hall for 200 people, an excellent organization and festive decoration.

Cafe and restaurants in Vladivostok for a wedding

Real professionals work here, whowill take care of all the difficulties associated with the organization of the banquet. The menu is represented by dishes of European, Asian cuisine. At the request of the client, cooks will cook any dishes. Not all cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok can offer such a service. Unobtrusive, but attentive waiters are what you need when it comes to banquets.

Address: Vladivostok, ul. Embankment, 10.

Summing up

We presented to your attention the best cafes and restaurants in Vladivostok, where you can sit with friends, have a snack, conduct business negotiations and even celebrate the grandiose celebration.

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