How to eat sushi in Japan

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In our time, the culture of a healthy lifestylemotivates the actions of modern man. And this is not bad, but even commendable. Japanese cuisine is considered the guarantee of human health, because everything that we eat goes to the structure, development and activity of our body. Eastern cuisine is also associated with the concept of proper nutrition. Indeed, the combination of vegetable and marine traditional Japanese food (seafood, rice, vegetables, soy), along with animal products and fruits, have a positive effect on health.

how to eat sushi
In every civilized country, they recommendadd to the daily diet more food of plant origin and reduce the consumption of foods with cholesterol and animal fats, as well as salt and sugar. And it's the Japanese that deserves the title of a kitchen that provides a normal life. Eastern food is becoming increasingly popular. In every civilized country, you can find gourmets who prefer hamburgers and miso chips, sushi and tofu.

Such a surge in popularity is explained by the true philosophical attitude of the indigenous population of Japan to food in general - the products must be used healthy, healthy and tasty.

Usually, the Japanese have three meals a day.The traditional dish of this cuisine is sushi. This combination of rice rolls with various fillings (vegetables, seafood). And in this article we will tell you how sushi is eaten by Japanese and their followers. Are you an adherent of a healthy cuisine? Then stay with us and find out how to eat sushi right! Read about this in the continuation of the article.

how to eat sushi
People of other cultures have always been interested in howeat sushi eastern residents. However, there is no specific technique. Begin a meal with pieces wrapped in nori seaweed, because it instantly loses crispy properties, coming into contact with wet rice. Do not recommend to abuse soy sauce, as it can completely drown the taste of rice. The same can be said for pickled ginger and wasabi.

Modern sushi bars are a hugeassortment of drinking drinks, however the best option to traditional Japanese dishes will be green tea and the famous sake. The latter, according to tradition, should be consumed in a heated form and only before proceeding to eat. During a meal, they drink green tea. This drink helps to get rid of unwanted aftertaste and before testing a new portion it refreshes the mouth.

There are two ways to eat sushi.

The first way

as there are chopsticks for sushi
Pour the soy sauce in a special saucer.Take sushi, turn it sideways and grab it again so that it's possible to dab fish in soy. Put a piece in your mouth so that the top layer was on the tongue. Certain types of sushi should be eaten without adding soy sauce. Usually one sushi is eaten completely. This dish is eaten with both hands and sticks, women on etiquette always use the latter. This is the traditional method of how to eat sushi.

The second way

Take the pickled ginger that you needdip into soy sauce. Using ginger as a special kind of brush, smear all over the top layer of sushi sauce. Put food in your mouth so that the top layer was on the tongue.

How to eat chopsticks for sushi? Imagine that this is a special mechanism, consisting of two different parts, one of which is set in motion by fingers, and the other is left alone.

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