How delicious is it to bake apples in the oven?

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Bake apples in the oven

Apples are amazing fruits, perfect withany use. They are good both fresh and in desserts. They produce excellent jam or jam, pastille and mashed potatoes. Another good idea is to bake apples in the oven. Such a dessert will suit even the convinced followers of a diet, in fact for it it is possible to use only low-calorie products, for example cottage cheese mass. In order to cook excellent baked apples in the oven, the recipe can assume a variety of fillings and combinations. Everyone will find something for himself. So, let's get to know the recipes.

How to bake apples in the oven? Method one

To prepare this delicious dish youyou need 4 large apples of any kind, a quarter of a glass of cane sugar, cinnamon, a quarter of a glass of chopped nuts, as much raisins or currants, a spoon of butter, water. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees, wash and peel the apples from the cores. Mix sugar with cinnamon, nuts and berries, put the filling in the middle of each fruit, put a piece of butter over it.

How much to bake apples in the oven?

In the form where the dessert will be baked, you need to pour a little water, then arrange the fruit in it and send everything to the oven.

How much to bake apples in the oven?It all depends on the size of the fruit. Small fruits will be ready in a quarter of an hour, and large ones will take up to forty minutes. Serve the dish immediately after cooking, while it still remains warm. Do this best in a separate bowl, preparing vanilla ice cream.
This dessert is very refined with real simplicity in cooking.

How to bake apples in the oven? Method of the second

This recipe is best for greenvarieties of apples. You will need four medium-sized fruits, one-fifth glass of sugar, 4 tablespoons of butter, cinnamon. Before cooking, the oven should be heated to 175 degrees. Wash the apples and cut the cores, trying not to cut through the fruit and make the hole diameter small. In each put a couple of spoons of sugar and a spoonful of oil, sprinkle all the cinnamon and bake for about a quarter of an hour. Apples will become appetizing and soft, sugar inside will melt, and cinnamon will provide an incredible flavor.

Baked apples in the oven: recipe
How to bake apples in the oven? Method Three

Take 4 apples of sour varieties, a few pistachiosand cedar nuts, 125 grams of almond flour with powdered sugar, 2 egg yolks, 40 grams of cream, 75 grams of raisins, 2 tablespoons of butter, 125 milliliters of dry wine, as much orange liqueur and lemon juice.

Wash the apples, then cut their hearts andsprinkle with lemon juice. Mix nuts, almond flour, yolks, cream and raisins. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, fill the apples with the prepared filling, add a little oil and sprinkle with the sauce with the addition of wine and liquor. A quarter of an hour bake in the oven, then pour the remaining sauce and serve to the table. This luxurious dish will be a suitable dessert even for a gala dinner.

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