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Almost all New Year salads are distinguished by special design. This year is the year of Goat. That's why we decided to decorate the presented dish accordingly.

goat salad

Delicious salad "Goat": a recipe with a photo of a ready dish

This is perhaps the easiest salad in the form of a pet. To do it yourself, we need:

  • potatoes average - about 2 pcs .;
  • pickled pickled cucumbers - 3 medium items;
  • crab sticks - about 200 g;
  • apples green sweet and sour - 2 small pieces;
  • cheese is hard - about 60 g;
  • fresh eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • mayonnaise of low fat content - use to taste;
  • cabbage colored boiled - 100 g;
  • olives canned (for decoration) - 3 pcs .;
  • red juicy pepper (for decoration) - 1/8 pcs.

Preparing Components

New Year's salad "Goat" should begin to cookwith the processing of all the above components. For this, it is required to boil the medium potatoes and eggs, and then cool them, peel and grate them (proteins separate from the yolks). Next, you need to chop pickled cucumbers and crab sticks into cubes. As for hard cheese and green sweet and sour apples, they should also be rubbed on a large grater.

New Year's salads

By the way, to make the salad "Goat" correspond to its name, it is necessary to prepare details in the form of eyes and nose from canned olives and mouth from red pepper.

The process of forming a dish

After processing the ingredients in one bowlit is necessary to mix crab sticks, yolk, pickled cucumbers, boiled potatoes, grated cheese and a green apple. After filling the products with mayonnaise, they must be thoroughly mixed with a large spoon and put on a flat plate in the form of a goat's head. Later in the upper part of the dish you need to stick in advance boiled cauliflower, which will act as a curly fur. As for the rest of the salad, it should be covered with mayonnaise mesh and sprinkled with grated protein. In conclusion, the "goat" needs to make eyes, nose and mouth.

Correctly served to the table

Now you know how to make a goat salad. After the snack dish for the New Year's table is ready, it must be placed in the cold and held for several hours. This will make the salad more soaked and tender.

We make a fish salad in the form of a goat

Salad "Goat" can include completely different ingredients. The main thing is that in outward appearance this dish should be the most similar to the mentioned pet.

goat salad

So, we need:

  • canned fish in oil (for example, saury or tuna) - 1 standard jar;
  • potatoes are small - 2 pcs .;
  • carrots average - 2 pcs .;
  • Bulb for the largest - 1 pc .;
  • cheese is hard - about 150 g;
  • mayonnaise of low fat content - about 200 g;
  • eggs fresh chicken - 4 pcs .;
  • dill, olives and boiled carrots - used to decorate dishes.

Processing of ingredients

To prepare and beautifully make a saladGoat, you should treat all the ingredients. Canned fish should be removed from the jar and kneaded with a fork with oil until a homogeneous mass is obtained. It is also required to boil potatoes, carrots and chicken eggs separately. In the future, these products must be cooled and cleaned. After that, they should be rubbed on a small grater (yolks and squirrels separately). Exactly the same is required with hard cheese. As for onions, it must be simply chopped.

Salad formation

A snack dish in the form of a goat is recommendedto form layer by layer. To do this, take a flat plate, and then put on it potatoes in the form of the mentioned animal. In the future it is required to place exactly the following products: canned fish, chopped onions, carrots and grated cheese. All these layers must be greased with plenty of mayonnaise, so that the salad does not turn out to be dry.

New Year's goat salad

In conclusion, the head of the goat needs to be sprinkledgrated yolk, and the trunk - protein. After that, the animal should make horns and legs from boiled carrots, and also eyes from olives. For beauty at the bottom of the salad, you can arrange twigs of fresh dill. As a result, it will give the impression that the New Year's goat is walking along the green meadow.

We serve for a festive dinner

Now you know how to prepare New Year saladsin the form of a goat. After the dish of canned fish is fully formed, it must be sent to the cold. In this condition, let the salad stand for several hours. It will allow to soak up all layers of a dish that will make its more gentle and juicy. It is recommended to serve it before New Year's Eve before a hot dinner.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, make yourself a delicious saladin the form of the symbol of 2015 is not so difficult. The main thing at the same time is to have certain culinary abilities and to show proper creative imagination.

salad goat recipe with photo

As for the ingredients, then for them to choose youa certain list is not required. After all, a salad in the form of a goat can include completely different components. Moreover, you can make such a dish, using even the recipes known to you for a long time. For example, salad "Olivier". Having made it out of the usual ingredients, it is necessary to take a flat plate, and then lay out all the products mixed with mayonnaise (potatoes, sausage, cucumbers, carrots, onions, etc.). Further from "Olivier" it is required to form a goat or, for example, its head. After this, the resulting form should be sprinkled with grated egg white and by any method draw on it eyes, mouth, horns, etc. As a result, you will get a habitual dish with an unusual design. Bon Appetit!

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