Salad "Pomegranate bracelet with chicken".

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Any hostess wants to surprise and please herguests delicious and rare dishes for the holiday. The obligatory attribute of any feast is hot dishes, snacks and, of course, salads. And the more spectacular and unusual the salad is, the better the festive table as a whole will look. The salad "Pomegranate bracelet with chicken" is great for taste, and its external qualities are amazing, it will not leave anyone indifferent. On the table, among the usual mixed and faceless salads, the "Garnet Bracelet" simply "shines" like a jewel.

The salad owes its appearance to itstitle. Its decoration is the grain of a pomegranate, and the ring-like shape resembles a bracelet. Salad refers to the category of layered salads, and to achieve the shape of the bracelet, lay out the layer, first putting in the center of the dishes, which will serve a dish, glass or jar.

Salad "Garnet bracelet with chicken" not onlya beautiful table decoration, but also a very tasty and satisfying dish, because its main ingredient is chicken fillet. Mistresses boldly experiment with ingredients and add various ingredients, and eventually develop their ideal recipe for this festive salad. By the way, for vegetarians there is also a recipe - a salad "Pomegranate bracelet with cheese", instead of chicken fillet hard cheese is added.

How to cook a pomegranate bracelet?

To prepare a traditional salad "Garnet bracelet with chicken" you will need the following set of products:

- half a kilogram of finished chicken fillet (breast or red meat);

- two small red beets;

- two bulbs of medium size;

- three small carrots;

- three large potatoes;

- Two hundred grams of mayonnaise;

- one hundred gram of walnut kernels;

- One large ripe pomegranate.

Preparation of salad.

Preliminary it is necessary to prepare allproducts. Chicken (fillet, whole leg or whole chicken) boil in slightly salted water with a laurel leaf until cooked, cool, remove the bones and skin and cut into small pieces. Beets, potatoes and carrots are cooked in a peel until soft, clean and also cut with small cubes or we rub them with a grater. Walnuts (you can pre-fry in a pan) we pass through a meat grinder, we disassemble the grenade for grains and remove the film.

To facilitate the laying of layers of lettuce, it is bettermix in advance carrots and potatoes with mayonnaise, add the walnut in beetroot and mix with mayonnaise. While the vegetables are soaked with mayonnaise, throw finely chopped onion on a hot frying pan with chopped boiled chicken fillet and fry them together until golden, sprinkled with salt and black pepper.

Having prepared all the ingredients for puff lettuce,take a great festive dish. In the center of the dish we put a glass or a half-liter jar and proceed to the decoration of the salad. The first layer will be potatoes, top half fried onions with chicken, then carrots and the second half of onions and chicken. The last layer will be beetroot with nuts. Each layer can be poured or sprinkled with pepper to taste. When the salad is formed, it should be placed in the refrigerator for at least three hours, or even better at night, so that it is thoroughly soaked.

Before serving, you need to remove the glassor jar, turn several times and carefully take it out so as not to damage the design of the whole salad. The final stage in the preparation of the dish will be the decoration of the pomegranate seeds.

The salad "Garnet bracelet with chicken", undoubtedly,will be a decoration of the table, it is bright, spectacular and very tasty. This salad has several variations, it can add various ingredients, and make it ideal for your family.
Bon Appetit!

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