Pork ribs in the oven - recipe for the holiday

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This relatively inexpensive product can besuccess to use in preparing a festive dish. There are several ways of processing. To cook pork ribs in the oven, the recipe will not be the only one. You can bake them right away, but you can first boil or fry. It is very desirable for roasting and cooking directly in the oven ribs marinate. And for roasting in raw form, you need glaze, which is designed to form a tasty and beautiful crust and to ensure that the meat was soft and juicy.

pork ribs in the oven recipe

Recipe for pork ribs

The simplest recipe. Ribs to boil for an hour on a very low heat after boiling. Be sure to immediately salt. Remove from broth, lightly dry with a napkin. Prepare the glaze: turn in the blender garlic and chili without seeds, seeds or coriander root (cilantro), mix with soy sauce, honey and favorite spices. All products are by availability and to taste. Cover the ribs with glaze generously, put in a sleeve for baking and bake in a heated to one hundred and sixty degrees oven for about forty minutes. It turns out very nice and delicious!

Delicious pork ribs

delicious pork ribs

It will take eight hundred grams of pork ribs,half a glass of apple puree, ketchup, three tablespoons of brown sugar, lemon juice, two tablespoons of soy sauce, black pepper, paprika, garlic, cinnamon. The edges can be broken apart. Prepare the sauce from the remaining ingredients and marinate the meat in it for an hour and a half. Then put the ribs on a baking tray, seal with foil and bake for at least an hour at a temperature of two hundred and twenty degrees. Every fifteen minutes lubricate the surface of the edges with a marinade. When the meat becomes soft, remove the foil, pour the remaining sauce and bake until red. When serving, drain the sauce and serve separately.

Pork ribs in the oven - recipe with apples

recipe for pork ribs

It will take: a half kilogram of pork ribs, vegetable oil, honey, apples, lemon, spices. Cut apples into six to eight pieces, remove the center and lay on a greased baking sheet. For the glaze, heat the honey until boiling with vegetable oil (fifty to fifty) and lemon juice. Ribs divided portionwise, grate with salt and pepper, put on apples and pour honey glaze. Bake for forty or fifty minutes at a temperature of two hundred degrees. Lubricate the edges with honey, lightly sprinkle with large salt and bake until a bright crust.

Glazed pork ribs in the oven - recipe with kiwi

It will take: kilogram of pork ribs, half a kilogram of kiwi, a bulb, two cloves of garlic, two tablespoons of sugar (preferably brown), a tablespoon of mustard, salt, hot red and black pepper, two to three tablespoons of vegetable oil and soy sauce, wine or apple cider vinegar. With kiwi, peel and mash. Onions and garlic grate or grind in a blender, add to the kiwi, there - all other ingredients, except meat. The meat needs to marinate this mixture. Stir thoroughly, rub the ribs and leave for at least an hour in the refrigerator. Lay the ribs in a mold, bake at a temperature of two hundred degrees, until the liquid evaporates, then reduce the temperature. When a beautiful crust is formed, the dish should be ready. For any holiday are lovely pork ribs in the oven - the recipe is simple, the products are available.

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