"Bellevita" cookies: tasty and healthy

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The Czech biscuit "Belvita" quickly tookThe dominant position within the segment of a healthy diet. The composition of this treat includes several cereals, chocolate, honey, milk, spices. Depending on the type of cookie selected, the day can begin with a delicious snack with nuts or with a sweet dessert strewn with chocolate chips. However, many buyers emphasize that the "Belvita" cookie can not be classified as a healthy food, because it contains chemicals, including thickeners and flavors.

Composition and features of the formulation

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"Belvita" cookies consists of 42.1% of wheatflour of the first grade and 20.1% of whole grains. The latter include oat flakes, oatmeal, rye, barley, spelled flour and wheat flakes. To this should also be added the presence of a small amount of sugar, vegetable oils, 3.1% of chocolate in the cookies, including cocoa in grated and integral form, emulsifier, hazelnut, honey and baking powder, flavors. The manufacturer notes that the "Belvita" cookie has passed complete quality control by the state and meets all standards operating in the food industry of the Czech Republic and the EU.

Positive properties

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Despite the skepticism of many buyers, cookies"Belvita" does not directly threaten the health of the buyer, except when he has a pronounced allergy to one or more components, for example hazelnuts or honey. In the rest the product has a rather high energy value. Calorie content of "Belvita" cookies, in turn, does not exceed 464 kcal per 100 g of product. Given that the rate of food intake by calorie criterion for an adult male is about 2.5 thousand kilocalories, breakfast with such a cookie will not deal a direct blow to the body mass index of a person.

On the other hand, the "Belvita" cookie is differenthigh concentration of useful microelements and substances. Honey is an excellent antiseptic and antioxidant, hazelnuts are rich in carbohydrates and natural fats, and the wealth of whole grains will provide a daily rate in minerals for humans. Ultimately, the morning biscuit of "Belvita" can just cheer up, because it is a delicious breakfast, charging with energy and stimulating to new actions.

Can I give it to children?

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The only factor against givingcookies "Belvita" for children, is the presence in its composition of soy lecithin, an emulsifier. By itself, it does not pose a health threat, but it can be contraindicated for a number of reasons. When choosing a product in which such an element is present, it is not out of place to clarify whether such a breakfast is useful and whether it can be given to children. In the absence of a negative reaction to lecithin, the "Belvita" cookie is great for children as a light breakfast or snack, which is convenient to take with you. Parents are also encouraged to pay attention to the fact that the cookies have chocolate. It is also a pretty strong allergen that can harm your baby. Therefore, before buying a cookie, make sure that it will benefit you and your family.

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