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Barcelona - amazing, beautiful, originala city in Spain, located on the hills. It always attracts special attention from tourists from all over the world. And the extraordinary history, majestic architecture, holy places, magnificent beaches make it one of the most important tourist destinations among the routes in Europe.

And Barcelona is a cultural and sporting event (local and international level), beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast and great cuisine!

About the best restaurants in Barcelona you will learn from our article.


The city is part of the autonomous communityCatalonia. It is located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, on the plateau - between the mountain range of Collserola and the Llobregat River (southern part) and the Besos River (northern part). On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. 120 kilometers from the Pyrenees.

Barcelona is a major seaport, which was one of the first to appear in Europe. And also a commercial and industrial center in Spain.

The population is more than one and a half millionhuman. In addition to indigenous Spaniards, 13.8 percent of foreigners live in the city (from South America, Africa, the Middle and Far East). Also, millions of tourists from all over the world visit Barcelona every year.

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As for the national cuisine, thanks to its"Sea" location of the national dishes are rich in fish and seafood. Also barcelons (and Spaniards in general) prefer meat and vegetable dishes, beans, greens, fruits, rice, cereals.

And the city is full of institutions with national cuisine of other countries, including Russian.

Best Restaurants in Barcelona

According to statistics, there are more than 8,000 such institutions in the city. Basically these are small establishments with a simple but nice interior. And also delicious dishes. Let's consider some of them.

All cafes and restaurants in Barcelona can be divided into restaurants offering dishes:

  • national cuisine;
  • with seafood;
  • cuisines of other countries of the world (Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Japanese and so on).

Restaurants with national cuisine

The menu of restaurants in Barcelona with traditional Spanish cuisine is represented, mainly, by a huge variety of Spanish snacks.

Tapas - have been prepared for several centuries and evenToday this snack is a real masterpiece of culinary art. These are multi-layered small sandwiches. As a basis, pieces of baguette, dough baskets are used. Filling spread a variety: salads, vegetables, seafood, jamon. They are also in the form of pieces of vegetables, meat and other products strung on a toothpick.

Hamon - ham cooked from the hind legspigs grazing on special pastures in Spain. It is prepared according to a special technology, the recipe of which is strictly kept secret. Very tasty and healthy meat appetizer.

Paella is another dish in Spanish cuisine. It is rice, to which saffron, olive oil, meat, sausage, vegetables, seafood are added.

  1. Bodega Biarritz (Bar Tapas) - small restaurantlocated at: Nou de Sant Francesc, 7. Here visitors are invited to sample traditional tapas. Excellent interior, cozy atmosphere, delicious food and drinks. Service at a high level.
  2. Gasterea - Spanish restaurant in Barcelona, ​​tapas bar. Tasty snacks, excellent menus, good atmosphere, many visitors after 19.00. The establishment is located at the address: Calle Verdi, 39.
  3. Gourmet Tapas by Sensi - a small restaurant with dishes of national cuisine. Located at: Calle de Milans, 4. Delicious menu, reasonable prices. It is recommended to book a table in advance.
  4. Bar Casi - a cozy restaurant, on Calle Massens, 70, next to the park of Guell. A good choice of national dishes, desserts, drinks. Traditional jamon and paella at very affordable prices.
  5. Sensi Bistro Barcelona is a small and lovely cafe in the city. Delicious snacks and drinks, friendly staff. Located at: Carrer Regomir, 4.
  6. Napa - a restaurant in Barcelona, ​​which is also very popular with the Spaniards. Located at: Carrer d'Aribau. There are lunches of 12.5 euros.
  7. City - a cozy bar-restaurant, located on thethe first floor of the Grand Central Hotel in Barcelona, ​​at Via Laietana, 30. Here you can sample Catalan cuisine, as well as wonderful drinks.

Seafood restaurants in Barcelona

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Such institutions in Spain are distinguished, the mainthe following features: the freshness of seafood, the abundance of a variety of fish, shrimp, octopus, oysters and so on. And also an affordable price compared to other countries in Europe.

  • La Paradeta Sagrada Familia - the best restaurant,which offers an abundance of seafood dishes. Located at: Passatgo Simo, 18. Here you can order and crabs, shrimp, octopus, oysters, and also langoustines and tuna. Grilling. Everything is very tasty and at an affordable price. From drinks - good beer. In the institution self-service. There are small queues. But in general, the restaurant is decent and tasty.

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  • La Paradeta El Born is a very popular place inBarcelona. The restaurant offers an abundance of the freshest seafood at an affordable price. Also a delicious wine. The service is quick, simple but tasteful interior. The restaurant is located at: Carrer Comercial, 7.
  • Botafumeiro - an excellent restaurant on the Carrer Gran deGràcia, 81, offers delicious seafood, desserts and wine, as well as a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, pleasant background music, attentive service. The prices are quite high, but they correspond to the level of the institution.

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  • O "Retorno Restaurant - small, cozy anda simple restaurant in a busy city. Providing a relaxed atmosphere, tasty and large portions of dishes, reasonable prices. It is located at: Comte D "urgell, 168.
  • La Paradeta Sants - a restaurant with a good selection of seafood at an affordable price, located at: Carrer De Riego, 27.

Russian restaurant in Barcelona

Souvenir is one of those places in the Spanish city where you can hear Russian speech, as well as try traditional Russian home-cooked dishes prepared according to old recipes.

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The institution is located at: Carrer de Valencia, 232, in the heart of Barcelona. In the interior of the restaurant there are items with national Russian paintings (handmade): wooden boards, samovars, nesting dolls, napkins. On the walls - images of Russian folk instruments.

As for the menu, here you can orderfavorite dishes like: borsch, pancakes with various fillings, cutlets in Kiev, cabbage rolls, salads "Olivier" and "Vinaigrette", as well as homemade cakes, lemonades and so on.

Portions are large and tasty - from the whole Russian soul. The atmosphere in the institution is friendly, cheerful and bright. Service - at a high level.

Italian Restaurants

russian restaurant in barcelona

To taste pasta, pizza and risotto in Barcelona, ​​you can visit such establishments:

  1. Donizetti - cozy restaurant with a simpleinterior and good food. Here you can try pasta and burrata with excellent sauces and a glass of delicious wine. And also listen to opera music. The prices are democratic. The institution is located at: Diputacio, 137.
  2. Piazze D "Italia is a restaurant with quality Italian cuisine that is located at Carrer de Casanova, 94. It is also revered by locals.The average check: 35-40 euros per person.

Hungarian Restaurants

  1. Hungaryto is an excellent institution located inaddress: Arago, 353. The interior is presented in a traditional Hungarian style, as well as the restaurant's cuisine. At lunchtime, you can enjoy delicious complex lunches: soup plus a second, dessert and a drink. The price is 12,5 euros.
  2. Futballarium Barcelona - an institution for loversbeer and football matches. In the pub you can taste dishes of Hungarian, Spanish, European cuisine. There is also a vegetarian menu. An excellent choice of beers and snacks. The pub is located at: Carrer de Benavent, 7.

Eastern restaurants

Favorite by many Japanese and Asian cuisine is also represented in Barcelona by a lot of restaurants. Some of them:

barcelona restaurants with seafood

  1. Carlota Akaneya - the restaurant offers dishesAsian cuisine. Basically, this meat and seafood cooked on wok and grilled, as well as dishes from vegetables. The address of the institution: Pintor Fortuny, 32. The average check - 50 euros per person.
  2. Shunka - the restaurant offers deliciousdishes of Japanese cuisine, as well as Asian. Great choice of vegetarian dishes. Atmosphere and interior - a traditional Japanese restaurant. Located at: c / Sagristans 5. It is recommended to book a table in advance.
  3. Minamo - very good restaurant with serviceat a high European level. Visitors are invited to try original and delicious sushi, rolls, sets, Asian dishes. Also desserts and fruits. The institution is located at: Bruc 65 / Next to Consell de Cent. Romantic atmosphere, nice interior.
  4. Matsuri Sushi Bar - an institution with Japanese, Thai and Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located at: Plaza Regomir, 1.

Reviews of restaurants in Barcelona

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Naturally, to collect reviews of more than 8,000 establishments in the city is not an easy task. But to highlight the main advantages of restaurants in Barcelona is quite realistic. It:

  • creative approach to cooking from chefs;
  • high skill in the preparation of traditional Spanish dishes;
  • the presence of a vegetarian menu in almost every institution;
  • freshness of products;
  • attentive attitude to visitors and tourists.

Welcome to Barcelona! And Bon Appetit!

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