How fast and tasty to bake apples with honey in the oven?

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To deliciously bake apples with honey in the oven,minimum free time and necessary ingredients. It is worth noting that such an unusual fruit dessert turns out to be very tasty and sweet. He is particularly pleased with the children.

Baked apples with honey: a recipe for cooking in an oven

Required products for 5 servings:

bake apples with honey in the oven

  • peeled walnuts without bitterness - 60 g;
  • honey fresh floral - 3 full large spoons;
  • fresh apples (red or green) - 5 pcs .;
  • ground cinnamon - 1 dessert spoon (optional);
  • almonds - 30 g;
  • black raisins without pits - 80 g;
  • fresh frozen currant - 100 g.

Preparing the filling

Before baking apples with honey in the oven,all basic ingredients should be treated. For such a fruit dessert, you can use different fillings. We bought for him only 2 varieties of nuts, raisins and fresh currants. Thus, almonds and walnuts need to be cleaned of unnecessary elements, and then wash well under a hot jet and lightly dry in the air. After that, the ingredients must be ground in a mortar or in a blender (not much).

To bake apples with honey in the oven,it is not necessary to use raisins. But if such a dessert is meant for children, it is best to make it as sweet and useful as possible. To do this, dried fruits must be sorted, cleaned from the pedicels and poured with steep boiling water. Such a procedure will deprive raisins of dust and dirt, as well as disinfect.

apples with honey recipe
In addition to the above ingredients, the fillingfor baked apples it is desirable to add black currant. It not only makes dessert useful, but also gives it a special color and taste. Before laying out the berries you need to wash well using a colander for this.

After all the products have been processed, they must be placed in one bowl, and then mixed well with honey and ground cinnamon.

Preparation of fruit

In order to bake apples with honey in the oven,should prepare not only the filling, but also to process the fruit. To do this, they need to be washed, and then take out the core, keeping the product in its entirety. As a result, you should get a kind of stable "cups" with walls and bottom.

Formation of dessert

Such a fruit dish is formed quite easily. To do this, fill the apple "cups" with a sweet filling with honey, and then put them on a sheet or other dishes for the oven.

apples baked with honey caloric content

Heat treatment

Bake such a dessert in the oven for about 20-27 minutes. Its readiness can be determined by stitching a knife or fork. If the device passes easily and without hindrance, then apples can be safely removed.

How to properly serve the table

If all the submitted rules forpreparing dessert, you will certainly get delicious and sweet apples, baked with honey. Caloric content of this dish is not very high, since it does not contain a gram of granulated sugar. Therefore, baked dessert can be consumed even during a diet. Such fruits are served to the table in a hot state with or without strong tea.

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