How to Brew Spaghetti?

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Spaghetti is a wonderful product producedItalians, who in our country has earned considerable popularity. After all, this product is easy enough to prepare and has excellent taste properties.

Are you interested in the question of how to cook spaghetti? Let's look at a few subtleties of cooking this type of pasta.

First of all, you need to choose the right onequality spaghetti. After all, for a good result, this criterion plays a major role. It is best to choose products from durum wheat, from well-known manufacturers who really observe the norms and standards of production of these pasta, since it will be a pleasure to cook high-quality spaghetti.

To learn how to properly cook spaghetti, inFirst of all it is necessary to choose a large pot for cooking, with a lot of water - for every 100 grams of spaghetti there should be at least a liter of water.

After boiling, water should be poured, thenplunge spaghetti into it, fanning it. After a few minutes, when their lower part becomes soft, it is necessary to lower the products into the water completely and mix them well so that they do not stick together.

How much to cook spaghetti.The duration of cooking of these pasta products depends on their quality. If the spaghetti is of good quality, 10-12 minutes will be enough for their preparation. Periodically you can take a sample, whether they have cooked enough or not. Finished products must be sufficiently elastic and not boiled. It is better to cook spaghetti for a minute less, and bring them to readiness on fire with sauce. If the same pasta is used to make a dish (for example, bake in the oven) - it is necessary to reduce the cooking time of spaghetti in half.

A few more points for you to know,how to cook spaghetti. During cooking, do not cover the pan with a lid, as water will boil over the stove. You can also add a small amount of vegetable oil (sunflower or olive) to the boiling water. Although this is not necessary, it is up to you.

After the spaghetti boiled, takecolander (it is advisable to preliminarily pass it with boiling water), flip the finished products onto it and let the water drain. Do not wash spaghetti with cold water. Leave some liquid in the pasta, so they do not dry out. After immediately mix them with sauce, vegetable or butter, aromatic seasonings. Mix spaghetti better in hot dishes - in the one in which the sauce was prepared or in any other, but pre-heated.

Putting spaghetti in a dish is bestspecial pincers, while raising them high - so they will be better divided into portions. Serve spaghetti to the table in deep, pre-heated plates to keep the dish hot for as long as possible. Long pasta is usually eaten with a spoon and fork, wrapping them in a ball. However, you can do with a standard set - forks and knives.

This dish is often served with grated cheesehard varieties - parmesan cheese or pecorino (cheese from sheep's milk). They perfectly complement the taste of the dish from spaghetti - whether they are seasoned with sauce, cream or vegetable oil. And although the cost of such cheese is considerable, the taste of the resulting dish will not leave you any doubt.

Now you know how to cook spaghetti, and allthe subtleties of their preparation. Considering them, it's easy to cook an excellent dish from these wonderful pasta. If everything is cooked according to the recommendations, you will only enjoy the result. Bon Appetit!

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