Sour and tasty meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes under cheese

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Meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes under cheese is goodsuitable for a hearty and delicious lunch. It should be noted that such a dish is prepared in the oven in only 60 minutes. But before you place it in the oven, you must carefully process each component.

How to cook "hedgehogs" with meat and potatoes

Necessary ingredients:

meat hedgehogs with potatoes under cheese

  • long grain rice - 2/3 cup;
  • veal without bones and fat - 500 g;
  • bulb large bulbs - 3 pcs .;
  • potatoes average - 7-9 pcs .;
  • salt iodized, pepper red fragrant, dried fennel and parsley - added at personal discretion;
  • hard cheese - 160 g;
  • medium-fat mayonnaise in a package - 200 g.

Preparation of the basis for meat products

Meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes with cheese are bestcook from veal, but low-fat pork is also suitable. First, you need to wash the meat and chop it in a meat grinder along with the onion heads. After this, it is necessary to rinse and boil long grain rice, but not to the full softness, but to make it slightly harsh. Next, the croup should be poured into minced meat, along with sweet red pepper, iodized salt, dried dill, parsley and carefully mix everything.

Vegetable processing

Meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes under cheeseit is recommended to do only from small tubers of the main vegetable. They should be washed, divided into 2 parts, salt and pepper. Also it is required to crush a hard cheese in a separate bowl with a small grater.

how to cook hedgehogs meat
Forming a dish

Meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes with cheese followsBake using a large shape. It is desirable to well lubricate with butter, and then alternately lay out the minced meat, designed in the form of small balls (up to 6 cm in diameter). It should be noted that the distance between the "hedgehogs" should be at least 3 cm. After all the meat products have been placed on the baking tray, you should start laying out the potatoes. It is desirable to place half tubers between meatballs. So they better fry and absorb the juice and smell of meat and onions.

To meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes turned out morejuicy, tasty and fragrant, they also need to be covered with a mesh of mayonnaise. To do this, the corner of the package with the sauce should be slightly cut, and then distribute the contents of the dish in a thin trickle. Further ingredients are recommended to be generously sprinkled with hard cheese. Such a cap will melt during the baking process and cover the product with an appetizing brownish crust.

Heat treatment

meat hedgehogs with potatoes
The dish must be put inoven for exactly 60 minutes. Meat products will be thoroughly cooked in this short time, and the potatoes will also become soft and slightly roasted. After the dish is ready, it must be cut into pieces so that at least one "hedgehog" enters each serving. Next, lunch should be spread out on plates with a large spatula.

How to properly serve the table

Meat "hedgehogs" with potatoes are served to the tabletogether with ketchup, greens and wheat bread. If desired, this dinner can additionally make a salad of raw vegetables and fill it with olive oil.

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