How to take coffee with cinnamon for weight loss?

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The dream of any woman is an ideal figure.You can get rid of extra pounds with grueling diets and physical exertion. A healthy lifestyle almost completely excludes from the diet many favorite, but harmful products.

But in the fight against excess weight, you do not need to give up small weaknesses, for example, coffee. This drink, in proper combination with other ingredients, will accelerate the process of losing weight.

Coffee as a means of combating obesity

This is the drink that people like and consumea huge number of people. Someone needs one cup at breakfast to get a charge of cheerfulness for a whole day, and someone needs to replenish the level of caffeine in the body several times a day.

coffee with cinnamon for weight loss

Is it possible to call coffee a harmless drink,who can consume everything in unlimited quantity? Of course not. This drink is contraindicated for people with kidney disease, hypertension, increased excitability, with coronary heart disease, glaucoma, suffering from insomnia, diseases of the esophagus, tachycardia, as it is not recommended to drink to children and seniors. People who do not have contraindications, can please themselves with a cup of a favorite drink.

The benefits of coffee for the human body

Drinking one or two cups of your favorite drink inday, you can make a lot of use for the body. It contains a large number of vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium and organic acids.

Natural coffee helps to normalize the worknervous system. During the research it was revealed that the use of three cups of drink a day prevents the formation of gallstones. It prevents the onset of diabetes.

It is proved that this drink is a wonderful antidepressant. Drinking two cups of coffee a day, you can reduce the incidence of depression several times.

coffee with cinnamon slimming reviews

Disputes about harm and the benefits of natural coffee are still being carried out, despite this, for millions of people this is a favorite drink. But not many know that with the help of it you can get rid of excess weight.

Coffee with cinnamon for weight loss

What does this method give?There is a need to bring your body in the ideal shape - drink coffee with cinnamon for weight loss. Prepare this drink at home will not be very difficult. Observing the recipe, coffee with cinnamon for weight loss can be cooked delicious and useful.


  • 250 ml of water.
  • Two peas of sweet black pepper.
  • One whole stick of cinnamon.
  • One or two asterisks of a carnation.
  • Three to four teaspoons of natural ground coffee.


At the smallest fire, bring the drink toBoiling, but not boiling, but immediately removed from the fire. Add pepper, cloves and cinnamon to it. We put the Turk back on a slow fire. Immediately after the mixture boils, again remove it from the fire. Repeat this procedure three or four times. Bring to a boil and remove. Coffee with cinnamon for weight loss is ready.

coffee with cinnamon recipe for weight loss

What is the secret of this drink?Everyone knows that coffee is a supplier of energy due to the caffeine contained in it, which significantly speeds up the metabolism, and this, in turn, helps faster breakdown of fats. Cinnamon, which includes a large number of micro and macro elements, has a beneficial effect on digestion, normalizing the work of the gastrointestinal tract. It also accelerates metabolism.

The constant use of coffee with cinnamon forslimming helps to reduce appetite, helps to get rid of toxins, resulting in the body losing excess kilograms. In addition to ground and custard, you can use for slimming and a soluble drink.

Recipe for instant coffee

Also there is a recipe for instant coffee with cinnamon for weight loss.


  • One or two teaspoons of instant coffee.
  • One stick of chopped cinnamon.
  • Sugar to taste.


In the cup you need to pour one or two teaspoonscoffee, add finely chopped or ground cinnamon and sugar to taste. Pour steep boiling water. A minute later the drink is ready for use. The advantages of this recipe in the speed of its preparation. Reviews of recipes for coffee with cinnamon for weight loss are varied. The influence of the drink on the body depends on many individual characteristics of the body.

coffee with cinnamon slimming recipe reviews

Coffee with cinnamon and pepper

For preparation of a drink with cinnamon and pepper notwill require some special skill. If you have the skills of making regular instant coffee, then there will be no difficulty in making it, but with pepper and cinnamon. Fans of exactly such additives to a custard drink, like cinnamon and pepper, open unique taste qualities of the drink. The presence of pepper gives it a special flavor. You can also use coffee with cinnamon and pepper for weight loss.


  • Three teaspoons of ground beans.
  • One stick of chopped cinnamon.
  • Two peas of black pepper.
  • Two hundred milliliters of water.

We fall asleep in the warmed-up Turk all the ingredients andpour cold water. We put the Turk on the fire and bring the drink to a boil. When the mixture boils, you need to remove it from the fire. We wait until the formed foam settles, and again we put the turkey on fire. This procedure must be repeated at least three times. After cooking leave the drink to infuse for about five to seven minutes and can begin to eat.

Coffee with ginger and cinnamon

Coffee beans with cinnamon and ginger are a tasty, fragrant, and most importantly useful drink. The use of custard coffee in combination with cinnamon and ginger will strengthen the body's immune system.

Ginger lowers blood pressure, andamount of cholesterol. Cinnamon, entering the body, promotes better absorption of sugar. Also, experts recommend using coffee with ginger and cinnamon for weight loss.


  • Water will need about 180-200 ml.
  • Two or three teaspoons of custard.
  • Two to three centimeters of ginger root.
  • Two cinnamon sticks.
  • One or two teaspoons of sugar.

To make a delicious and aromatic drink withcinnamon and ginger, it is necessary to pour into the cup, following the prescription rules, natural ground grain, sugar and cinnamon. Pour steep boiling water. The drink should be brewed and properly soaked with the aroma of cinnamon.

At this time, you need to cook ginger.First, we clean it from the peel, then cut it into thin circles. In a cup with the already brewed drink and cinnamon, sliced ​​ginger. In order for the mixture to acquire the necessary taste and absorb all the useful properties of ginger, it needs to be allowed to brew.

coffee with pepper and cinnamon for weight loss

A delicious, aromatic and healthy drink is ready.The invigorating coffee with cinnamon and ginger has a slightly tart and piquant taste. It fits well with bitter chocolate. You can drink it both hot and chilled.

Custard coffee with cardamom

The well-known fact that coffee is deliciousa tonic drink. But if you add to it a spice like cardamom, all the useful properties will increase at times. Cardamom contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus. It includes protein, starch and ascorbic acid, which strengthens the nervous system. Coffee with cardamom has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It activates the work of the gastrointestinal tract and speeds up the metabolism. Promotes faster removal of toxins from the body. The constant use of natural ground beans with cardamom will help get rid of extra pounds.


  • Natural ground coffee - 2-3 tsp.
  • Cardamom - 10-12 grains.
  • Water - 150 ml.

Put the ground grains in the Turk, pour water andput on fire. Boil. Remove the foam, add cored cardamom and put again on the fire. Secondarily bring to a boil, strain and pour over the cups. A natural drink with cardamom is ready.

instant coffee with cinnamon recipe for weight loss

Coffee with milk and cinnamon

Dilute the strong taste of the drink withmany additives: vanilla, honey, cloves. But the most popular ingredient that gives the "elixir" a mild taste is the milk. To prepare a drink that will help you lose weight, you will need:

  • 50 ml of milk.
  • 50 ml of water.
  • A portion of ground beans.
  • Cinnamon.

Preliminary it is necessary to pour milk into the Turk andput it on fire. Then add the cinnamon stick to the dishes. Boil the mixture for five minutes. After this, you need to pull out a cinnamon stick from the Turks, and pour the milk into a separate bowl.

The next step is to cook one serving of coffee.It should be noted that the amount of milk and water should be the same. After the coffee was cooked, it must be poured into a cup. Then, stirring the drink, pour the milk and cinnamon into the mug.

Add the resulting bright notes to the resulting drink using ground cinnamon. Powder is sprinkled on top.

Coffee with cinnamon and honey

Sweeten the debilitating diet and add a littleSweets in your favorite drink can be with honey. Coffee and honey are a combination that many housewives use when baking. But not everyone knows that these ingredients perfectly set off the tastes of each other and in one cup.

coffee with cinnamon slimming reviews of doctors


  • Ground coffee.
  • Cinnamon.
  • A teaspoon of honey: buckwheat or lime.

To make coffee for weight loss, you needweld 150 ml of black coffee in your favorite way. Then the drink should be cooled and add one teaspoon of honey to the cup. Stir thoroughly and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Coffee with cinnamon for weight loss: reviews of doctors

According to most doctors, drinking coffee withcinnamon - this is the perfect combination of products in the fight against excess kilograms. Drinking at breakfast a cup of coffee with cinnamon will speed up digestion and metabolism, since the composition contains essential oils and fiber.

The use of this drink contributespurification of the liver and improvement of its choleretic properties. Endocrinologists note that the drink lowers blood glucose levels. Also, doctors agree that consuming coffee with cinnamon to get rid of extra pounds is useful. A prescription drink, according to reviews, reduces appetite, has a diuretic effect and promotes rapid fat burning. Experts conclude that coffee with cinnamon helps to get rid of excess weight.

Although the web can find hundreds of positivereviews, coffee with cinnamon for weight loss - this is not a panacea for excess weight. A drink can help you lose excess pounds if you combine it with exercise and proper nutrition.

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