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Modern housewives can not devote to the kitchena lot of time. Therefore, one of the best options for a side dish is pasta. A positive feature of them is that they take no more than fifteen minutes to prepare them, they do not burn, do not stand near the pan and stir it monotonously. Pasta, you can say, are prepared on their own (you only need to reduce the fire under the pot in time and once or twice prevent the products), and you can start preparing the remaining elements of lunch or dinner.

How much to cook macaroni depends, naturally, fromof what flour they are made of. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of pasta: spaghetti, horns, noodles, curlicues, seashells and many others. Macaroni, which are made from durum wheat, have the highest quality, but also cost an order of magnitude more expensive than conventional ones. If the box contains the inscription "pasta di semola di grano duro", then you have chosen really good pasta that will allow you to enjoy the true taste of the Italian dish. The pack also indicates how long it takes to cook the pasta in accordance with their species and the quality of the flour used in their production.

When cooking pasta, you should uselarge pans. Macaroni need a large amount of water so that they do not stick together and boil well. To proceed follows from a proportion 1:10, that is on one hundred grammes of a product it is required not less than liter of water. When cooking, the product boils down, that is, swells in water and, therefore, increases its volume. It is necessary to remember how much to cook pasta to prevent contamination of the plate and the gulf of the fire itself (which, in turn, can lead to gas poisoning). Because the water in which pasta is prepared, can "run away" from the pan, if not reduce the fire.

When the water in the saucepan boils, it followsadd salt, fill up the products and set the timer, how many should be cooked pasta. If you want to make spaghetti, then they should be put into the pan with one end, without breaking, and on the other one slowly press. In boiling water, pasta will quickly become soft and gently settle in a saucepan. How much to cook macaroni (spaghetti) also depends on the quality of the product itself, but not more than thirteen minutes.

The best way to determine the readiness of pasta isjust try them. You should not hesitate with this procedure and you can take off the first sample in about eight minutes. Then you need to get a colander and rinse it with boiling water. How much time to cook pasta, almost everyone knows, but not everyone is aware that pasta is served in warm ware and never put it in cold kitchen utensils. It is also necessary to wash the product with hot water, but good and high-quality pasta should only be rinsed or simply not drained to the end in water in a saucepan. Plates need to be heated and only after that lay out on them a cooked dish. Macaroni is usually served with various sauces, meat and vegetables.

In addition, you can prepare pasta from pastavarious kinds of casseroles, which deliciously diversify the usual cuisine. To prepare the casserole, you only need to bring the product to half-ready. How much should you cook macaroni while doing this? Just a couple of minutes, just throw them in boiling water and not later, as in five minutes, get it and put it in a colander. In this case, the pasta should be washed already with cold water. Then put them in the form, add pre-fried with onion until half-ready and cut into pieces of meat or mince, pour it all with a delicious sauce (you can from the package) and put the baked in the oven. How much to cook macaroni in the oven? About half an hour. You can serve casserole on the table with a salad and decorate it with herbs.

As the Italians say: "Buon appetito!"

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