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For many years people around the world haverolls and sushi are popular. The names of rolls and sushi are very different, like the dishes themselves. There are many variants: different components, different tastes and, accordingly, dissimilar compositions. All this makes gourmets try new types of products and choose the ones they like most.

Many people believe that sushi and rolls are one thingand the same, but in fact there is some difference between these two delicacies. There are several types of sushi and rolls, and each of them has its own name.

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Sushi and rolls: the difference between dishes

Before describing the names of rolls and sushi,It is necessary to find out what these dishes differ from each other. Sushi is a traditional snack of the Land of the Rising Sun. The composition of the food includes smoked or raw fish fillet, seafood, vegetables and rice, cooked in a special way, cut into thin plates.

Other roll names sound like "makizushi" or"maki", which translates as "twisted sushi" (sushi) - this is one of the varieties of the previous dish, for the preparation of which you need a special bamboo mat. It is applied to the compacted seaweed noria. Then on the noria a uniform layer of rice, and on top - some more stuffing. After this, the mat can be rolled up in the form of sausage and cut into thin slices.

Sushi consists only of seafood and rice, while other products can be placed in rolls. Sushi is served only in a cold form, and certain types of rolls are used only warmed up.

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The history of two delicacies

According to one of the versions (it is the mostcommon), for the first time sushi was cooked in Southeast Asia. Then the delicacy got to China and only then it reached Japan. But there is another story of the appearance of the dish and the name of rolls and sushi. According to this version, the delicacy was invented by the Japanese. The legend tells that Emperor Keiko XII, who ruled in the 13th century, tried somehow a new dish. The taste of food was admired by Keiko. The dishes consisted of raw sea shellfish flavored with vinegar. This dish also gave rise to those sushi that we know today.

In contrast to sushi, the rolls were not cooked for the first timeJapan, and in the American Los Angeles. Here the classic sushi was modified to the preferences of Americans. Ichiro Masita, a Japanese chef who worked in the Los Angeles restaurant in 1973, prepared this dish for the first time. Hence the names of sushi and rolls "California" and "Philadelphia" appeared. These names are mostly called rolls.

Varieties and names of rolls

In modern cooking, there are many types of rolls (names of some species are associated with titles of American cities). Consider some of the varieties of rolls and the features of their preparation.

  • California Rolls. For their preparation, they need shrimp, caviar caviar and Japanese omelet. Orange color and spicy taste of the dish gives caviar.

types of title rolls

  • Philadelphia rolls. The title of this variety was not so muchthe name of one of the US states, as the name of the tenderest cheese, which is surprisingly combined with tobiko and salmon. Such rolls have simply unsurpassed taste.
  • Rolls of "Miami". They are a dish of smoked eel,crab and cheese "Philadelphia". Also the composition of the dish includes pieces of avocado and salmon, teriyaki sauce, sesame and tobiko caviar. This is one of the most high-calorie rolls.
  • Rolls of "Fukinizhe". Prepare from a mixture of eel, squid, cucumber,Salmon, sea bass, shrimp, tuna and lekedra. All ingredients are seasoned with spicy sauce. The taste of the ready-made dish can not be compared to any other kind of rolls.
  • Hosomaki, or monorail. These are thin rolls, wrapped externally with algae. The filling of this dish consists of rice, fish or some one seafood. These are traditional and most popular Japanese rolls.

Sushi species and names

The names of the rolls with the photo can be considered in our article. Here you can get acquainted with some species and names of land. So, the most popular sushi are:

  • Nigiri Sushi. The classic variant of cooking,which looks like a piece of oblong rice, covered with a slice of very fresh fish. Instead of fish, you can use any other seafood (tuna, shrimp, octopus or squid will do). Nigiri must be served with soy sauce or wasabi.
  • Futomaki Sushi. The peculiarity of this dish is that most of the noria here are located outside. A delicacy of cylindrical form is filled with several components.
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  • Nared Sushi. This is the "forefather" of the nigiri. Previously, this delicacy was prepared as follows: in a barrel salted fish and kept it in water for about an hour. Then alternately spread it layers with rice and for some time left it in a barrel. You could only consume the product in six months. Today nared-sushi are prepared about the same way, but instead of barrels, special small forms are used.

The use of sushi and rolls

A lot is said about the benefits and harms of these dishes. Whoever said that, rolls (types and names, photos are presented in our review) is an incredibly useful product. It uses rice, which cleanses the human body, stimulates the intestine, removing toxins. Also, rice contains many minerals and vitamins. A meat of sea fish used to make rolls, is considered dietary, but enriched with many useful substances, beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain.

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Something interesting about rolls and sushi

Previously, the name of "sushi" in Japan was written with the help of a single character that designated a fish. Today the same hieroglyph denotes longevity.

Almost all chefs of rolls are men. And most restaurants in Japan generally refuse to hire female cooks. They motivate their decision by the fact that women have a higher body temperature, and therefore they can not prepare such a tender dish. The Japanese claim that the difference of two to four degrees has an effect on the taste of the final delicacy.

If you want to make real sushi or rolls, then it's recommended to use only short round rice for a dish.

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