Chicken nuggets are simple, quick and tasty.

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With the advent in the vastness of our vast homelandall sorts of restaurants and eateries offering their clients a variety of fast food, many of us have discovered a dish like chicken nuggets. Light and airy, with a fragrant crispy crust, they fell in love with adults and children. But those who are used not only to tasty, but also to healthy food, in due course the question began to arise - are fast food dishes, including chicken nuggets, safe? The question of the naturalness of food in public catering establishments began to rise more and more sharply, which was promoted by TV programs about healthy nutrition. As a result, many of the fans of fast food began to try to cook her home from natural ingredients. One of these recipes we will consider in this article.

Chicken nuggets at home: an easy way to treat yourself to a delicious chicken.

For many housewives, this dish has become a truewand-zashchalochko, an excellent way to diversify the daily diet and please the home. At the same time, crispy, breaded pieces fall to everyone's liking - even to whimsical kids, so cooking nuggets is a must-have science that all young mothers need to master.

Nuggets at home are also an excellent snack fora great company for beer, and a nutritious dish of white meat that will please the fans of healthy food, and a light main dish that will suit any garnish. In any case, after trying to cook this dish, you will forever remain a fan of it.

Chicken nuggets: recipes.

Nuggets are small pieceswhite chicken meat, baked or fried in breadcrumbs. In general, it resembles a chicken in batter, but is much quicker prepared. For cooking you need:

  • Ø 1 kg chicken fillet (the ideal choice will be breast, peeled off the skin);
  • Ø 2-3 eggs (the amount depends only on their size);
  • Ø Soy sauce (it is needed for marinating, so those who are not a fan of oriental cuisine, can safely replace it with any other marinade - lemon juice, kefir with spices or hot ketchup);
  • Ø 200 gr. any cheese (it is better to take cheese of hard varieties, since it needs to be rubbed);
  • Ø bread crumbs (lovers of spicy can mix from spices - so nuggets will get piquant).

Cooking process.

Cut the fillet into small pieces - no morematchbox, then they can be fully fried in a short time. We send the future chicken nuggets to the enamel bowl and pour the marinade. Since the pieces are small, it will be enough to hold them in it for 20-30 minutes. During this time, rub the cheese on a fine grater, beat whisk eggs with egg whites and cook bread crumbs.

Pour a large enoughthe amount of vegetable oil (the pieces must literally "float" in it) and leave it to boil. Chicken nuggets need to be lowered only to boiling fat, otherwise it will be possible to forget about a tasty crusty crust. We take the pieces from the marinade. Dipped alternately in flour, cheese crumbs and breadcrumbs. By the way, for complete resemblance to your favorite fast food you can sprinkle nuggets and sesame seeds, or add a few of these seeds to breadcrumbs.

Then we lower the fillet pieces into the incandescent oiland, without diminishing the fire, we prepare. For each side, it will be enough for 2-3 minutes, that is, the total frying process should not exceed 6 minutes. While the nuggets are swimming in boiling fat, we are preparing a large dish, which is covered with paper towels or dense napkins - they will absorb excess fat, and with it extra calories.

When the fat stack - chicken nuggets are ready, you can serve to the table with any favorite sauce or garnish.

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