How to make donuts at home: tips and recipes

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Having heard in the cafe the aroma of a sweet roast dough indeep-fried, even the most staunch adherents of diets feel the urge to eat a donut. But in places of public catering it is not always possible to be sure that the oil for frying is often changed, and the ingredients for the products are selected by the best. Preparing donuts at home will allow you to eat not the most useful, but very tasty dish at its best. First let's figure out how to prepare the deep fryer.

how to cook donuts at home

How to cook donuts at home? Preparation of fat for roasting

In deep-frying, you can prepare products from differenttest - yeast, cake, brewed and even noodle. You can use a special machine for frying. But how to cook donuts at home, if you do not have a deep fryer? A cast-iron frying pan or cossack will help. Take a mixture of vegetable oil and pork fat or pure vegetable (well suited also peanut, from grape seeds). Products must be completely immersed in oil. And this means that it will need at least four times more than the product that will be fried. Place the fat in the dishes and heat it so that it is slightly smoke. To check if the oil has enough temperature, you can put a wet fork or a small piece of dough into it.

cooking donuts at home
There should be a hiss, and also startactively appearing bubbles. If the fat is not heated enough, the products will absorb too much oil and become tasteless, even if the recipe for donuts at home helps you cook the perfect dough. If the fryer is overheated, as a result of which its temperature will be more than one hundred and ninety degrees Celsius, then your donuts can burn, and inside remain heavy and damp. If you take any other fat than refined vegetable oil, then it makes sense to burn it for twenty minutes to clear the impurities. Put in a container with butter products you need small portions - just a large amount of dough can cool your fryer.
recipe donuts at home
During the frying, donuts need to be turned over, ready to be laid out on paper, so that the stack is excess fat. It is not recommended to use the fryer several times.

How to cook donuts at home?

Now let's do the test.The reduced number of products is enough for ten medium donuts. You need to take two hundred and sixty-five grams of first-rate flour, eight grams of dry yeast, a small pinch of salt, thirty grams of sugar, one hundred and fifty-five grams of water, fifteen grams of margarine and ten grams of eggs (that's half of one yolk). Prepare a free dough and let it come for four hours (you need to knead two or three times). Then you should make a tourniquet, divide it into ten pieces, form balls. After a short proofing it is necessary to give them the shape of rings or balls. Before you can make donuts at home, they can be filled with jam. After frying, sprinkle with powdered sugar, mixed with vanilla or cinnamon.

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