Cooking delicious pasta with minced meat in a multivariate

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Macaroni are the usual food on our table. They can be cooked and served as a side dish, and can be presented as an independent dish. In this article, I will talk about how to prepare pasta with minced meat in a multivariate. The food turns out surprisingly appetizing and tasty.

pasta with minced meat in a multivariate
Pasta with minced meat. Recipe with a photo

Ingredients for eight servings: 300 g of pasta, two carrots, 350 g minced meat, onion, one tomato, 100 grams of cheese, 50 g of sunflower oil, salt.


Wash, brush, and then chop all the vegetables. With tomato, peel. Stuff the stuffing in the bowl of the multivark, and by selecting the "Quenching" mode, soak it for about thirty minutes. In this case, you should periodically stir it with a spatula. During this time, cook the pasta in water. Put prepared vegetables, sunflower-seed oil, salt in the bowl of the multivarka. Mix everything and add the pasta. In the "Quenching" mode, continue to weigh the dish for another half hour. After the multivark signal, pour the cheese. For ten minutes, turn on the function of "Maintaining heat." During this time the cheese will melt. Bon Appetit!

Cooking pasta with minced meat in a multi-

Necessary ingredients: bulb, 350 g minced meat, vegetable oil, 700 ml of water, salt, 250 g of pasta.

pasta stuffed with minced meat in a multivark

Mince the mix with finely chopped onions andplace in the bowl. Add the butter and fry the meat using the "Baking" mode. Cooking time - 30 minutes. After the signal, put dry macaroni and salt in a container with minced meat. Pour in the necessary amount of boiling water. Pasta with minced meat in a multivarquet using the "Bake" mode will be ready after 10 minutes. Sprinkle them with herbs and serve to the table. Bon Appetit!

Cooking pasta stuffed with minced meat, in a multivariate

Necessary ingredients: onion, 100 g of cheese, carrot, a glass of milk, 60 g of sour cream, two spoons of tomato paste, salt. Also take 300 g of pasta (seashells) and 300 g minced meat.


Peel the onion, rinse it, and thenchop. Grate carrots on a grater. Using the function "Baking", fry the vegetables and stuffing, adding the specified amount of tomato paste, fifteen minutes. Do not forget to drop a little bit of sunflower oil. When the filling is ready, fill it with seashells. Stuffed pasta in a bowl. Prepare the sauce. Mix sour cream, milk and finely grated cheese. Pour sauce stuffed with seashells. Set the "Baking" mode. Pasta with minced meat in the multivark will be ready in an hour. If they turn out to be harsh, add a little milk and turn on the machine for another twenty minutes. Bon Appetit!


pasta with minced recipe with photo
Necessary ingredients: 300 g of pasta, 1 tomato, 400 g minced meat, onions, a glass of water, salt, 70 g of creamy small, two tablespoons of flour, 500 ml of milk.


We need the "Quenching" mode. Prepare the sauce. Melt the butter and gradually enter the flour. In this case, the sauce must be constantly stirred. Pour milk in a thin trickle. After boiling, pour the sauce into a container. Finely chop the onion and pass it using the "Quenching" function. Put the stuffing and simmer it for another half hour. Then add chopped tomato, salt and pasta. Stir, pour in water and sauce. In the "Bake" mode, put out the food for about forty minutes. After the signal, leave the casserole in the form for another 10 minutes, and then serve to the table.

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