From what to make a delicious salad for your birthday?

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Birthday is one of the most amazingholidays. This day, people celebrate the emergence of a new man on Earth. The life of every little man is very important. People, as they say, God's creation, and each in its own way is unique in this world. As it is sung in the song: "Birthday is a holiday of childhood". Probably, it is correctly noticed. Children are always waiting for this holiday with impatience - after all there will be gifts, guests, treats.

delicious salad for birthday
Little guests are an important event formistress. Children, as a rule, are especially fastidious in eating. It is necessary to try, so that a tasty salad for the birthday had also an attractive appearance. Kids really like something unusual, bright. I would like the children, except for sweets, to eat and something useful. You can prepare a winter salad - "Mimosa". Just decorate it with well different muzzles and animals made from eggs, carrots, red caviar, sausage. Here, my mother will have to carefully think through the menu. It is better to know in advance from the other parents who of the children that he loves, and what products they have allergies to.

salads for the birthday of the child
Salads for the birthday of the child can besimple, consisting of boiled vegetables, meat. Refill them with sour cream or vegetable oil. Children like fruit salads, they are good as desserts. They can be made from a variety of fruits. You just need to wash everything well, cut into small cubes and fill with yogurt or ice cream. Such salads can be decorated with grated chocolate or carved from any fruit animals, for example, swans from apples.

Delicious birthday salad for childrencook from fresh vegetables, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes. Vegetables need to be cut in circles and laid in the form of sun, nevalyashk, pyramids. Funny look will attract attention and raise your appetite. All salads for children's birthday should be only from natural products, you do not need to use artificial flavors, spicy seasonings. Even the famous salad "Mimosa" can simply be decorated with merry bunnies or daisies from eggs. Children should like this design.

A delicious salad for children's birthday should notbe made from smoked products, fish with bones, from hard boiled meat or simply from foods that are poorly absorbed by the child's body. You have to be cautious with mushrooms. It is better not to risk and not offer small guests similar products, even if it seems to you that it is very tasty.

salads for children's birthday

Delicious salad for birthday can be cookedand from mashed vegetables. Take the boiled carrots and finely grate, the young boiled potatoes finely cut into cubes. Lay the chopped potatoes, smear abundantly sour cream, place a layer of carrots on top, decorate as a hedgehog or a bear (squirrel), form a face, and make a spout from the olive. If it is a hedgehog, you can make mushrooms from cherry tomatoes on his "thorns". Past such a salad the child just will not pass.

The most important thing is that on a children's holiday there is a good mood for everyone - both children and adults. And an interesting and bright table will help make the holiday unforgettable.

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