Dipping rhubarb - the wonderful taste of childhood

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Many people probably know how nice it is to sitlong winter evenings at the TV with a cup of fragrant tea and there is an unusually tasty jam reminiscent of a distant childhood. In my culinary notebook there is a wonderful recipe, which I got from my mother. This is rhubarb jam with lemon. Prepare such a delicacy by everyone's strength, because you can grow rhubarb without much trouble, and buy is not a problem. And jam turns out not only tasty, but also very useful and practical.

boiling from rhubarb

Useful preserves

We recall the unusual jam of coldautumn, which is most often accompanied by cold and infectious diseases. Rhubarb contains ascorbic acid, malic acid, rutin, pectin substances that successfully cope with autumn ailments, slow down the aging process of the whole organism and are good for the skin (prevent the formation of early wrinkles). That's when we take out of the pantry the summer-smelling jam from rhubarb, the use of which is obvious and undeniable.

Uniqueness of the plant

Rhubarb is a difficult product.Most often, his petioles are used for making compotes and stuffing for pies. But this useful plant can be used much more widely. Tasty soups, vegetable stew, vitamin salads, side dishes for meat dishes, sauces, desserts - these are the possibilities of this unique plant. But the favorite is still jelly and rhubarb cooking. In this form it can be harvested and for the future, and then all winter to feast on yourself and treat your friends. How to cook this miracle?

We cook rhubarb cooking

Only young rhubarb is used for food.It is much tastier and reminds of Antonov's apples. The old petioles are unsuitable, because they are dominated by oxalic acid, the presence of which in the human body in excess is undesirable. To prepare a delicious dessert, you need to take 1.5 kg of young rhubarb stems, peel them from the upper peel, cut into small pieces and cover with sugar (1300 g) overnight.

rhubarb jam with lemon
Since there is a lot of water in the plant,In the morning all the sugar will melt, the rhubarb will release the juice, and we will be able to start cooking. We merge the syrup and boil, in the process with the syrup it is necessary to remove the foam. Then pour hot rhubarb syrup and boil on low heat for about 10 minutes. Do not forget to stir all the time, so as not to burn. Remove from the fire and let it cool for several hours. This action will need to be done three times. The second and third time, the rhubarb is boiled a little longer, about 20 minutes. With such a long heat treatment, the rhubarb retains its vitamin and taste qualities. When cooking for the third time in the jam, add lemon based on 1 kg of rhubarb - 1 lemon. Citrus needs to be cleaned, grated on a grater, squeezed juice from the pulp. Ready-made hot rhubarb cooking is poured into prepared sterilized jars, wrapped and left in such a shape until they cool down completely.
rhubarb jam

And in the winter, having opened a jar with fragrant delicacy,you can enjoy a unique taste and treat your friends. Delicate small pieces of rhubarb, impregnated with syrup of sugar, with a slight touch of sourness, are sure to appeal to dessert lovers.

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