Restaurant-bar "Ogonek" in Yekaterinburg: menu, interior

Food and drink

Are you an active and financially independent person? Then you definitely should visit one of the most stylish and trendy places in the city - the bar "Ogonyok" in Yekaterinburg. The restaurant welcomes guests from all over the world with cordial welcome.

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Features of the restaurant

Quiet and cozy evening with a cup of fragrant coffee. This is definitely not about the bar "Ogonyok" in Yekaterinburg. The establishment indulges its guests with good and quality music, fun parties and excellent cuisine. The average amount of a check for one person is 1,500-2,500 rubles. A stylish and at the same time peculiar place is perceived as a second home due to the attractive atmosphere and identity of the bar.

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There was a bar "Ogonek" in Yekaterinburg on the street. Engels, 36, building A. Payment of bills in the bar can be made with the help of cash and non-cash settlement. Since recently, guests of the institution can pay for food and beverages cyber-currency thanks to the social network Nimses.

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What is served

The bar "Ogonyok" in Yekaterinburg serves dishesEuropean, Caucasian, Italian and Russian cuisine. A children's menu has been designed for the youngest visitors. If you wish, guests can take restaurant meals with them and enjoy them at home or in the office.

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In the grill menu you can taste many delicious and healthy dishes.

Main menu:

  • dishes from the king crab;
  • Snacks (tartar, juicy roast beef, cheese, seafood and fish);
  • bruschettes;
  • salads (vegetable, with fish, chicken, lamb, eel);
  • soups (rich soup, broth with duck breast, cream soup with green peas and crab meat, okroshka with beef and tongue);
  • paste;
  • hot dishes (meat and fish, chicken, steak, burgers);
  • meat and fish dishes on the grill.

Business lunch (from 12:00 to 16:00):

  • salads and snack (vegetable salad, pancakes, salad with chicken or tongue);
  • Soups (chicken noodles, ears, borsch, okroshka);
  • hot dishes (kebab, chahokhbili, pilaf from mutton, cutlets from pike);
  • garnishes (mashed potatoes, buckwheat with mushrooms, broccoli steamed cabbage, rice);
  • desserts (tiramisu, chocolate sausage).

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Bar "Ogonyok" in Yekaterinburg offers gueststry branded tinctures with sea-buckthorn, nuts, orange peel, olives, with honey, black currant and cherries. Cocktail lovers will be able to taste traditional mixes, long drinks, old school cocktails and shooters for every taste.

Interior and activities

The capacity of the grill-bar is 40 seats. You can order a table in phone mode. The design of the institution is made in a modern style with elements of classics. The bar-restaurant "Ogonyok" in Yekaterinburg has leather brown sofas and chairs on the podium, original lamps and metal structures. The restaurant consists of two floors, one of which is an impressive dance floor, and the other is mostly a table.

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If desired, guests can retire toVIP cabins, which are designed for 8 people. Such zones are perfect for family celebrations and friendly gatherings. The interior of the room is dominated by dark shades, however, during incendiary parties the strobe creates the effect of a hundred rays. The institution has high-quality lighting and sound equipment.

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In the bar you can hear live music, as well as visit the performances of talented groups. Bright and cheerful parties, dances and delicious dishes will melt the heart of any guest.

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