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In Moscow there is a huge amountpublic catering establishments. These are all kinds of eateries, dumplings, canteens, cafes, restaurants and similar establishments. Among such an abundance of places where you can eat well and tasty, you can not immediately find what you need. To the guests of the city and Muscovites did not waste time searching, we offer information about which restaurant of Greek cuisine in Moscow is the most popular. These establishments enjoy great success among numerous tourists and residents of the city. The article provides addresses, menus and feedback from visitors. And now more in detail about what a particular Greek restaurant in Moscow represents.

Greek restaurant in Moscow

Features of national cuisine

First, let's talk a little about what Greek dishes are. What is their feature? Let's list the main distinctive features of Greek cuisine:

  • in preparation only natural products are used;
  • almost all dishes are prepared with the addition of olive oil and season with lemon juice;
  • Spices and condiments are used only to emphasize the taste of food;
  • the same dish can be both soup and snack;
  • Simple recipes that even an inexperienced cook will cope with;
  • a large number of dishes with the addition of different types of cheese. The most popular is feta.

Best Greek Restaurants in Moscow

Among a large number of places for recreation in the capital, these institutions are very popular. Let's talk about the best Greek restaurants in Moscow. These include:

  • Sito. The restaurant is located at: the Crimean embankment, 10 (the lower deck of the ship "Valery Bryusov"). The owners of the establishment managed to create a friendly family atmosphere. Dishes are prepared by the owners themselves. There is this action in front of the visitors. Pleasant music plays, and from the ship's portholes there is a beautiful view of the water and the sky. Some of the products are imported from Greece, and the rest are bought on the markets. Here you can spend pleasant time in communicating with friends or make a profitable business deal. The waiters work very fast, the prices are quite acceptable. The average check is from 800 rubles.
  • Greek restaurant in Moscow "Semiramis". It is located along Petrovka street, 27. What is this restaurant? What are his virtues? Numerous visitors note the following: high-quality service, reasonable prices, pleasant atmosphere, beautiful interior in national style, delicious cuisine. This is one of the best restaurants in Moscow. It is very light and cozy here. In the restaurant "Semiramis" there are two halls: the main hall, which can accommodate up to 80 people, and the hall with a bar can accommodate up to 40 visitors. The average bill in the institution is from 2000 rubles.
  • The restaurant "Kalimera". Address of this institution: Myasnitskaya Street, 16. There is a restaurant near the metro station "Lubyanka". In this place you can spend a very pleasant time. The average bill in the institution is from 700 rubles.

Greek Restaurant in Moscow

A popular Greek restaurant in Moscow

Several institutions apply for this title. We offer you information about them: address, features, prices.

  • Restaurant "Molon Lave". His address: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 39. This is one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Moscow. To get here, the place should be booked in advance. Here you will find real Greek food and wine. The place is ideal for a family lunch or dinner. Employees of the institution try to ensure that all visitors are comfortable, comfortable and tasty. Of particular interest is the design of the restaurant, which is made in three colors: white, blue and red. Any dish from the menu is prepared very quickly and qualitatively. The average check in the institution - from 700 rubles, which by Moscow standards is not at all expensive.
  • Topaz Restaurant. His address: Ozerkovskaya embankment, 26. This is a classic restaurant, where you will find first-class service and delicious food.
  • Restaurant Lucky Souvlaki. Address of the institution: Karetny ryad, 3. Here you can always tasty and quick snack. It is unlikely that anyone will be indifferent to delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere of the establishment. In the menu the most delicious kebabs and Greek salad, and also always cold fresh beer. The average bill is from 1000 rubles.

the best Greek restaurants in Moscow


What assortment does the Greek restaurant offer in Moscow? For you, information about the popular dishes of the most famous institutions of the capital.

  • The restaurant "Semiramis". In the assortment of ravioli with lamb and chanterelles, strachatella with tomatoes, moussaka, etc.
  • The restaurant "Molon Lave" offers visitors salad in Greek, baked cheese with tomatoes, pumpkin soup, squid stuffed with feta and vegetables, salad "Khoriatiki".
  • Among the dishes that are prepared in the "Kalimera", the following: pita with all kinds of fillings, salads, soups, Greek yogurt and coffee, lamb cutlets and much more.

greek restaurants in moscow addresses

Guest Reviews

Greek restaurants in Moscow (addresses and their distinctive features are provided in the article) is a very popular place for leisure activities. There is always a pleasant atmosphere and delicious, fresh food.

"Molon Love" many Muscovites call one of thethe best national institutions of the capital. Perfect interior, home atmosphere and masterfully cooked dishes are distinguished not only by this place, but also by many other Greek restaurants in Moscow.

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