Baked apples in a microwave or oven. We choose to your taste

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Apple - a fruit that can be withconfidence to be called a national treasure. Almost in every area there are fruit apple orchards. An unforgettable experience, when you tear off a large fragrant apple with a red barrel, saturated with sun and filled with delicious juice, and quickly eat it.

This tree is popular all over the world and onToday there is a huge amount of apple varieties, more than 20 thousand. Even it is difficult to imagine that a seemingly simple fruit will become so popular that people will strive to create and select such a variety of varieties.

Our ancestors paid much attention to breedingnew varieties of apple trees. In the countryside, there were special horticultural teams that followed the planting of the seedlings, cropped the gardens and harvested crops.

Outstanding scientist Michurin created such varietiesapples that fructified in latitudes with an unfavorable climate and for many years have given to humanity a useful fruit, juices and desserts from it. For many centuries this tree has been feeding us with vitamins, iron, potassium, and it simply pleases the eye with a variety of flowers and varieties.

Dessert "baked apples in the oven" - this is the mostThe first dish that is given to small children. It does not cause the child negative food reactions and is perfectly perceived by the tender body of the baby, since his mother, on the advice of a doctor, used them before the birth of the child. Baked apples will raise the baby's immunity and help strengthen. So, the first acquaintance of a little man with an apple occurs, and in the later life they do not part.

We all love sweets and this is right, because they contain a lot of serotonin - a hormone of happiness. And when you want a sweet, it is better to eat not only a tasty, but also a useful product.

Baked apples in the microwave - the most real,refined and, most importantly, a low-calorie delicacy that will instantly cheer up, and time for its preparation will take very little. Exactly enough to make yourself a cup of coffee or another favorite drink.

Apples in the microwave preserve their useful properties, but at the same time they become a valuable dietary product, which stands guard over our immunity.

Baked apples in a microwave oven - favorite dishmany people, especially they are tasty in the winter. What happens to them during cooking is difficult to say, but this flavor of fruit gravy can not be reproduced by any modern flavor.

Especially good baked apples in the microwave withstuffed with cottage cheese and raisins. I will share with you my favorite recipe. Cut the house curd to the cream, add washed raisins and a little sugar and mix thoroughly. In the whole apple, make a hole, remove the seeds and fill it with cream.

To baked apples in the microwave preservedaesthetic appearance, you need to prepare them in a special way. Every housewife should know this little secret, in order to create not only tasty, but also beautiful food. Before being sent to the oven, they are pierced in several places so that the skin does not crack when baked and the filling does not fall out.

The cooking time will depend on the ripeness andvariety of apples. The real mistress of apples in the microwave will turn off a bit earlier, in order to get their temperature, but they have not lost their appearance.

Bake apples for about 5 minutes at fullpower, but we keep track of the shape of the fruit. When the dish is a little cool, sprinkle with vanilla sugar, just a little to emphasize the natural sweetness of the paradise fruit.

To give apples is best on a large contrastcolor dish, next to them you can put mint leaves or small twigs of apple trees. And if on a plate to make white islets from powdered sugar, it turned out not a dish, but a real picture.

We got to know many kinds of overseasexotic fruits, they surprise us with their unusually bright color and bizarre shape, but still the favorite baked apple in the oven comes first.

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