Fragrant spaghetti with cheese: lick your fingers!

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Cooking is a complex and lengthya process that requires attentiveness, concentration, experience and a great desire to surprise! For ourselves, we do not cook so often, rather, for the arrival of guests. We carefully select the ingredients, make a festive menu, decorate the table. What could be more wonderful than a spiritual company at dinner?

What kind of dish can be cooked in a hurry,that it was both original and tasty? Spaghetti with cheese is an excellent solution for preparing a quick dish. Why from a variety of pasta we choose exactly spaghetti with cheese? From Italian "spaghetti" is translated as "thread". Macaroni have a shape similar to rope, twine. It can be said that spaghetti is a dish for aristocrats, because not everyone can learn how to elegantly wind long pasta threads on a fork.

With the help of spaghetti you can cookmore varied dishes that will not leave indifferent guests. The recipe for spaghetti with cheese is very simple. To prepare this dish, you need to pack the pasta, it is better to choose pasta from the premium grade. Boil the spaghetti in boiling water before cooking, then drain the water and add a piece of butter to the saucepan. Allow the dish to stand for a while. The oil will help make the spaghetti more aromatic, and the pasta will not stick together. After a few minutes, stir the pasta and put it on the plates. And then add the cheese. It is best to grind the cheese on a grater, then it quickly melts in a hot dish. Cheese adds spaghetti to an unusual flavor and taste.

You can also make spaghetti with cheese andham. The principle of cooking is similar to the previous one. However, this dish will be even more nutritious. Heat the frying pan and fry the eggs in the sunflower oil. Add the chopped ham to the eggs. Strain the ham for a few minutes and spread the ingredients in the center of the plate with spaghetti. Top with grated cheese. You can also add a little greens to create a spring scent.

Interesting is the fact that different recipesoffer different options for making spaghetti. Macaroni can be laid out on one edge of the plate, ham on the other. But the most correct and beautiful design is the one in which the pasta is lined in the center of the plate in the form of a circle with a groove inside. It is in this recess that the egg and ham are placed, and on top the whole dish is sprinkled with cheese. Instead of ham, you can use meat and chicken, fried with seasoning. Also, to create a delicious dish, you can cook meat sauce. The gravy often has a rich aroma of spices and adds brightness to the dish. Moreover, the meat is rich in protein, which is necessary for our body.

Spaghetti with cheese is a real dish forgourmet, which originates back in Italy. In this country, spaghetti is considered a national dish and is present in almost every menu of the cafe and restaurant. You can say thanks to the Italian for the fact that they came up with such an original food and food from it. Do not forget to add to your dish an aromatic seasoning and salt. Also add a good mood with a glass of red wine.

If you are planning a romantic dinner, you canlight candles, beautifully decorate the table, spread the spaghetti on two plates, decorated with a lettuce leaf. Also, instead of meat and gravy, you can use seafood, for example, shrimp. They are a natural aphrodisiac and stimulate desire and attraction to each other. Make dinner unforgettable, play around, trying to sit down the same macaroni. Sooner or later your lips will meet in a hot kiss. Experiment with new dishes, prepare spaghetti, maybe you'll at least for a moment feel Italian!

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