Chicken with apples in the oven. It's delicious, it's easy to cook

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Dishes from chicken are so famous, loved,useful, that there is no point in repeating it again. However, not all housewives know that the chicken is especially piquant in the event that it is stuffed with any products. Chicken with a filling in the oven is cooked very quickly, and its taste, depending on the filler, can please the most picky deli.

Here, for example, a chicken with cranberries.For its preparation you need to take a well washed chicken carcass, the pulp of one loaf, a little butter, a spoonful of cream, about a half-liter can of cranberries, two tablespoons of honey, salt, pepper, curry or other spices.

Cranberries grind their hands in a spacious bowl.Gradually add half a spoonful of honey, salt, butter, flesh of the loaf, cream. Should be a homogeneous minced meat. If it is too dry, you can pour a little more cream.

Chicken carcase is rubbed with spices and salt mixed with honey. Then stuff it with minced meat. That the filling does not fall out during the frying, you can pinch the hole with toothpicks.

Bake on a baking sheet at a temperature of 200 °. As frying, you can water the carcass with juice, which will be extracted from it.

Serve a bird with cranberries and cranberry sauce. By the way, it will be an excellent addition for any stuffed bird.

To prepare it, fry the onion in a frying pan.When it becomes transparent, add honey or sugar, pepper, spices, starch or flour to taste. Stirring, bring to a boil, cool, beaten with a blender.

This sauce will be an excellent addition to any meat dish.

Chicken with apples in the oven can be prepared in several ways. Each time will be a completely new, but very tasty dish.

Chicken with apples in the oven in the sleeve.To prepare it, you first need to marinate the chicken at night. Marinade is made from half a glass of sour cream. Add marjoram, curry, chili, other spices, be sure to cinnamon.

After 8 hours sliced ​​portionwisechicken and large slices of hard, peeled apples, put in a baking sleeve, sent for 40 minutes in the oven. The aroma of this dish will be heard throughout the house.

Chicken with apples in the oven can bestuffed. For this dish, the carcass is rubbed with salt, spices. Inside the carcass pawn whole unpeeled apples, from which the middle is removed, and a piece of butter. Bake at two hundred degree temperature. After 40 minutes, the chicken with apples in the oven is ready. If the apples are removed from the carcass, peeled and beaten with a blender, they will make an excellent gravy to this dish.

The recipe can be simplified.Just chop the chicken into pieces, sprinkle with cinnamon, pepper, salt. Top with grated apples, grease with sour cream, honey, sprinkle with pepper. This chicken with apples in the oven is baked in a baking dish.

Quite often mistresses use a pumpkin. But with her help you can create many original dishes. For example, a chicken.

Chicken with pumpkin in the oven.

The name is rather wrong.Because the seeds are taken out of the whole pumpkin to make this dish, and rice, scalded with rice (sold as such), portioned, pre-browned to pieces, chicken pieces, onion, spices, is folded inside. The improvised pumpkin "saucepan" is covered with the same "lid", for about an hour goes to the oven. For more taste, you can grease the pumpkin from the outside with oil. Then it will not wither, but will brown.

Serve the finished pumpkin with the bird in a deep dish. Cut right on the table, on the lobules, like a watermelon.

You can do the opposite.Fried pieces of poultry are put in a roasting dish, place mushrooms pre-fried with onions and pumpkin in a frying pan with butter. Cover with thick cream and simmer until done. It turns out very tasty.

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