"Garnet Bracelet" salad: recipe

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One of the most original and tasty saladsOur days - this is without a doubt a salad "Garnet bracelet". Photos, recipe and options for decorating this dish you can find in many culinary magazines. However, we will save you from vain searches. Let's start cooking right away. Good luck!

Classic "Garnet Bracelet": recipe

garnet bracelet recipe
After the appearance of the first method of preparationThis salad mistress immediately came up with a dozen others. This is understandable, because the art of cooking does not stand still. "Pomegranate bracelet", the recipe of which we offer you, differs not only in fantastic taste qualities, but also in an incomparable appearance. Meat-vegetable idyll will please you and your loved ones.

"Garnet bracelet": recipe, necessary ingredients

This can be considered a merit of the dish, and itsa disadvantage, but the fact is that for its preparation requires a lot of different products. You will need two medium beets, two large chicken eggs, two carrots, two hundred grams of chicken fillet (we advise you to take smoked breast), two tubers of young potatoes, a large pomegranate (or two smaller), half a glass of nuts, some garlic, mayonnaise, pepper and salt and onions.

"Garnet bracelet": recipe, process of preparation

salad garnet bracelet photo recipe
Salad is a "vegetable cake": all ingredients are layered one on the other. First you need to deal with the vegetables. Boil them to the full readiness, clean and grate on the largest grater. A few garlic cloves pause or pass through the garlic squeezer, and then mix the crushed garlic to mayonnaise. Chicken fillet chop with straw or cut into small cubes. Just do the onion and fry it in a pan with a small amount of sunflower oil. Now that all the components of the salad are prepared, take a flat wide dish and put a plastic cup in the center. Around it will lay out the layers. As for the salt, then all the vegetables do not have to be salted. Salt, for example, potatoes and eggs, and leave the rest as it is. Practice shows that layers can be laid out absolutely in any sequence. Just do not forget to spread it with mayonnaise. On top of the final layer, place the pomegranate seeds and take out the glass. Salad usually looks luxurious, of course, if you did everything neatly.

"Garnet Bracelet": recipe without beetroot

garnet bracelet recipe without beetroot
The stumbling block in this dish is usuallybecome beet. For some reason there are a lot of consumers skeptical about her account. For such there is another recipe - cheese-garlic. This version of the salad is different in that it is almost veggie. However, it looks no worse than a meat "fellow", and his taste is very gentle, but at the same time spicy. You will need one grenade, a full glass of peeled walnuts, two hundred grams of favorite cheese, mayonnaise for refueling and spices. Grant should be disassembled for grains, nuts slightly fry, and cheese to rub. Combine the cheese with garlic, nuts and mayonnaise. Put this mass in a deep bowl and sprinkle with crimson pomegranate seeds. Look, what a beauty! Enjoy your appetite!

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