Kefir with cinnamon, ginger and pepper. Feedback from fans of this cocktail and doctors

Food and drink

Probably, many heard about how wonderfulhelps to get rid of excess appetite and weight of yogurt with cinnamon, ginger and pepper. Comments on the use of such a thermonuclear beverage are quite contradictory.

kefir with cinnamon, ginger and pepper
His fans say that hereally helps to get rid of excess weight without harm to health. But the opponents of this drink argue that its use can cause quite serious harm to health, in particular, the intestines.

Active components

So the benefit or does harm bring to the human body this cocktail?

Kefir, ginger, cinnamon, pepper together represent a powerful fat burning bomb. And all thanks to the composition and useful properties of spices and milk fat.

Many people know recipes based on gingerroot, since it is he who activates the activity of the intestine and speeds up the metabolism. Cinnamon dulls the feeling of hunger and also activates the natural burning of fat in the body. Well, red pepper is known for its stimulating properties. But little is known about the benefits of milk fat in losing weight. In fact, it is he who is not only an excellent alternative to animal or vegetable fats, but also an assistant in the fight against overweight.

kefir, ginger, cinnamon отзывы

Cocktail Recipe

Prepare this miracle drinkextremely simple. It is necessary to add a half teaspoon of ground ginger and cinnamon to the glass of kefir, as well as a small pinch of red pepper. Mix the mixture thoroughly and immediately drink it. If the taste seems too sharp, then only kefir, ginger, cinnamon can be used. Feedback about the use of this drink is also positive.

You can use this drink at any time,However, as practice shows, the best results can be achieved by replacing them with their usual dinner. But this tool is perfectly suitable and as a substitute for breakfast or traditional snacks. Do not forget that kefir with cinnamon, ginger and pepper has both positive and negative reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drink

As the main advantages of its use, you canhighlight a decrease in appetite, a feeling of lightness in the stomach, ease of cooking, as well as a slow but sure decrease in weight. However, many people question the latter dignity. Someone says that, using this mixture, you can lose 10 kg per month, but some can not lose even 3 kg.

cocktail yogurt ginger cinnamon pepper
This is because such a kefir drinkjust not all fit. And, of course, do not forget about the number of extra pounds: the more of them, the stronger will be the effect of this natural fat burner.

Deciding to use this cocktail, it is worthtake into account the fact that kefir with cinnamon, ginger and pepper has negative reviews. The main ones can be a slow decrease in weight, as well as the risk of developing gastritis or its transformation into a stomach ulcer due to the presence of such thermonuclear spices.

Many doctors, and especially gastroenterologists,say that you can not drink this drink to people with high / low acidity of the stomach, with ulcers, as well as with gastritis. However, they can also prepare themselves a delicious and low-calorie drink from kefir, pinch of cinnamon and unsweetened jam from rhubarb or fresh fruit. Quickly with such a delicious dessert you can not lose weight, but weight loss will be delicious and safe.

In any case, many people kefir with cinnamon, ginger and pepper (reviews about this remedy are mostly positive) helped to lose weight.

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