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On the Three Hills, that is, near the former Trehgornaya Manufactory, in the immediate vicinity of the film studio Fyodor Bondarchuk, a relatively new drink and entertainment institution, the Duran Bar (Moscow), was in full swing. Its creator was the famous Russian restaurateur Ilya Esterov. The institution is quite worthy to become one of the most popular and attractive nightclubs of the capital for the public.

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"Durant Bar" (Moscow) is housed in a building,hidden in a somewhat tangled maze of red brick buildings of the famous Trehgorka. Nevertheless, the institution does not unreasonably claim to be one of the most attractive places for the night audience of the capital.

The name of the bar is due to its appearance herea stylistic idol - Duran Duran, a popular band whose concerts are reminiscent of the romance of the 80's. The collective is known for what the legendary Lady Di once called him. At first, creating the "Duran Bar" (Moscow), his creators planned to organize the work of the kitchen, based on the principle of selecting dishes that were eaten on tours in various restaurants of the world, Simon Le Bon and his fellow artists. To do this, we were going to carefully study the menu of these institutions. But for various reasons, this idea had to be abandoned.


"Durant Bar", Moscow (photo report about the workpresented in the article) was invented by the restaurateur Ilya Esterov together with partners who are fundamentally shy away from media fame. They decided to combine in one institution modern industrial aesthetics, quality cuisine and their admiration for the art of the great group Duran Duran. The team of the project also included Pavel Pichugin, a club public well known as "Pasha Feyskontrol." His duty in the restaurant is to work with the VIP-audience and other guests. In addition, he acts as a managing partner in the project.

Control system

Management in the Duran Bar, according to IlyaEstero, made in one of the interviews, is organized very seriously. There are responsibilities: the general director, supervising the administrative work, responsible for the conclusion of contracts with suppliers, and financial issues; manager of the restaurant, dealing with personnel and management issues. Everyone is entrusted with his business, for which he answers. Restaurateur Esterov is a consultant, inspirer, participant in decision-making on all significant issues related to the activities of the institution. In addition, he organizes concerts and sponsorship events that attract new guests and the press to the restaurant.


The presence of an urban interior, magnificenta view on the embankment, an excellent veranda is the most obvious reason to visit the Duran Bar. The interior of the Duran Bar, Moscow (the photo represents the decoration of its interior), was designed by designer Maria Zhukova, who is also the author of the design of Magpies, Bad Boy Bar, Food Embassy, ​​etc. She has a London luster added to the atmosphere of the traditional Moscow loft , reminiscent of some old, painfully familiar music video.

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In the former shop was built a fireplace (operating),opposite the Victorian-style bar is a trendy open kitchen. The presence of a terrace with a stunning view of the Moskva River and the Stalin high-rise (Ukraine Hotel), successfully transformed industrial design of the premises attracts all new guests to visit the bar.

"Durant Bar" (Moscow): the menu

The main role in the project, of course, is the menufrom the chef Nikolay Bakunov. The head of the kitchen in such institution as "Duran Bar" (Moscow) is known for his work in Letto Club, "Balcon", "Antresol" and floating restaurant Montana.

Local dishes (carpaccio soup, dessert with cream fromsoap root, zebu antelope with baked avocados and another three dozen other items) visitors are called impeccable in content and impressive in form. The menu includes, for example, the section "Russian fish delicacies": in addition to crab claws, costing 785 rubles. for 100 g, here are represented pyzhyan, cooked in jelly (price: 700 rubles.), smoked yaz (price: 700 rubles.), as well as canned food collected by the chef throughout the country. Dishes here are not the most simple: mutton cutlets (chopped) are enclosed in a sphere made of crispy dough (price: 528 rubles), octopus (Sea of ​​Okhotsk) is cooked here like a chicken of tobacco (price: 1190 rub.), Ole-ol cream is garnished with vodka chill (price: 777 rubles.). A hump of antelopes zebu (price: 1518 rubles.), According to reviews, worthy of the glory of the main culinary delights of the capital.


Responsible for cocktails in the bar isa team that consists of baristas and bartenders at the highest level. Bartenders "Duran Bara" actively promotes the idea of ​​using exclusively self-prepared blanks, combining with alcohol natural flavors of other products.

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In preparation of drinks by specialistsThey use their many years of experience, as well as the most current world trends. Inspiringly and passionately they create not just popular drinks, but the true mood of the guests in the glass. A professional bartender should, like a good friend, understand the mood of each guest, says the chief barman and one of the founders of the barmen group Arthur Shusteriwas, to be able to correctly formulate the recipe of the evening or pick up a drink on occasion.

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The chief bartender DC Andrey Zastavnyuk heredrinks are prepared in a pleasant classic style. "Durant Bar" (Moscow) - institution, shots in which are sold at least 3 pieces. The cost of all cocktails: 550 rubles., Large mix-Drinks: 700 rub.

Domestic trends - in the trend

According to the visitors, the concept-chief "Duran Bara"prepares the best borscht in the capital. In addition, according to the guests, expressed by them in the reviews, he has an excellent sense of humor. Not pursuing the goal of creating in the club an oasis of Russian cuisine, from time to time, Nikolai Bakunov still gives guests the opportunity to enjoy dishes that are sustained in fashion trends. That canned northern fish is served with onion and croutons directly in tin cans, then a jelly from vodka is offered to pasta with duck and vegetables, then a black "pearl", prepared from yogurt, is served to sterlet. In other establishments, for the "ennobling" of Russian dishes by chefs, elements of European cuisine are used, in Durand it's the opposite.

According to numerous reviews, the food in the club is basedon the deep traditional Russian (familiar to the Russian people) taste combinations. For example, borscht, recognized as the best in the city, is cooked here for about 4-6 hours, all this time, the vegetable fry is burning on fire, in accordance with all the rules, as a result of which its taste begins to resemble prunes, and the borsch becomes simply velvet (the cost of serving : 690 rubles.). Would you like an octopus? Potato tartar (cost of serving: 1190 rubles) relies on it. Want a salad with roast beef? To it is added a beet cream (the price: 691 rbl.).

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The interpretation of European frills

The local chef is convinced that foreigners do notit is given to comprehend, and even more so to repeat Russian cuisine. Despite his Slavophile views, Nikolay Bakunin does not ignore the gastronomic research of European colleagues. Visitors admire its versions of international menu dishes. So, meat dumplings in "Durant" are decorated like a meat ball, and dumplings stuffed with baked vegetables are served under the eggplant dome (cost: 690 rubles). English lamb chops are served in a sphere of crispy dough (the cost of the dish is 528 rubles.), And the beef stroganoff is a tenderloin with caviar from salted cucumber and mushroom foam (costs 1,300 rubles).

At the same time, Bakunin proclaims to all the principle: Food should be so simple that it can be reproduced without distortion by a simple linear cook. As the only confirmation of this postulate, perhaps, it is possible to name only a collection of wonderful canned fish, costing 700-1500 rubles, which, as already mentioned, are fed directly into tins. Guests of the restaurant in their reviews share unforgettable impressions, which remain from getting to know the taste of burbot liver and pyzhana in jelly. All other dishes look so interesting, that the guests come back again and again.


The dessert part of the menu also abounds with ideas. Here are some of them:

  • Ice cream with mashed potatoes from the root of an orchid, similar to that sold in Istanbul (costs: 378 rubles.).
  • Burger from chocolate (price: 595 rubles.). About the poppy biscuit, one of its components, the guests say that it is not a pity to sell the hand for it.
  • "French fries" made of pineapple with real onions with tomatoes.
  • "Crimea-brule" (467 rubles.).
  • "Anna Pavlova" made from soap rootcream, which enhances the sweet taste (worth: 488 rubles.). However, this masterpiece is recommended by some guests to be renamed "Anna Karenina", as on arrival to the customer this gastronomic miracle is immediately shattered, causing trembling of especially sensitive natures. Slasten at the sight of a dish rush with him in an unequal battle, anticipating the upcoming gay night and a sea of ​​cocktails.

"Durant Bar" (Moscow) reviews are called by the present times a very shocking institution.

Secrets of success

The main criterion for the success of a commercial projectis, of course, profit. But for an institution like a bar, no less important is how exactly this money was received. It is very important that the guests of Duran Bara spend it here not because they are friends of someone from the co-owners, or, for example, for the sake of fashion, but because they feel good here.

Sometimes guests look at their watches and wonderto the fact that it was already 6 am, and they were sure that it was only 2 o'clock in the morning. That's what success is, Ilya Esterov believes. Success is when your guests are so good that the time for them flies by unnoticed. And this is just as important as money.

No less important is the number of guests. The owner of the restaurant is pleased to come to his place in the evening and hear from the hostess that there is no table for him, all the seats are occupied. Duran Bar's special feature is the absence of any deposits or special discounts, or its own tables, between the co-owners. If someone from the owners of the institution book a table or order something, he can do it as an ordinary guest, paying his bill in full. Owners do not enjoy any privileges. Discount they have only 10%, like the regular guests of the restaurant.

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Useful information about the establishment

The restaurant is open:

  • on Wed-Wed: 16: 00-00: 00.
  • Thurs.-Sat: 17: 00-6: 00.
  • Sun: 17: 00-00: 00.

The peculiarity of the institution is the availabilitya cocktail card. Of the entertainment provided Dj. Average account size: 2000 rub. The cuisine is represented by dishes: Russian, European, author's. Services provided to guests of the "Durant Bar" (Moscow): delivery, free booking of tables.

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How to get there?

"Duran Bar" (Moscow) enjoys quite a lot of popularity among residents and visitors of the capital. Address: Rochdelskaya street, 15, building No. 19, 20. The restaurant is located in the Presnensky district (Central District).

Actual is the issue of potential guestsDuran Bar (Moscow): "How to get there?". Future visitors to regulars are recommended by the nearest metro station Krasnopresnenskaya and Vystavochnaya.

Those who get to the restaurant on foot shouldafter the exit from the metro, keep to the right, then go along the underground pedestrian crossing to the other side of the Zvenigorod highway. In the transition, turn left. On the street, turn left again. After passing meters 750, you must cross the street Rochdelskaya. After another 30 meters, turn left, follow the closed territory behind the barrier. Meters in 100, turning to the right, you can see the sign "Duran Bar".

Those who plan to get by car,recommend to clarify the details of the entrance to the bar, directly phoning with the administrator on the phone, which can be found on the site of the institution. In addition, you should make sure that you have parking.

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Impressions of guests

Guests consider the club one of the most trendy places in the night capital. They note the excellent atmosphere, great sound, professionalism of the bartenders and chefs. The establishment is highly recommended to visit.

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