Tincture cranberry - an easy and sweet drink

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Today, doctors say that wine can removestress and even prolong life. It is important only to be able to observe the norm: for men up to 3 glasses a day, for women, no more than one and a half. In some diseases, such as vitamin deficiency and anemia, red table wines are recommended, and for cardiovascular wines, white wines are recommended.

cranberry tincture

From time immemorial, Rus was famous for its tinctures and liqueurs. Aromatic drinks lifted the mood and calmed the soul. They were prepared by insisting on alcohol solution of fruits, berries, herbs. Cranberry tincture on alcohol was especially popular.

Cranberry itself is a very useful berry. At one time she saved people from scurvy. Cranberries contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, as well as other organic acids (citric, benzoic, quinine). During the cold, the best assistant should not be looked for. Only people with diseases of the digestive system do not recommend cranberries. This amazing berry can preserve its useful properties for a long time.

Cranberry flavor. Cooking options

Most home winemakers love to cook fromcranberry tincture. It is considered a sweet drink, because sugar is used for making it. How to cook cranberry tincture? The recipe is pretty simple. It is necessary to take 1.5 cups of cranberry, a glass of sugar and a half liter of vodka.

cranberry tincture of alcohol

To get a drink, cranberries are ground withA glass of sugar until a homogeneous mass is formed. The mixture that resulted as a result must be transferred to a container and pour the contents with vodka, close the lid. For two weeks it is stored in a dark room at room temperature. Do not forget to shake the contents of the jar every two days. After two weeks, the cranberry flavor is placed in the refrigerator for a day. Then it must be filtered through gauze, folded into several layers. The tincture is ready for use.

It turns out to be quite strong, so you cansafely consider her a man's drink. But for women, tincture of cranberry is prepared somewhat differently. First you need to make a syrup, which will consist of 2 glasses of water and 2 glasses of sugar. The syrup is boiled to homogeneity, then gradually add to it a previously prepared "man's" recipe infusion. It turns out a refined drink from cranberries for lovely ladies.

Healing properties

It is erroneous to perceive cranberry tincture onlyas a spirit. It is also an excellent remedy for treatment. If you keep an acceptable rate, then the cranberry infusion can prevent colds. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for vasodilation. Tincture can also raise appetite.

But no matter how good the berry is, all the same, shehas its contraindications. Kislinka cranberries are quite pleasant, but dangerous for tooth enamel. At the same time, the berry helps with caries and is useful for strengthening the gums.

The stores sell enoughvarious tinctures, but they in any comparison do not go with a home-made drink that is made on the berry itself without the use of chemical flavors.

how to cook cranberry tincture

Tincture of cranberries is an easy and sweet drink, despite the presence of alcohol in its composition. It is served chilled to fruits and chocolate.

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