Baked apples are a treat that everyone will like.

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Apple is the most common fruit inmoderate climatic zone. Therefore, this fruit is so widely used in cooking. From apples jam is prepared, compotes are cooked. And drinks from them or juices perfectly quench thirst. Also very often, various desserts are prepared, for example, baked apples.

And this is not surprising, because besides the fact that applesvery tasty, they are also extremely useful for the human body. Their benefits are obvious: the widest selection of trace elements and vitamins. Thanks to the high content of vitamins A and E, apples have a rejuvenating effect on the skin of hands, face and, in general, the whole body. And all the known vitamin C, contained in these fruits in large doses, not only strengthens the immune system, but also is an obstacle to infection with infectious diseases.

Not many, unfortunately, know that a hugeBenefits for the body bring not only fresh, but also baked apples. They are an excellent dessert, which is able to perfectly finish the dinner or dinner. And most importantly, the preparation of it does not require much time, imagination or effort. The simplest thing is to cut the core from the side where the leg is, and put a few spoonfuls of honey or jam in there. And at a temperature of not more than 180 degrees it is enough to bake only 15 minutes. That's all - your dessert is ready.

So fast cooking, and in return - a hugebenefit. For example, baked apples are useful for constipation. After all, apple pectin helps restore digestion. Therefore, such apples are recommended to be used after the operations transferred to the abdominal cavity.

And if the fruit bake with currants, then the benefits of this dish will only increase, because you get a huge dose of ascorbic acid, which will protect your body from cold even at the very youngest time.

Often it is recommended to use baked applesat treatment of a dysbacteriosis therefore as contained in these apples pectins help to get accustomed to bacteria in an intestine. It should be noted that baked apples (and not fresh ones) should also be used for peptic ulcer. Bake them better with honey, cinnamon and walnuts, which will only increase the level of good.

Such a dessert will be enjoyed by those whois fond of various diets. After all, in addition to losing weight (since the calorie content of such a dessert is low), the body will receive useful substances. The diet, which provides for purely "apple days", allows you to alternate the use of fresh and baked apples.

Apples can not just be baked with a variety offillings. Quite delicious are baked apples in the dough. They can be baked and whole, but very original, finely cut apples are obtained in a puff pastry.

For this, apples are cut into small pieces andmix with sugar and cinnamon to taste. Most of them are wrapped in puff pastry, to get a kind of apple veil. And those apples that still remained, this shroud falls from above, and everything goes to the oven for 20 minutes. It turns out not only beautiful and original, but also tasty and aromatic.

Another way to prepare apples allowssave all vitamins in them and trace elements. It's baked apples in the multivark. Their preparation is not only uncomplicated, but also quite fast. Moreover, in the multivark, you do not need to pour water or oil.

Just before cooking apples should bea little pierced with a fork so that during cooking they do not explode, and bake only one or two minutes. As a filling, you can also use a variety of jams, nuts or raisins. After all, with whatever stuffing, and whatever way you bake apples, they will still turn out delicious, and, most importantly - useful.

So boldly go to the kitchen and start creating new culinary masterpieces - very tasty and very useful!

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