Unusual and simple recipes for chicken legs

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Chicken is considered one of the most commontypes of meat. The bird is non-caloric, easily absorbed by even a weakened organism, and, in addition, it is available to almost every family. Recipes of chicken legs are found in any cookbook, and their variety amazes the imagination of even experienced culinary experts. However, the fantasy of the housewives still creates new and original flavor combinations. About how delicious to fry chicken legs, and will be told below.

Chicken legs in a honey-nut test

We take for their preparation:

- chicken legs - 1 kg;

- honey - 1 large spoon;

- a mixture of nuts hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts - 2 cups;

- sea salt;

- French mustard;

- a lemon;

- greens for decorating dishes;

- pepper;

- olive oil.

How to fry chicken legs

Chicken shank thaw and rinse in water withadding sea salt, then pierce them with a fork over the entire surface. After such preparation it is necessary to lay the bird in a deep clean container and pour cold water with lemon juice squeezed out of half of the fruit. In this peculiar marinade you need to add sea salt (two large spoons for one liter of water) and a little pepper. The bird is marinated for forty minutes. It should be noted that few recipes for chicken legs include a stage such as pickling. However, having been in the brine, the meat becomes more juicy, soft and tender, so you should not ignore such a method.

Honey, two tablespoons of mustard, a little salt and ground nuts to mix and, gradually adding olive, refined oil, bring the mass to the consistency of a viscous gruel.

Marinated meat taken out of the brine and diligentlysmear with walnut-honey mass. Before frying chicken legs, it is necessary to lay out the leaves of lettuce and onions on a baking sheet, and only then spread the bird. The greens will not allow the dish to burn, in addition, it absorbs excess fat.

Serve a nutty miracle hot, sprinkling it with branches of basil, parsley and other herbs.

Based on this cooking option, you canmake and other, no less refined recipes for chicken legs. Add an exotic note, for example, you can, using instead of the proposed marinade papaya juice. This fruit has very aggressive enzymes, as a result of which the chicken becomes not just tender, but airy and falling apart into tiny, mouth-watering pieces.

Often before the arrival of guests housewivesfeverishly looking for simple, inexpensive and quick recipes for chicken legs. The most common, simple, but not less delicious of them - a chicken in its own juice, baked in the sleeve. All that the hostess needs is:

- chicken or chicken legs in any available quantity;

- salt and a mixture of pepper., If there is, then you can take any complex seasoning for poultry;

- bag for baking.

Meat is thawed and if necessary marinated,and then rub it with a seasoning or salt and seal into a bag. The dish is prepared for about fifty minutes and is served on a table with vegetable garnish, sour cream or sauce.

Today there are many more interesting recipes,how delicious to fry chicken legs, without spending a lot of time and money. Some gourmets prefer to use components such as soy sauce, tomatoes and cheese, while others successfully combine the bird with other types of meat and even fish. An exquisite combination - chicken meat and pineapple or chicken in cream with Provencal herbs. Fry chicken legs in their own juice, and in olive oil. Sometimes they are previously cleaned from the skin and wrapped in a thin slice of tender and juicy bacon.

Chicken is one of the dietary types of meat,so it must be included in the children's diet. Fried chicken legs are perfectly combined with vegetables, and with Italian pasta, and with cereal side dishes. Serve these dishes with white grape wine or fruit juice.

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