How to make candies from infant formula?

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Surely many of us once asked ourparents make candy from infant formula. After all, such a delicacy turns out so tasty and sweet, that it will never be abandoned by either an adult or a child. It should be specially noted that this dessert requires the use of a minimum of food and free time. In addition, a sweet dish is prepared very easily, and it can be done even by teenage children.

So, let's take a closer look at how to make candies from a baby milk formula and decorate them nicely for a festive table.

sweets from baby milk formula

Necessary ingredients for dessert:

  • real ice cream or cream ice cream - 200 g;
  • a mixture of baby food "Baby" - 1 standard pack;
  • cocoa powder 150 g;
  • dark chocolate - 1 tile;
  • fresh softened butter - 110 g;
  • white chocolate - 1 tile;
  • salt fine sea - 1 small pinch;
  • coconut chips - 30 g;
  • powdered sugar - ½ faceted glass.

Process of preparation of a basis

To make delicious and beautiful sweets frominfant formula, it is necessary to mix well the sweet and oily base. To do this, take 1 standard pack of "Baby", pour it into a metal bowl, and then add the fine sea salt, powdered sugar and the most melted butter. After this, the ingredients must be mixed thoroughly, so that in the end you get a loose, uniform mass.

sweets truffles from infant formula

In order to form sweets from the nurserymilk mixture, it is also recommended to add cream ice cream or a real ice cream. The second option is more preferable, since with it the dessert will get much tastier and more aromatic. Thus, the ice cream must be kept warm until it thaws completely, and then completely pour it into the previously prepared crumb. As a result of this connection, you should form a thick, but soft and elastic base. If it turned out too liquid, it is recommended to add a little more "Baby". And if, on the contrary, you can not "assemble" truffles from a child's mixture, then you should pour in a drop of melted fillings.

The process of dessert formation

This treat is formed quite easily.To do this, take in the hands of 2 small spoons of cooked mass, and then roll them out of miniature and even balls. Spread them preferably on a flat plate or cutting board. After all the sweets are made, they should be placed for half an hour in the freezer and wait for the full hardening.

recipe for chocolates from infant formula

Beautiful decoration of dessert

The recipe for chocolates from the infant formula is alsoprovides for the use of cocoa powder, coconut chips, grated dark and white chocolate. In these loose ingredients you need to roll all the hardened delicacies, and then beautifully put them on a saucer or candy dish.

How to properly serve the table

Ready-made truffles from baby food "Baby" should be served at the festive table with hot tea or some other drink that your baby loves.

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